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Bus Depot is a Survival Zombie map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II and a location in the game mode TranZit. It is the first location in TranZit and the bus spawns here. The M14 and Olympia are available for purchase in the starting area. Quick Revive is the only available perk. There are three doors, all leading out of the starting area to the bus: One door costing 750 points and two doors that require power can be opened by acquiring the turbine buildable. Opening these two doors saves 750 points as they do not cost anything to open.

All of the parts for the turbine spawn inside the starting room. There is a fin near the pay phones, a fan in a chair next to a briefcase, and a mannequin body leaning against the bus' route map.

A lamp used to teleport is located behind the bus, where the ladder is placed. The Bus Depot is one of two locations that has a teleport lamp in its vicinity, the other being the Diner.

There is a navacard behind the shelter and a meteor part near the box spawn outside. You need to crouch to get the part. Also, there may be a part that upgrades the bus, such as a ladder, a train front, and a roof hatch that can be used to move from inside the bus to the roof of the bus.


The Bus Depot is described as a very tough area to survive in. No perks (including Quick Revive) are on the map, even if you are playing solo. In the vein of Nacht Der Untoten. The only weapons the player has access to (minus the mystery box) are the Olympia and the M14 inside the starting room, an MP5 which is located directly across from the starting room area, and a Remington 870 along the walls outside. The mystery box is found directly to the left when opening the door. It is the only spot on the map and cannot be moved via teddy bear.



  • In survival, the turbine cannot be built, therefore rendering the two metal doors useless. The player must buy their way out of the room (750 points).
  • There is a garage that has the sign "Sickle Garage". In the window of the garage, there is the same sign. The usage of this is a reference to the Sickle.
  • On Round 3, the floor in the terminal building will split, and lava will seep through the floor.
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