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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified

The CZ75 is a pistol that appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified.

Call of Duty: Black Ops


The CZ75 is first obtainable in the mission "Numbers", where it is Dual Wielded by Hudson at the start of the level. It can be obtained from the holsters of the Spetsnaz troops with no attachment, Dual Wield, Full-Auto, or both attachments. The player is also given one with no attachments at the end of the mission, where a knocked-down Hudson has to fend off attacking Spetsnaz soldiers until his pickup arrives. Clarke also wields a CZ75 (albeit holding it like a rifle) until he picks up his G11.

The CZ75 appears again in the missions "WMD", "Victor Charlie", "Payback", "Rebirth", and "Redemption" in the Spetsnaz troops' holsters.

In "Payback", the CZ75 is used by Mason to kill several VC soldiers while using another VC's body as a shield before regular gameplay starts, when it then becomes the held weapon.

In the mission "Redemption", Dragovich will use the CZ75 in an attempt to kill Mason. Hudson can also be seen using the CZ75 in this mission.

In these missions, it appears the same way it does in "Numbers", with all the same possible attachments. It is fairly powerful and accurate, especially for a pistol.


In multiplayer, it is the "Classified" handgun, meaning it is unlocked by buying all other pistols (minimum level is rank 18, when the Python is available). It costs CoD Points logo BO.svg1500.

The CZ-75 has average damage for a pistol and improved range over the other handguns. The CZ-75 does forty damage at any range short of eleven meters, taking three shots to kill. Damage decreases linearly until 25 meters, where the CZ-75 will deal twenty damage, taking five shots to kill. The CZ-75's three shot kill range ends at fifteen meters and its four shot kill range ends at 21 meters. The CZ75's one shot kill range in Hardcore ends at around eighteen meters. For a pistol, the CZ-75's range is the best among all the magazine-loaded pistols. Headshots will usually decrease the amount of shots needed to kill by one. The CZ-75, like most of the pistols, has low penetration power, meaning that the CZ-75 cannot do much damage through the majority of surfaces.

The CZ-75 is semi-automatic with a firecap of 625 RPM. This is on par with most other semi-automatic weapons in the game.

The CZ-75's accuracy is good. The iron sights are unobstructive, although somewhat lacking definition, and the recoil profile is identical to the other magazine-loaded pistols. It kicks upwards minimally, and with next to no horizontal kick. The centerspeed is very low, at 1100, but this is inconsequential to the CZ-75's accuracy, as its recoil values are so low.

The CZ-75's handling characteristics are above average. The CZ-75 moves at 100% of the base speed, strafes at 80% of the base speed, has above average hip-fire spread, aims down the sight in a swift 150 milliseconds, and the CZ-75's reload speeds, are slightly above average for a pistol, taking 1.63 seconds for a tactical reload, and 2.013 seconds for an empty reload. A Reload Cancel can be done in 1.05 seconds. These reload speeds are some of the fastest in tier.

The CZ-75's biggest asset is its magazine capacity, of twelve rounds. This capacity is easily the largest in-class. The Makarov needs Extended Mags just to match it. The extra capacity also means a larger starting ammo loadout, as the CZ-75 user spawns in with 48 rounds total, easily the largest starting ammo loadout in-class.

The CZ-75 has the usual attachment selection available, but with the Full-Auto Upgrade also available. Unlike with the other pistols, the CZ-75's switch speeds are reduced when using any attachment. With other pistols, this only applied when using Dual Wield, but with the CZ-75, any attachment will slow down the CZ-75's switch speeds.

Upgraded Iron Sights does little for the CZ-75 besides decorating the iron sights. Even if no other attachment suits the player's fancy, this attachment still should not be used, as it will increase the switch times of the CZ-75.

The Suppressor is available to make the CZ-75 stealthy. The CZ-75's three and four hit kill ranges get heavily shortened as a result, but if total stealth is necessary, this attachment helps reach such a goal.

Extended Mags increases the CZ-75's magazine capacity to eighteen rounds. This is the largest possible magazine capacity on a pistol. This is a nice option if the goal is to not have to reload too often. Still, this attachment will slow down the weapon's switch speeds, and such a downside should be considered when using this attachment.

Dual Wield gives the user another CZ-75, and restricts the user to just hip-fire. Several properties of the CZ-75 get changed when equipping Dual Wield.

