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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies

The Brenner is a special enemy encountered in the Call of Duty: WWII Zombies Brenners are large in size and are armed with a flamethrower which is their primary weapon.

Brenners will use their flamethrower if they catch up to a player, doing roughly 1/5 of the player's health every half second or so (Flame damage is not a constant stream; it deals an instance of damage after a half a second). As with flamethrowers, any player in its area of effect will be damaged. The fuel tank on the Brenner's back can be damaged which can lead to the tank exploding if damaged enough, which will disable its flamethrower. Afterwards, the Brenner can die from either player-inflicted damage or self-inflicted fire damage. Should the Brenner's fuel tank be destroyed, the Brenner will attack the player(s) with an axe in place of its left arm, dealing massive damage, more so than the Wüstling's club. Upon death, the Brenner will drop its head, which is a vital quest item for usage in the main quest of The Final Reich.

A Brenner will spawn in The Final Reich after the player picks up the Tesla Gun core and heads to the command room.

Players should be wary of standing under potential Brenner spawn locations (places it lands on when entering the map): should a Brenner land on a player, the player will be downed if they do not have Geistchild, or if they do have Geistchild, they will lose all their health and as such, a point of Geistchild.

In Gröesten Haus, a Brenner will spawn once the player reaches wave 50, and killing it is one of three tasks required to unlock the Bloodraven Mountaineer.

In The Darkest Shore, a single Brenner appears after the player opens the Corpse Gate. Another spawns in the U-Boat Pens during the Meistermeuchler boss fight. They do not, however, spawn within normal gameplay. In The Tortured Path, an advanced version of the Brenner known as the Raketenbrenner appears. However, the original version of the Brenner appears in the survival maps Bodega Cervantes and Altar of Blood, appearing on every tenth wave.


Brenners are large zombies equipped with large fuel tanks on their backs and a flamethrower which replaces its right arm, they also wear typical German Stahlhelms alongside a gas mask which covers their mouths. Alongside this, Brenners have bolts, tubing and metal plates attached to their arms, bodies and legs. Their eyes appear to have some mechanical augments as well, as they are able to project ultraviolet lights. An Axe is seen in place of the Brenner's left arm; it is its secondary weapon.