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Fire Sale is a special power-up that is only obtainable in the Nazi Zombies map, "Five" by killing the Thief before he can steal anybody's weapons. The Fire Sale won't drop if a Nuke or Insta-Kill was used to kill the Thief. A Fire Sale reduces the price of the Pack-a-Punch Machine from 5000 points to 1000 points, and links all of the teleporters to the Pack-a-Punch Machine regardless of the DEFCON level.


  • The icon on the bottom of the screen when the Fire Sale is obtained is a picture of the Pack-A-Punch Machine.
  • There is a rare glitch where when a player is Pack-a-Punching a weapon after getting a Fire Sale and the DEFCON level is at 4, the Pack-a-Punch machine spins back to its wall form and steals the upgraded weapon.
  • If the player listens closely while the Fire Sale is active, one can hear the Pack-a-Punch Jingle.


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