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For other uses, see Flamethrower.

The CLAW Flamethrower is a weapon featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It is exclusive to the level "Fallen Angel".


The CLAW Flamethrower can only be used if the player has Access Kit as one of their selected perks. At the start of the level, Mason is able to go over to the CLAW unit Brutus. On the back of the unit, the player can hack with their Data Glove Paired to activate a flamethrower attached to Brutus.

When Brutus is near an enemy or enemies are targeted for Brutus via the Data Glove Paired, the front of Brutus will shoot short bursts of fire directly forward. So unlike the Minigun, the drone will have to rotate positions in order to kill enemies on the side with its flamethrower. The CLAW Flamethrower is very effective to kill enemies and protect the front of the CLAW with when the player must control the CLAWs later on in the level.

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