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Private Boris[citation needed] Rubinski (Russian: Борис Рубинский) is a character in Call of Duty: Finest Hour. He is a Red Army solider who fought in the Battle of Stalingrad in World War II.


October 3, 1942Edit

During fighting above ground, Rubinski and Pvt. Shakov were forced down into the sewers when artillery shells literally collapsed the ground around them, taking a Mark IV Panzer tank with them. Having survived this ordeal, they soon had to seek cover from the pursuing German forces. They were soon liberated by Lieutenant Tanya Pavelovna and her party, as their path through the sewers led them straight into the Germans trying to kill Rubinski and Shakov.

Having allied themselves with Pavelovna's group, the two of them proceeded on point without any prompting, making their way through a tunnel that was straight ahead. However, this met with disaster when it was discovered the Germans had somehow set up twin MG42 nests which covered enveloping fire through the tunnels leading up to them; the flank tunnels were only covered by one Machine Gun each, but the center one could be covered by both simultaneously, making a forward push all but impossible.

Rubinski is one of the named characters who can be guided as an extra soldier. He seems to always die from machine gun fire after making the first charge. In effect, Rubinski serves as a demonstration that the player cannot charge the nests in a head-on attack and survive, much less win.

At any rate, even if Rubinski could survive to the end, he will not join the player in the next level.

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