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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies
For a similarly named enemy, see Brutus (Zombies).

The Brute is a type of Zombie in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. They appear on the map Zombies in Spaceland.

Brutes are the "mascots" of Zombies in Spaceland. They wear a giant alien costume, they can shoot lasers from their helmets and damage the player significantly, it is highly advised to find cover when its helmet starts glowing. To defeat a Brute, players must shoot its helmet, which the Brute will then take off after taking some damage, it will then start running faster, and players can only kill it by shooting its head, similar to a Margwa. It is larger than surrounding zombies, sometimes killing fellow zombies at it tries to melee attack the player. Given its size, it is difficult to run past it in tight spaces such as the Arcade or the tunnel into Polar Peaks. When killed, it will drop a random power up. More than one Brute can spawn at a time at higher rounds, and they will continue to follow and attack players between rounds if not immediately dealt with. When killed, the first and only that one Brute will drop a random power up such as Double Money, Instakill, and Max Ammo.

The Brute cannot be killed by the traps around the park. When players lure it towards a trap, it will teleport to a location away from them and resume its pursuit. However, when lured to the alligator trap in the Kepler System, it will stop the mouth from dropping down and break its teeth, which players can repair with the golden teeth found in the Arcade prize booth to open the elemental crystal cabinet in the back of the trap.


Willard Wyler

"I see you've met out lovely Spaceland mascot, Brute. He enjoys quiet strolls through the park, and ripping arms from torsos. I hope your first date is a good one."
— The Brute spawns for the first time in the match.
"That was rather boring. Now, if you had DIED in that scene, we would have something to work with."
— The player(s) kill the Brute.
"NO, NO, NO! This is all wrong! You weren't supposed to kill the Brute! We'll have wardrobe prep another, so we can get it right next time."
— The player(s) kill the Brute.
"For goodness' sake, die on cue already! If this keeps up, we'll just have to get you cue cards."
— The player(s) kill the Brute.
"Let's see if you and Brute can hit it off this time around. That last date was a real letdown, if you know what I mean."
— Another Brute spawns.
"Get ready for a SURPRISE!"
— Another Brute Spawns



  • It also appears as a Supply Drop unlockable full Merc rig.
  1. Willard Wyler refers to the Brute as a "he".