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Brachyura Boogie is an unlockable easter egg song found in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies map Attack of the Radioactive Thing.

Unlocking the Song Edit

To activate the song, the player must collect five colored vinyls hidden around the map.


  • Behind a wooden pallet near the engine part for the Violet Ray Device.
  • Underneath the cash register closest to the Vodka in the corner of the Beachside Market.
  • Under a table in the open RV by Mule Munchies at the Campground Area.
  • Under a stack of wooden pallets covered by a blue tarp by the Snack Snack.
  • Inside a trash can to the left of Bombstoppers at the Motel.

Upon collecting all five vinyls, the player will be rewarded with 1000XP and the song will begin to play. The song will also be added to the "Lobby Music" section of the Barracks.

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