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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode
Bucket Inventory Icon BO3

An empty bucket in the inventory

The Bucket is a utility in Call of Duty: Black Ops III in the Zombies map Zetsubou No Shima. The bucket can be filled using deep pools of water contaminated with Element 115 which can be used to turn the Power Switches in the Labs on temporarily, or water Seeds. It acts similar to the Shovel from Origins, and the Fumigator in Shadows of Evil.

A total of four standard Buckets can be found in the map in the following locations, easily spotted by their metal appearance with glowing blue water on their top edge:

  • In the spawn area.
  • Inside Lab A, including the back room with the GobbleGum Machine.
  • Inside Lab B, including the upstairs room.
  • Around Lab A or Lab B near the blue and green water ponds respectively.

There are also four areas of water that can be used to fill the buckets, each having a different effect on the seeds. Check the Seeds page for how the types of water affect them. Blue, Green, and Purple are the three main water types, with Iridescent being a special type used in Seeds of Doubt.

  • Blue Water - Behind Lab A before the route to the Giant Spider nest.
  • Green Water - Behind Lab B, under some scaffolding against a meteor of Divinium.
  • Purple Water - Within the Bunker Living Quarters, within the left most corner.
  • Iridescent Water - Within the Sewer Pipe transport by interacting when a large lump of raw Divinium that is on the right side passes by, nearing the end of the pipeline out to behind Lab B. The most consistent way to obtain this is take the Sewer Pipe from inside the Operation Room in the Bunker out towards Lab B, and press the Use interaction once the player fully passes through the second blue lit section of the pipe, entering another green section. This costs 500 points every attempt, and is used for upgrading the KT-4 into the Masamune using a secret planter. It is not recommended to be used in any other way, as it is a randomized water type otherwise regarding Seed growth.

Golden Bucket[]

The standard Bucket can be upgraded to the Golden Bucket that allows infinite use of whatever water is stored within it, including the special iridescent water. Additionally, pressing the sprint and melee buttons at the same time will cycle the water in the bucket to blue, green, then purple so the player has full control of what type of Water they have at all times, minus the special iridescent water.

To obtain, the Skull of Nan Sapwe must have been obtained, and the following must have been grown from Seeds (no fertilising with the KT-4 is necessary):

  • A plant watered for three rounds with Blue Water, which functions like a Harvest Pod from Shadows of Evil.
  • A plant watered for three rounds with Green Water, which ensnares zombies and slowly kills them.
  • A plant watered for three rounds with Purple Water, which attracts zombies and kills them.
  • A plant watered for three rounds with all three above types of water once each, the Fruit plant, which gives the player a free perk if they have a slot available. If a Clone Plant/another plant develops from this, they must try again until a Fruit plant spawns.

If all plants have been grown, the Blueprint in the Living Quarters on the wall with Purple Water must also be revealed with using the Mesmerize ability of the Skull of Nan Sapwe. Then, under the main section of Lab B, face the wall directly opposite of where the wall spore spawns. A set of vines can now be interacted with by using Mesmerize, which will cause the vines to quickly retract, revealing a unique planter. Oddly, this can't be done if the Easter Egg was fully completed in the same game beforehand. It must be acquired before battling the Giant Thrasher in the final step of Seeds of Doubt.

Unlike all other planters, this planter only accepts the Bucket rather than Seeds. Doing so will cause three additional planters to be revealed, these require three standard Seeds to be planted in them, causing them to instantly grow into plants that lure zombies and kill them. These three plants do not need to be watered, but need to be fed zombies and when all three are fed enough, they will rapidly return to the earth. The Bucket plant will then have grown into a uniquely skinned plant and will only give the Golden Bucket as a reward. It will remain open for the remainder of the match.