Bottom Feeder was a callsign of the M113 APC that appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops during the campaign mission "The Defector". This vehicle is a homage to Australian involvement in the Vietnam War as it has a Boxing Kangaroo (a native Australian symbol and animal) painted on the side of it.

In GameEdit

Near the end of the level, Mason is tasked with escorting the APC through the streets of Hue City by means of air support. Bottom Feeder is later destroyed by an NVA T-55 tank.


  • Bottom Feeder is the only vehicle in the Call of Duty series that cannot kill the player by running them over; it instead pushes the player out of the way.
  • On the turret the words "Say Cheese!" are sprayed on it.
  • It's possible to jump on top of the Bottom Feeder and stay on it while it moves.
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