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The Brécourt Manor Assault took place at the Brécourt Manor during D-Day.


The 101st Airborne Division was given a new mission, take out a German artillery battery that just opened fire on the beaches.


Soldiers of the 101st moved through the area and encountered German forces. The squads then took out several hostile forces and destroys three cannons. Soon they entered a small underground German base and retrieved intel. After the squads left the base, they encountered a medic who got shot and Moody carried him back to the trenches and later gave the explosives to Martin and later destroyed three artillery pieces. Later Martin, along with Second Platoon secured two buildings and found documents on the second building. German forces began attacking the second building and Airborne troops managed to clear all enemy forces and exit the building and destroyed the last Artillery piece.


The Normandy landings became a success and the Liberation of France would soon begin.

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