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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty 2.
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Private Richard Braeburn, callsign Dog Five, was an American soldier who fought during World War II, as seen in the events of Call of Duty 2.


Braeburn helped Sergeant Randall and Corporal Taylor in many battles. It is possible for him to get killed during the final wave of Germans at Hill 400. Private Braeburn seems to know Donnie McCloskey due to their conversation in the beginning of the Pointe du Hoc level, where Braeburn calls McCloskey "Donnie.



  • Braeburn suffers from motion sickness, seen when he vomits at the very beginning of the D-Day mission.
  • During the first American mission, it is possible to see two Braeburns. After disabling the guns the player will regroup with the company and Braeburn will tell the player to clear the beach. After Randall tells certain people to stay the rest of the company leaves to go to the beach. If the player looks Braeburn is one of those men. If the player goes back to the road, one can see another Braeburn sitting in a spot not moving.
  • Unused dialogue for a Ranger shouting "Braeburn's down" is present in the game's files.