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"Sets fire type to 3 round burst."
— In-game description

Burst Fire is an attachment for assault rifles and marksman rifles in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It changes the fire mode of the weapon to three round burst. There is a delay of 0.2 seconds between bursts.

In addition to changing the fire mode, Burst Fire decreases the fire rate by 9% for most assault rifles, except the AK-12, Remington R5 and Maverick, for which the rate within burst remains the same as the fully-automatic versions. Contrariwise, for marksman rifles, the attachment increases the rate of fire by 25%.

The MSBS assault rifle has an integrated Burst Fire, meaning it fires in 3-round bursts by default, although this can be changed with the Automatic Fire attachment.

In Extinction mode, the attachment uniquely gives the MR-28 a two-round burst function instead of three.

Fire Rate variations
Assault Rifles
Weapon Standard Burst Fire
SC-2010 750 RPM 681 RPM per burst (387 overall)
SA-805 769 RPM 699 RPM per burst (393 overall)
AK-12 689 RPM (390 overall)
FAD 882 RPM 802 RPM per burst (424 overall)
Remington R5 631 RPM (371 overall)
Honey Badger 800 RPM 727 RPM per burst (402 overall)
ARX-160 857 RPM 779 RPM per burst (417 overall)
Maverick 652 RPM (378 overall)
Marksman Rifles
Weapon Standard Burst Fire
MR-28 600 RPM
(200 in Extinction)
750 RPM per burst (409 overall in Multiplayer)
(333 overall in Extinction)
MK14 EBR 480 RPM 600 RPM per burst (360 overall)
IA-2 545 RPM 681 RPM per burst (387 overall)
SVU 400 RPM 500 RPM per burst (321 overall)


  1. This is due to its 2-round burst mode instead of 3.
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