Bugs is the callsign of an M1128 Mobile Gun System assault vehicle, under the command of General Shepherd working with the U.S. Rangers during the events of Modern Warfare 2.

In GameEdit

It is seen in the campaign mission "Team Player", where it is situated next to the river on the far right side of the rock barricade where Sgt. Foley can be seen taking cover in the beginning of the level. Bugs will in the beginning fire upon an OpFor BMP located across the river on the walkway the OpFor are using. After destroying the BMP, Bugs will fire on the OpFor forces located across the river with its cannon. After the player boards the Humvee, Bugs does not follow and if the player looks while crossing the bridge they can see that Bugs is remaining stationary. After the initial engagement, Bugs is never seen again, making it likely that the vehicle and its crew survived the events of Modern Warfare 2.


  • On Veteran, it is possible, by going prone behind it, to be killed by its ejecting shells.
  • It is possible to get on top of Bugs by jumping on rocks to the rear right of the vehicle.
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