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For a level with the same name, see Bomber (United Offensive).

The Bomber is an explosive enemy featured in the Extinction maps Awakening & Exodus.


Like the Gargoyle, the Bomber is another flying cryptid in the extinction series. However, they are much smaller in size and do not attack players multiple times, as instead, they are like flying Seekers. Also unlike the Gargoyle, and much of the other cryptid species, it emits a strong bright light all around its body. Which is pretty convenient for any player to look for them in the sky. The Bomber will home in on any player and start diving towards them and explode.


  • The best way to dispose of Bombers is with incendiary ammo, as only one or two bullets are needed to deal with them for the prolonging burn damage will kill them off.
  • Hypno knives that hit Bombers will make them explode immediately, unlike the Seekers who will run around and explode an enemy cryptid.
  • It is the smallest cryptid to date.


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