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CBJ-MS Menu Icon CoDG
Damage 35-17 (MP)
Damage Multipliers x1.5 Head
Weapon Class Submachine Gun
Magazine Size 32 rounds (SP & Extinction)
34 rounds (MP) (51 w/ Extended Mags)
Starting Ammunition 34+68 (MP)
32+96 (Extinction)
Maximum Ammunition 32+224 (SP)
34+204 (MP)
32+256 (Extinction)
Rate of Fire 1000 RPM (1176 RPM w/ Rapid Fire)
Range (explanation) CBJ-MS range CoDG
Recoil Very High
Penetration Low
Fire Mode Automatic
Used by Federation
Cost (Extinction)$2000
Squad Points6
"Fully automatic. Highest rate of fire in its class with custom Armor-Piercing tungsten rounds."
— Description.

The CBJ-MS is a submachine gun that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts.


The CBJ-MS appears in various missions, being used by the Federation.


With its integrated Armor-Piercing tungsten rounds, this weapon is an excellent choice for a counter-equipment class when paired with SitRep. As well, it is an excellent choice to use when enemy players are using Juggernauts and Ballistic Vests, as it will deal increased damage to Juggernaut armor and ignore the additional health Ballistic Vests provide. Additionally, it is a good weapon for taking down killstreaks, such as helicopters, as even though it has lower damage than Assault Rifles or LMGs its integral armor-piercing rounds will make it just as effective.

The CBJ-MS has an extremely high rate of fire, but this comes at the cost of a very low range and abysmally high recoil. Ideally, this weapon should be used in close-quarters engagements where its high fire rate will punish enemies. With Rapid Fire attached the CBJ-MS attains a rate of fire unmatched in its class and will easily outgun other slower firing weapons up close. However, it drops off to a 6 shot kill very quickly, and even with Muzzle Brake attached this range is still very low compared to other SMGs. Firing in bursts or using a Grip are beneficial to staying on target at long range. Extended Mags ups the capacity of the weapon to a massive 51 rounds, providing an alternative to Rapid Fire if one feels the extra RPM and recoil is unnecessary.

The CBJ-MS has a recoil reduction of 20% over the first two shots fired when the trigger is pulled. This helps to counteract the higher recoil that comes with its fast rate of fire and also aids in long distance engagements where firing in bursts of two-three rounds will be beneficial to staying on target.

Due to its integral armor-piercing rounds, the CBJ-MS is one of only a few weapons in Ghosts that can mount four attachments with the use of Extra Attachment. Interestingly, it can mount more than one mod attachment, such as Rapid Fire, despite this kind of combination usually being impossible (the Honey Badger cannot mount an additional barrel attachment, for example).


The CBJ-MS appears in Extinction on Point of Contact and Mayday. In both maps, it costs 2000 points. The CBJ-MS provides blistering amounts of damage up close, but the large decrease in range will hurt it significantly, so this weapon should be more used on the aliens up-close such as Scouts and Hunters, and not on Scorpions and Seeders which are from a distance. The slow reloads and constant need for ammunition will also deter the player from using this weapon.





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  • The CBJ-MS sports a Foregrip at all times, and is always visually held, even if the Foregrip is not currently equipped on the weapon.
  • It sports an unusable flashlight on the left side of the receiver.
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