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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode

The Breeder is an enemy Cryptid appearing in the Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction map, Nightfall. It serves as the strongest Cryptid on the map.


The Breeder is a large, spider-like creature that is armed with large claws. In the trailer, the Breeder is seen stabbing a person in the chest with sharp claws. It has two basic attacks of shooting and spawning eggs that contain the Cryptids. When facing a Breeder, it is best to shoot at its head to damage it. The Breeder has a health bar that is located at the left corner of the screen.


The Breeder will appear only four times on Nightfall. Initially, the Breeder will impale the soldier asking to escape the Nightfall Program compound.

Players fight the Breeder in the second encounter and last encounter. In both battles with the Breeder, the middle of its head is a near constant weak spot that players can target to damage it.

After all hives in the first sector have been destroyed, the Breeder will be lying under a huge hill of snow. Approaching it will trigger the first battle to commence. The Breeder will stay in place the entire time.

In this battle, the Breeder will have a large amount of health. It has access to multiple attacks. Should the player get too close while the Breeder is idling, it will launch a melee attack that will severely damage, if not down the player. The Breeder also has access to a Machine Gun attack. The Breeder's back will glow red to indicate that a Machine Gun attack is imminent, and then the Breeder will target one player at a time until the Breeder doesn't have anymore clear shots at opposing players. The Breeder can also target Cryptids under the influence of a Hypno Knife with this attack, and can kill them with ease.

It can also launch red gas, targeting a player's current position while doing so. The Breeder will screech as it does this multiple times. The red gas is much stronger than a scorpion's, and damage from the lingering cloud can't be avoided by the level 3 medic. This gas also covers a larger area and lingers for much longer. The Breeder is extremely vulnerable while it is launching the gas, as its head remains in a constant position, and players can walk right up to the Breeder without fear of it launching its melee attack suddenly.

The Breeder's final attack is launching of Hunter eggs. These eggs take about six seconds to hatch, but they are extremely weak while in the process of hatching. A single bullet will usually destroy these eggs, and they will leave behind a cloud of gas akin to those left by a Scorpion. Whether the player chooses to let these eggs hatch or not, it is best to be at distance from the egg.

During the aforementioned battle, cryptids will spawn and attack the player, so players should be mindful to protect themselves from the Cryptids as well.

Once the Breeder is depleted of all health in this fight, it will retreat. This fight will have a challenge associated with it. In solo play, the challenge will always be to defeat the Breeder in less than 120 seconds.

The Breeder appears at the entrance of the indoor facility once the second sector is cleared of hives. It will block the entrance to the facility momentarily and then retreat. No damage can be dealt to the Breeder in this encounter, although a Vulture will try to attack regardless if a player has one active.

The Breeder's final appearance is the final step in completing Nightfall, as it will block CIF Team 1 from pursing David Archer and engage CIF Team 1 for the final time behind the facility.

In this fight, the Breeder has significantly more health. The Breeder's machine gun attack will last much longer, and cryptids will spawn during the battle. In this fight, both the Breeder and the players have much more room to move and turn around as they see fit. Due to the additional freedom to move around, the player is able to dodge the machine gun attack by just running around the Breeder, not needing to go behind any cover.

The Breeder has full access to the attacks it used in the first battle. When the Breeder is sufficiently damaged, it will fall on its side and expose another major weak point - the side of its stomach. Players can pummel the weak spot to deal massive amounts of damage for about fifteen seconds until the Breeder recovers and gets back up. There is a hard limit to how much health can be depleted this way, usually around 1/4 of the Breeder's health. A player that can deal great damage in a short period of time can hit this mark quickly with good practice.

Once the Breeder loses about half of its health during the fight, it will climb to the top of the facility, only to return once the player deals with an onslaught of cryptids for an extended period of time. The Breeder usually waits long enough that the player's class upgrades will be replenished by the time it return. Players will know the Breeder is about to retreat since the Breeder will become momentarily invulnerable when it is about to leave. While the Breeder waits on top of the facility, the amount of cryptids that spawn in ramps up severely, with the player(s) usually having to deal with a Rhino and a Phantom in the meantime. The Breeder is still capable of launching gas and eggs in this state, but it will never fire its machine guns when in this position. Players cannot hurt the Breeder until it returns to the middle area.

When the Breeder is at roughly a quarter of its health, it will try to regenerate a small portion of it by absorbing it from the hive flowers scattered around the back of the facility. During this state, it will not attack. The flowers can be destroyed to end the Breeder's healing state prematurely, or not allow it to even heal at all, although the player is fully capable of just attacking the Breeder directly when it does this anyway, as the Breeder becomes extremely vulnerable while doing this, since it stands still and doesn't attack while attempting to regenerate its health. If the flowers are destroyed before the sequence begins, the Breeder will not attempt to heal.

Once the Breeder is depleted of all health, it will have two of its legs separated, causing it to collapse. Cryptids will still spawn for a short time after the Breeder's health bar is depleted, so players should focus on protecting themselves while the Breeder is in the process of dying, as the Breeder cannot hurt the player in its dying moments.


  • Survived Nightfall (20 Gamerscore/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Kill the Breeder for the first time in Nightfall.
  • Speed Slayer (20 Gamerscore/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Kill the Breeder in less than 5 minutes in Nightfall.
  • Nightfall Completionist (30 Gamerscore/ Silver Trophy Silver Trophy PS3 icon) - Complete all challenges and kill the Breeder in Nightfall.
  • Throttled Survival (30 Gamerscore/ Silver Trophy Silver Trophy PS3 icon) - Kill the Breeder while using a Relic in Nightfall.



  • The Breeder is what lays the eggs in Extinction mode.
  • The Extinction Prestige level 10 features the Breeder as the symbol.
  • When the Hypno Knife is used on the Breeder, its eggs will have a rainbow explosion when destroyed.
  • At the beginning of the game, when the Breeder kills the lone soldier, it is possible for the Breeder to injure the player if the player is too close to the fence, the fence bashing the player away as it happens. It will take away about 40% of the player's health.