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Bruce[1] Harris was a CIA operations officer who appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops in the level "WMD".


Harris was seen in "WMD", when he accompanied Jason Hudson, Grigori Weaver, and Terrance Brooks in their infiltration of a Soviet base in 1968. Later on, the squad split up, with Weaver and Hudson rappelling through a window and Brooks and Harris rappelling onto the other walkway.

While running away from the array, an RPG-7 hits the bridge supporting him and his teammates, which caused it to collapse. Bruce slipped and held on what was left of the bridge for dear life. Hudson attempted to save him, but was unable to reach him before Harris lost his grip. Harris and Hudson manage to keep eye-contact as he fell backwards into his icy demise.


  • Harris wears a tuque instead of a balaclava on the Nintendo Wii version.
  • On the Nintendo Wii version, Harris has a black mustache.
  • The mail system shows Harris is a father and husband.
  • In the mail system, it is said that Harris's wife, due to the classified nature of the mission, believed that he was going to Paris for work, while he was really going to Russia. She wrote to him that he must not climb the Eiffel Tower, due to his fear of heights. This is somewhat ironic due to both the height of the mountain the mission takes place at, and because Harris ends up falling to his death.
  • Harris is a Washington Redskins fan, as his password for the CIA data system is GOSKINS, and an email from Weaver in his inbox mentions that he has acquired tickets to one of their games.



  1. His first name, Bruce, is visible in correspondence on the Mail system of the in-game Central Intelligence Agency Data system
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