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For the multiplayer map, see Brecourt (map).

"Brecourt Manor" is the sixth mission in Call of Duty. The objectives are to eliminate the FlaK 88s at Brecourt Manor to lighten the artillery fire on the beaches.

It is based on the Brecourt Manor Assault on June 6 carried out by a small squad-sized unit of the 506th PIR. Though it is based upon the Brecourt Manor, it has been obviously noted to be inaccurate.


Call of Duty-German MG42 crew Brecourt Manor

German Army MG42 crew fires at U.S. Airborne troops at Brecourt Manor on D-Day in Normandy, France.


MakarovNuke All it takes is the will of a single man.
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Weapon Loadout

Starting Loadout


  • Explosives


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  • If the player looks around at the start of the mission, they will usually find that Sergeant Moody is in command of one or two lieutenants.
  • Sgt. Moody instructs third squad to provide covering fire with the Browning M1919, but no one is carrying a Browning M1919. There are .30 cal game files and models, so that dialogue was recorded before the decision of not including the .30 cal.
  • It's possible not to give Sgt. Moody enough covering fire while he is carrying the wounded soldier causing him to be shot and injured, but Moody will stay behind regardless of how much covering fire is actually given.
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