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"C12 battle tank. Manual firing control. Low brains, lotta brawn."
E3N "Ethan".

The C12 is a bipedal 12-foot drone tank featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It can operate in autonomous or semi-autonomous modes.


In "Rising Threat", several SDF C12 units attack Wolf and his team, and are destroyed by Wolf with several compact F-SpAr prototypes.

Many more C12s are seen throughout the campaign, used mainly by SetDef. In "Operation Burn Water", a C12 is deployed to Titan to assist Reyes and Omar's team in clearing out a SetDef-controlled station.

The C12 makes its final appearance in the last campaign mission, "Operation Blood Storm", where one unit is seen killing Maynard "Griff" Griffin and several other soldiers as they defend the remaining crew of the Retribution.

Combat Edit

Campaign Edit

To combat C12, player needs to use Heavy Weapon (F-SpAr Torch, Spartan SA3, etc.) to pierce its armor in one of the 4 highlighted area: Its two weapons on each shoulder, and the two legs.

A player may destroy it in one of the three ways, and if the player manages to do so in one go of campaign, unlocks the C12 achievement.

  • Left Rodeo: The player destroy the Missile Launcher on the right shoulder, the player may jump onto the bot and rip its minigun, firing it on the bot's head and destroying it. However, the player will take damage as they fire, and if they failed to destroy the bot, they will die.
  • Right Rodeo: The player destroy the Minigun on the left shoulder, and jumps onto the bot. The player rips out one of its missile, and jam it into the bot's body. The player then detaches from the bot and try to fire on the missile, exploding it and destroy the bot. Failure to destroy the missile will make the player continue fighting the bot, but the missile can be shot down at any time afterwards.
  • Blowing off multiple limbs: The player simply destroy both weapons, Minigun and Missile Launcher, from a distance.


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