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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies

"Can you weather the storm?"
— Mission Briefing

Bodega Cervantes is a Nazi Zombies Survival map in Call of Duty: WWII. The map is an endless survival version of the first chapter "Into the Storm" within The Tortured Path. It can only be played in custom matches.


Unlike the map's original version, Bodega Cervantes features the previous traditional features within the game, such as the Mystery Box and several Weapon Lockers, with the weapon lockers being in place of where the Waffenboxes are in the original map. The Ubersprengen is located in the same place as it is in the normal map, but it cannot be activated until the three devices around the map are charged, which can only be finished starting after Wave 9. The map's only Mystery Box is located in the kitchen of the winery house. The map's only Geistchild machine is located in the main house, near the FG 42 weapon locker.

Enemies featured within the map are normal Zombies, Pests, which begin to spawn on Wave 5, Bombers, which begin to spawn on Wave 8, and Wüstlings, which begin to spawn on Wave 10. On every tenth round, a single Brenner will spawn, like Altar of Blood.

Easter Eggs

Upgrading the Ubersprengen

Just like in the Altar of Blood and U.S.S. Mount Olympus, the Ubersprengen can be upgraded to allow the Tesla Gun, Ripsaw and the three Mystery Box Melee weapons to be upgraded.

On the ridge with the Kugelblitz and BAR Weapon Locker, outside the map, there is a stone bridge with a rubber duck perched on the far side of it. Shooting it will start up a shooting gallery style of game where the duck must be shot within a short period of time with each three ducks shot adding a new target with up to three ducks active at once.

If the player fails to shoot all the ducks, a donkey plush in a dress holding three balloons will pop up on the far left of the bridge before slowly lowering down. When fully lowered down, starting the next round will have the duck respawn on the bridge and the shooting gallery can be started again.

If successful, the donkey plush will still appear but will not lower and the upgrade will appear by an open crate of canned goods. Picking it up will automatically place it in the Ubersprengen, allowing it to accept the Tesla Gun, Ripsaw and the three melee weapons after it has been powered.


Starting Weapons
Weapon Lockers
Mystery Box


Blitz Machines



  • Strangely, both Lebenblitz and Schildblitz have swapped locations from their original locations within the original map.