For a similar special op in Modern Warfare 3, see Special Ops Chaos.
"Rack up a large enough body count. Quick kills earn larger bonuses."
Special Ops description

Body Count is a Special Ops level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The player's objective is to clear any enemy targets until the score of 30,000 points is successfully reached.

The Infinity Ward best time for Body Count is 1 minute 16.2 seconds.


Body Count takes place in America when the Ultranationalists attacked.

The player starts off with a SCAR-H w/ Red Dot Sight and M9, but a weapons cache can be found next to the player when they begin the level, and he will have time to swap weapons before the attack starts (the attack is triggered by jumping over the fence or by going into the main restaurant).

A score, set at a fixed amount (30,000) no matter the difficulty, will need to be achieved to complete the level. The player does this by killing enemies; by neutralising enemies quickly the player can chain kills together to make a combo (which earns bonus points) to gain the necessary score faster.

Once the attack starts, the player will find themselves exposed on all sides and should take cover in the small diner next to their starting position. Using the M14 EBR's Thermal Scope, the player will be able to pick off enemies through the smoke.

Indeed, it is possible to score over half of the necessary points by destroying the truck that comes in on the right and the two BTR-80s with the RPG. This is best done on lower difficulties with one person but two people can perform it on Veteran if they are fast and skilful.

Method of death Type of kill Score achieved
Neutralize a standing enemy with any weapon Solid Kill 1,000
Neutralize a Final Stand enemy with a gun Easy Kill 500
Neutralize a Final Stand enemy with a knife Heartless Kill 2,000
Neutralize the BTRs (only possible with the RPG or Semtex) Mega Kill 4,000
The truck that stops close to the financial building will net X amount of points in which X refers to a varying score that depends on how many enemies were caught in the explosion. Furthermore, killing multiple enemies in a chain will link your score together for a bonus.

Weapon Loadout

Starting Loadout
Initial area
Found in level

These weapons can be found with and without attachments.



  • Outside the map are houses for sale, the company selling the houses is IWReality, an obvious reference to Infinity Ward.
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