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The Bureau of Archaic Technologies (B.A.T.) was a group established in 1945 by United States of America's President Harry S. Truman to collect, analyze strategic information and conduct special operations in order to eliminate the undead menace.

Notable MembersEdit


Recruitement letter from Hank Rideau
BAT RecruitementLetter Zombies WWII
This war has turned from one nightmare to another. The undead menace has spilled out from the shadowed corners of Germany and into the world stage. While the Nazi propaganda machine has painted this as a brillian attempt by the Führer to call upon the lost sons of this Final Reich to defend the fatherland, our own sources show that the Axis losses match our own. Make no mistake - this is not a problem defined by borders and ideologies. This is a battle for life itself.

The MFAA, which has performed valiantly over the course of the war, is simply not equipped to handle this new thread. Yet it is the only branch of the Alled military forces with knowledge, insight, and experience in dealing with the undead. Therefore, by Presidential military order, President Truman has established the Bureau of Archaic Technologies to collect and analyze strategic information required by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and to conduct special operations free from limitations of other agencies.

You have been recruited to the Bureau under the direct request of General Hank Rideau. A car will be arriving to transport you to our offices 30 minutes after the delivery of this letter - please have your personal belongings packed in a single piece of luggage and bid any family members goodbye. Destroy this letter upon reading, Agent.

Welcome to the Bureau.

Letter from Vivian Harris to Hank Rideau about the mission to Antarctica
BAT VivianHarrisHankRideauLetter Zombies WWII
General Rideau,

Our four agents have been successfully transported from extraction point Alpha to the HMS Osiris. We have a C-47 waiting in Tierra del Fuego for their immediate transport south. Our smuggler friend has arranged for a caravan to be waiting for you in Luxembourg with the artifacts and goods we discussed. Your journey to Málaga will not be an easy one, even with the help from our new recruits.

Sir, I would like to formally express my conerns about this mission. Our forces are stretched to the breaking point, and sending our most experenced soldiers away from where they are most needed. Our offices in London and Warsaw have already gone dark.

We need strong hands and keen wits at every post now more than ever. Please reconsider this mission before it is too late.


Agent Vivian Harris.

Report from Vivian Harris to Hank Rideau about the mission to Antarctica
BAT SuccessReport Zombies WWII
General Rideau:

Message received from Col. Jefferson at 0600
C-47 en route to Tierra del Fuego
No casualties
Mission Successful
Package has been secured

Congratulations, Sir.

Agent Vivian Harris

Letter from Hank Rideau to the Bureau agents
BAT HankRideauBureauAgentsLetter Zombies WWII

We live in dangerous times. President Truman has signed Executive Order 9621, and the OSS has been officially dissolved. The Department of War has unified both the Intelligence and Espionage branches under its auspices until this new Central Intelligence Agency can be ratified, most likely in the next year. But the Bureau will continue to operate independently.

Our task is twofold:

First, to hold the line against the undead menace. No other organization has the knowledge, the experience, or the weaponry to deal with the living dead as decisively as our own. We still have strongholds in the UK, North Africa, and East Asia which have not been overwhelmed. North and Central Amercia are holding fast. They must continue to do so.

Second, to understand this new science and turn it to our benefit. The discoveries coming out of our labs in New Mexico combined with insights from Agent Fischer have already borne terrifying new fruit. The power over life and death. Destruction of biblical proportions. Tools never meant for mortal hands.

We may need this sooner than we think. Our enemy has found a way to continue generating soldiers, even after strategic personnel have been removed from their ranks. We need to be smart, strong and relentless, Agents. Darker times lay ahead.

General Hank Rideau

Letter from W. Irving to Hank Rideau
BAT WIrvingHankRideauLetter Zombies WWII
General Rideau:

Reports in from our Navy research teams in Guam show that the Axis powers have modified their U-Boat armaments. These findings align with reports from Captain Nguyen regarding aquatic delivery methods for undead combatants. Specifically, torpedo cages, retractable boarding gantries, and bulkhead-anchored trebuchets. Admral Nimtz said "It's like we're back to fighting a bunch of goddamn pirates!" and then asked me to find him a cutlass. I had to assume he was joking.

We've run the numbers as you asked, sir. After the destruction of Heligoland and our estimates of Axis naval losses, there are anywhere from 10-60k undead combatants - soldiers who do not breathe, who are unaffected by the pressure of the depths - still unaccounted for in the Atlantic ocean. About half that in the Pacific.

Sir we don't know where they will come ashore.

Cap. Irving, Bureau Intelligence

Letter from Leslie Graves to Hank Rideau regarding the Geistkraft energy
BAT LeslieGravesHankRideauLetter Zombies WWII
General Rideau:

We have our latest report in from Agent Fischer down in New Mexico. Her labs have now found convincing evidence that this "Sword of Barbarossa" is more than a mere medieval tool of war, but has in fact been forged from a rare ore consisting of magnetic monopoles - the same particles theorized by Professor Dirac in his 1931 paper Quantised Singularities in the Electromagnetic Field.

Fischer speculates that these magnetically-charged particles may in fact be the conductors of geistkraft, binding electrons and gravitons together into an entirely new form of energy that transform our understanding of quantum mechanics. By resonating those particles at different frequencies, an engineer can split atoms, reverse gravity, and... by God, reanimate the dead cells of a mammalian nervous system.

But the most fightening part of this all is the monopolorized nature of this ore. Instead of a magnetic dipole field emanating from a north pole and circulating around to a south pole as with an ordinary magnet, this remarkable material only acts as a single, isolated north pole. This means that the geistkraft energy is limitless. Fischer says that it may be flowing through these Dirac particles from an entirely separate universe, one with different physical laws than our own.

The potential for world-ending weaponry is endless, General. The undead monsters created by the Nazis may, in fact, be the most gentle of this sword's capabilities. And Fischer posits that there may be more weapons hidden beneath the Antarctic ice. We know your thoughts on this matter, sir, but it is her opinion, and mine as well, that we isolate the pices of the sword rather than try to combine them, and that we move to investigate the Nazi dig sites in New Swabia post haste.


Major General Leslie Graves
U.S. Bureau Corps of Engineers

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