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CIF Team 1 was the playable faction and primary protagonists in the Call of Duty: Ghosts - Extinction Saga. It is a squad in the Rapid Reaction Force. The squad is primarily lead by "Godfather" Castle. They succeed Task Force Spectre as the playable faction in Extinction, who were playable in Point of Contact. They appeared in the Extinction saga DLC maps Nightfall, MaydayAwakening and Exodus.

Some of the tasks they did were defeating the Breeder and Kraken, extracting David Archer from the Stormbreaker, scanning Obelisks in Ball's Pyramid, and obtaining the Cortex.

In Exodus, after the team activates all of the generators around the launch facility, they meet up with Samantha Cross, who tells them to stay behind and Godfather, realizing that the CIF Team's fate has been sealed, in his last order to the team, he tells the squad defend the Medusa Device from the onslaught of Cryptids and Ancestors, while Cross prepares to launch herself via space shuttle to a low earth orbit space station out of within the Cryptids' reach. When the device fully charged, the team activated the Medusa Device, creating a huge light blast, killing and frying all Cryptids within the vicinity, and launching Cross and the other certified members of the Exodus program on the space shuttle safely into space. Unfortunately, in the end, however, the CIF Team ended up sacrificing themselves in the process.


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