The Boost Slam is an air-to-ground maneuver in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. If the player is airborne, said player can perform a boost slam by pressing the corresponding crouch button. Once activated, the player will quickly descend to the ground at a sharp acute angle.

The Boost Slam has two main uses. Its first main use is to quickly get onto solid ground faster. This maneuver can be very useful in objective game modes, where the player is a laterally far distance away from the objective and needs to descend onto said objective quickly. Its other usage is as a melee attack. If the player comes into contact with the enemy as the player is boost slamming, the player will kill the enemy. This commonly results in Headshot kills due to the way the player approaches the enemy with the attack. If the player lands very close to, but not on the enemy, the enemy will take moderate to severe damage. If using Overcharged, the enemy will also be stunned momentarily if the player lands somewhat close to them, making it much easier to kill them. Getting kills with the Boost Slam is significantly easier in Hardcore game modes, as the player doesn't always have to land directly on the enemy's hitbox to kill them.

Getting three kills in a match with the Boost Slam attack will net the player the Jacked Boots for a limited amount of time, and getting five kills in a match with the Boost Slam attack will net the player the Jacked Shin Guards for a limited amount of time.

In Exo Zombies, this ability can only be used if the player has Exo Slam. It comes with the effect of Overcharged built in, so the player will stun nearby zombies. Also, it has a recharge time after every use.


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