Butcher was a unit in Shadow Company. It was made up of multiple sub-units. They were tasked with patrolling and guarding Site Hotel Bravo. Many soldiers in Butcher Squad were killed by Captain John Price and Captain John "Soap" MacTavish.

Butcher Seven Edit

Under orders from Oxide, Butcher Seven's squad leader sent Vinson and Lambert to investigate the loss of contact with Disciple Five. Vinson and Lambert were members of this squad.

Butcher One-Five Edit

Butcher One-Five was assigned to help escort "Gold Eagle" to the LZ. He was most likely were with others of the Shadow Company (if they survived at all) those were the soldiers driving alongside Shepherd in "Endgame".

Butcher Two Edit

Butcher Two roped down into sector Papa Quebec to eliminate Price and MacTavish. All soldiers in this element were killed by Price and MacTavish.

Butcher Five Edit

Butcher Five was in charge of setting up explosives in Site Hotel Bravo. They ran into trouble when a detcord was severed and were unable to complete their task as fast as Shepherd wanted them to. They may be the soldiers encountered after breaching the door and entering the room filled with explosives and computer equipment.

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