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"The hulking Bruno Delacroix earned a savage reputation in the Paris underworld. But when he accidentally killed an innocent, Bruno fled Paris to the French Foreign Legion. Racked by guilt, he now fights alongside Scarlett in a last, desperate bid for salvation."
— Official Biography

Bruno Delacroix is a character appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies as one of the four main playable characters in the Chaos story.


French Army

Bruno is a former gangster with a violent past. He is a former enforcer of a criminal gang in the Paris underworld who joined the French Foreign Legion after the attempted assassination of Michel Depardieu, which resulted with the death of his child and a bounty on Bruno’s head from his former boss, named Lebeau. His life would change when meeting Alistair Rhodes in Morocco on September, 1910. Alistair explained to Bruno that his former associates stole an object he’s looking for and that they should not be allowed to have nor their employers, the newly formed Order. Bruno agreed to assist Alistair and the two traveled to Constantinople, the capital of the Ottoman Empire. They ambushed the convoy and stole a large wooden box before driving to the Basilica Cistern with the rest of the criminal gang hunting them. After arriving to the cistern, Alistair revealed that the wooden box contained the object he was looking for, the Scepter of Ra. Alistair needed the Scepter to reveal a map hidden inside the cistern pointing to Angkor Wat in the French Protectorate of Cambodia. Unfortunately for the duo, the gang found them and Lebeau ordered the members to storm the cistern to get the Scepter back before the arrival of the Order. Bruno managed to kill the gang members, but Alistair was captured by Lebeau. Bruno rushed to Lebeau to save Alistair and took several bullets in the chest but managed to crush his skull with his bare hand, killing him. Bruno succumbed to his injuries only to be revived by Alistair with the Scepter of Ra. Breathing again, Bruno swore to help Alistair whenever he needs him. His resurrection by the Sceptre of Ra, however, left him subject to the Order's control - as well as a personality called "Dark Bruno" forming in his mind.

The Unsinkable Ship

When Alistair was captured by the Order during a party at his manor, his daughter Scarlett Rhodes attempted and failed to rescue him. However, she had received a letter prior to the party from her father detailing three people who could help her find him and stop the Order. These three men were Bruno, alongside Stanton Shaw and Diego Necalli. On April 10th, 1912, the four met in Southhampton, where Scarlett informed them they'd be stealing the Norse Artifact. They all agreed to help her find her father and the group embarked on the Titanic.

During the night of April 14th, 1912, the group started their plan to steal the Norse Artifact. Diego charmed one of the passengers, Lady McKendrick, and stole the key to the millionaire suite where Bruno and Shaw sent a gas into the cargo room using the pneumatic tubes in the suite. Once the guard was knocked out, Scarlett entered the room and using a device of her own invention to open the safe where the Artifact was kept. Unfortunately, the plan didn’t go as planned when a cultist, bearing the red mark on his forehead, stole the Artifact from Scarlett and took the medallion. While trying to flee, he was stopped by Bruno, Shaw and Diego who regrouped with Scarlett. Surrounded, the cultist activated the Norse Artifact but was kicked out of the protective circle by Scarlett and turned into a zombie like the rest of the passengers and crew. Soon after, the Titanic struck a massive iceberg allowing water to seep in. The team proceeded to complete the trial and beat the Eye of Malice and Despair. After the trial was completed, all the passengers and the crew turned back to normal and a vision of a doorway surrounded by two snake heads appeared in the cargo hold. Soon after, the Titanic started sinking and Scarlett, Bruno, Shaw and Diego took a lifeboat. As Shaw explained he had seen the doorway before and that it was in Delphi, a dark red light on Bruno's forehead glowed as he rowed the lifeboat, signifying his control by the Order.

Journey Through the Vapors

In the following days, the team traveled to Delphi in the Kingdom of Greece and ventured in a cave where they found a sealed door. The voice of an Oracle, the Pythia, invited them to breathe the vapors to find the knowledge they were seeking but warned them it was not intended for mortal man.

Upon breathing the vapors, the team was transported across millennia and woke up in an ancient Roman colosseum in Egypt. They watched the High Priest of Chaos activating the Egyptian Artifact in front of hundreds of cultists, all spared by the Prima Materia. The Priest forced slaves to complete a Sentinel Trial for him, and the crew were the next contenders. The team completed the trial, beat the Guardian, a zombified elephant named Fury, and Wrath, the Champion of the Nine, another elephant. Once the trial was completed, a portal appeared with the word "Poseidon". Upon reaching his hand into the portal, the High Priest was attacked by Prima Materia only to be saved by the glyphs under his mask. Scarlett ordered the High Priest to grant them clemency as dictated in the Novum Ignotum proclamation, but the High Priest ordered his cultists to behead them.

City of Delphi

After awakening from the hallucination, Scarlett immediately went towards a gate near them, placing her hand upon ancient symbols to open the gate. As the gate opened, it revealed a tunnel, revealing the ancient city of Delphi. Noticing the ropes to climb down to the city, the crew realized that they were not the first to tread upon this city. Whilst inside the city, they are led by the Pythia to the Temple of Apollo, where they found she was imprisoned within the city. She proclaimed that like her, Alistair was trapped in Delphi.

Whilst on their journey, the crew encountered Perseus, who has turned into the Zombie Warlord. While examining some runes, Bruno was taken over by his Dark-self, and killed Shaw. Shaw was subsequently revived by Bruno using the Sceptre of Ra, allowing the Order to take control. The crew confronted the undead demigod, who took control of Pegasus by striking him with his sword. After killing both Pegasus and Perseus and retrieving the key, the crew returned to the Temple of Apollo to free the Oracle. Scarlett stayed with the Pythia while Diego, Bruno, and Shaw left to find Alistair, beneath the Temple. They discovered that Alistair alongside several members of the Order, was turned to stone. Diego realized the true intent of the Oracle, and rushed to save Scarlett as the Order-brainwashed Bruno and Shaw stayed behind.


Bruno harbors a large amount of guilt for actions of his past. According to himself he has spilled so much blood that he feared he would drown in it. He seems to hate having to resort to violence but considers it necessary to survive. 

Bruno seems to have a special relationship with Shaw. The two appear to be good friends who both have a good amount of respect for each other. Bruno also has a large amount of respect for Scarlett, much of which can be attributed to her father as well, though she distrusts him. Bruno however hates Diego. Much like the others, Bruno considers Diego to be annoying and extremely egotistical. 


Bruno is an unlockable skin in Blackout. To unlock him, the player must first acquire the Mug Shot item from a Care Package. The player must then get a down/kill another player using a melee weapon, and then finish the game with the item in one's inventory.

The IX version of Bruno can be unlocked as well. To unlock him, the player must acquire the Lion Pauldron item, which can sometimes be found in the Mystery Box. After, the player must get a kill with a Combat Axe, and finish the map with the Pauldron in one's inventory.


"Lady McKendrick may be of a higher class than you are "used to" mixing with, huh?"
— Bruno to Diego