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Boosts are a feature in Call of Duty: Heroes. Boosts allow the player to increase the production rate of a certain resource or to train troops faster.

There are several types of boosts:

Boosts for the Gold Miner, Oil Pumps, and Training Compound are unlocked once the structure is upgraded to level 4; all others have it unlocked by default.

These boosts vary in length, ranging from a couple of hours to a week. The basic length for each of the boosts for Celerium changes for purpose. Resource boosts (Gold, Oil, and Diamond) last twenty-four hours, while troop boosts (Unit, Machine, Atlas) last only two hours. However, the former only doubles the production rate, whereas the latter quadruples it.

Boosts of various time lengths can be received in Supply Drops from the Landing Zone. These can be shorter or longer than usual, depending on the rarity of the looted boost.