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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

The Bus is a utility in the Zombies campaign TranZit. The bus circles the map layout, allowing the players to travel across the map faster. The bus can be upgraded by attaching to it parts that are scattered across the map. It has two entry doors that can be opened and closed, several repairable barrier windows, and a buildable hatch door that allows the players to reach the bus' roof.

The bus drives around the map and stops whenever it reaches one of the five in the main locations: Bus Depot, Diner, Farm, Power Station and the Town. While driving, Zombies can chase the bus, get on top of the roof, and jump on the barrier windows and enter the bus. When the bus is about to end the stop and continue driving, it will create a beeping sound, notifying the player. It honks again when it starts moving again. The time the bus stops at each station varies, and can be accelerated by keeping the bus doors closed. The Bus is controlled by a robotic bus driver, known as T.E.D.D.


The Bus spawns behind of the starting location: the Bus Depot. The bus will not move from the starting location until a player opens the door and boards it or proceeds to a new location on foot. The Bus' movement is not dependent on the end or beginning of a wave, but rather a timer. It repeats its looped route indefinitely. The Bus will not stop at all safe locations along the route, such as the Pylon, Nacht der Untoten, Tunnel, and the Hunter's Cabin, that contain equipment and weapons. Players can get off the Bus as it passes these locations without taking any damage.

The Bus Driver will alert the player(s) to a zombie attack/breach. Once the Bus is in motion, zombies will not be able to enter through the Bus doors. When driving the zombies will sprint aimlessly towards the bus and begin to breach it. While driving, the zombies can access the bus through its barrier windows, the roof's hatch, and even the front window. All zombies that enter the bus, even when it's not moving, will also have limited speed and a special stumbling animation.

The Avogadro can attack the bus by attaching to it, and if the players do not attack it with melee, the bus will shut down for a temporary amount of time. The bus will also shut down if it is hit by an EMP greande. Turbines can be used to put the Bus back into motion.

If a power-up spawns within the Bus, it will stay stationary on the ground but the bus will keep moving, and if it is not grabbed, it will be left behind. The B23R, a three-round burst pistol, can be found within the Bus, and bought for 1000 points. When on the roof of the bus, the player should watch out and avoid obstacles, such as the highway road-signs inside the tunnel from the Bus Depot, that can push the player off the bus.

Bus Parts

The Bus has three parts that can be used to upgrade it, which they can assemble on the bus similarly to buildables.

  1. Ladder: Attached from the Bus' outer side, can be used in order to climb on the Bus' roof. It is especially useful at the Power Plant, where the Bus blocks the entry to the area.
  2. Plow: Attached in the front, kills zombies that it hits and prevents zombies from entering from the front window.
  3. hatch: Attached on the Bus' roof, can be used to climb on the Bus roof from within by jumping and catching it, as well as enter the bus from the roof. Alternatively, the hatch can be used to access the Diner's rooftop, getting access to the Galvaknuckles. The plow, ladder, and hatch can be found at four locations throughout Green Run.

All four locations can only be accessible through the use of a turbine:

  1. Bus Depot: In the room next to the spawn room.
  2. Diner: In the shed near the lamp.
  3. Farm: In the shed near the tractor.
  4. Town: In the "Rare Books" store.


Achievements / Trophies

Undead Man's Party Bus (15 Gamerscore.png/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png) - In TranZit, complete all additions to the bus in 1 game.


  • The Bus Driver's hat reads "BLOODHOUND", with a picture of a bus beneath. This is a reference to the real life GREYHOUND bus lines.
  • Zombies inside the Bus tend to sometimes stumble when sidestepping.
  • When a zombie is killed inside the bus or in the top of the bus, its body will disintegrate leaving a cloud of blood that will fade away.
  • The bus can be seen as a toy with the plow on it in the ending cinematic for Origins.
  • The zombies that board the bus have longer range attacks.
  • The bus honk can be heard in Nuketown Zombies
  • According to the timeline, Russman has stolen a bus from an abandoned Broken Arrow facility.