"Bingo! Some tosser left the back door open!"
— CIA Nerd in the opening cutscene for Achilles' Veil

The CIA Nerd is a character appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. He will only appear in "Achilles' Veil" if the player does not rescue Chloe in "Karma" or "Second Chance". If Chloe is dead or in captivity he will later appear in the mission "Judgment Day" if the player chooses to capture Raul Menendez. Unlike Chloe, he is unable to crack the Celerium worm. Menendez will then use a Celerium worm to cause power failures across the east coast of the United States. This will result in the power going out in the prison where Menendez is held, giving him the means to escape. Afterwards he will make his way to the Vault to kill Woods.


"Ahh, it's a piece of piss, this Celerium."
— In Achilles' Veil, being asked about Menendez' network.
"Ohh... Hell's bells to buggery... Hang on mate."
— In Achilles' Veil, accessing the network.
"Bingo! Some tosser left the back door open."
— In Achilles' Veil, accessing the network.
"It's a Celerium WORM, mate. Same twat that copped the drones. It's knackered power stations all over the east coast."
— Finding the Celerium worm at the end of Judgment Day if Menendez was captured.
"I've spent the last year trying to crack this sod. Best thing I can do right now is leggit back to England."
— Talking about the difficulty of stopping the worm.
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