"Smash through enemy defenses in the Gulag and escape."
Spec Ops description.

Breach & Clear is a Special Ops level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The objective is to fight through the gulag showers and get to the hole in the floor at the end of the level.

The Infinity Ward best time for Breach & Clear is 13.40 seconds for PC and 17.00 seconds for console.


Breach & Clear starts out with the player in a small room with a cache of weapons to choose from. Once the player is ready, they will stand against the wall and plant a breaching charge, blowing a hole into the shower room section of an old Soviet prison in "The Gulag", which is a campaign mission. From there, they must fight through the prison, which is swarming with enemies. The exit is a hole in the shower room. There is a limited number of enemies in this level; several are equipped with riot shields. Some will have laser sights, allowing the player to gauge their movement, as they maneuver through the gulag.

Weapon Loadout

Starting Loadout
Initial area
Found in level

These weapons can be found with and without attachments.



  • On Hardened, the player often will only start with two Flashbang and often only five Grenade Launcher rounds for the M4A1.
  • On Veteran, the player often will start with only one Flashbang and occasionally only a single Grenade Launcher round for the M4A1.
  • This level is most likely derived from Michael Bay's 1996 action-movie The Rock.
  • Breach & Clear is the only level where the player can use the M14 EBR unscoped in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
  • It is possible to beat Breach & Clear without killing an enemy or firing a shot.
  • Breach & Clear, similar to Snatch & Grab, is one of the few levels where rushing on a high difficulty is effective, due to the short length, and the fact that the enemies are clustered, making them easy prey to explosives and flashbangs.
  • At the beginning of Breach & Clear, if the player leaves the playing area and receives a "Mission Failed" notification, a random Spetsnaz will spawn at the playing area end of the tunnel.
  • When playing, if one teammate gets to the extraction point while the other player is down, the downed player can crawl to the extraction point and complete the level.
  • If the player uses no-clip, they can go to every single area in "The Gulag". When the player reaches any of these areas, enemies will spawn at the same places at which they spawned in the Single-Player mission. While they are spawning, the player can experience lag.
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