  • The CZ-75's starting ammo loadout is doubled.
  • The CZ-75's reload speed is slowed down.
  • The CZ-75's switch speed is slowed down even further than normal.
  • The hip-fire spread of the CZ-75 is enlarged.
  • The recoil values of the CZ-75 are raised, making the CZ-75 kick more with each shot.
  • The sprint out time of the CZ-75 is increased by 50%, lengthening the delay of being able to shoot the gun directly after sprinting.

The Dual Wield CZ-75 has one of the worst sprint-out times in the game, which can make the player very slow to react when running around and unexpectedly entering a gunfight. The sprint out time of the CZ-75 Dual Wield is on par with the LMGs. Steady Aim Pro is very highly recommended on the CZ-75, as it will heavily speed up the sprint-out time while also tightening the hip-fire spread, making the CZ-75 Dual Wield much more accurate overall. The Dual Wield CZ-75 comes chock full of weaknesses, so consider how Dual Wield modifies the weapon before using it.

The Full-Auto Upgrade is unique to the CZ-75. Like with Dual Wield, this attachment changes several properties of the CZ-75.

  • The CZ-75's maximum damage is decreased from 40 to 30, meaning that the CZ-75 can no longer achieve a three hit kill to the body.
  • The CZ-75's range is heavily decreased, as the damage starts to fall off at 7.5 meters and completely drops off at 12.5 meters.
  • The CZ-75 becomes fully automatic instead of semi-automatic, firing at a rate of 535 RPM.
  • Like with other attachments, the switch speed is decreased.
  • The CZ-75's recoil is heavily increased with each shot. Horizontal recoil is significantly increased, and vertical recoil is inflated as well.
  • The CZ-75's centerspeed is increased to 1500. This helps to counteract the increased recoil.



It is possible to obtain the CZ75 from the Mystery Box, either with the Dual Wield attachment, or without (except in the Wii version, where only dual wield semi auto can be obtained). It is present in all four original Nazi zombies maps and in 6 Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies maps; however, it does not appear in Dead Ops Arcade. The normal CZ75 has the capability of 1-hit-headshot up to, and including, round four. With Dual Wield, it can be fairly effective up to around round 7 when firing at a single zombie or a large group. Due to its high reserve ammunition, if one pistol is fired at a time, so one reloads while the other is shot, fire can be sustained until the player runs out of ammo or gets downed. However, some players may dislike Dual Wield due to the inability to ADS. This limitation can be troublesome when confronting one or two zombies, but effective in a group of six or more. Against few zombies, many shots will miss and therefore be wasted, somewhat canceling out the advantage of the increased ammo.

If it is Pack-A-Punched with the Dual Wield attachment, they become Calamity and Jane (for the left and right pistols respectively). It receives the Full-Auto attachment, 20 rounds per magazine, more damage, and more reserve ammo. While it is very powerful and has a rapid fire rate, accuracy is still an issue that hinders medium to long range usage. The normal CZ75 when upgraded becomes Calamity by itself, a fully automatic variant. The Calamity's one-hit-headshot capabilities lasts up to, and including, round 11. It is recommended to swap this gun out for a more powerful gun in later rounds, as by round 20 it takes one or two whole upgraded magazines to kill a zombie. However, if going for headshots it can be an effective weapon until round 25 and higher, and if both magazines are used entirely with Dual Wield and most of the bullets hit, effective until round 30.

CZ75 vs. Calamity

CZ75 Calamity
CZ75 BO.png Calamity.png
Damage 150-100 300-200
Multiplier head: x3.5
chest: x1
abdomen: x1
head: x3.5
chest: x1
abdomen: x1
Fire mode Semi-automatic Automatic
Rate of fire 625 RPM max 535 RPM
Magazine size 15 20
Max ammo 135+15 240+20
Reload 1.63, 2.013 empty 1.63, 2.013 empty
Mobility High High
Extras More damage, larger magazine, more ammo, becomes fully automatic

CZ75 Dual Wield vs. Calamity and Jane

CZ75 Dual Wield Calamity and Jane
CZ75 Dual Wield BO.png Calamity and Jane.png
Damage 150-100 300-200
Multiplier head: x3.5
chest: x1
abdomen: x1
head: x3.5
chest: x1
abdomen: x1
Fire mode Semi-automatic Automatic
Rate of fire 625 RPM max 535 RPM
Magazine size 12 20
Max ammo 228+12/12 320+20/20
Reload 1.9, 2.2 empty 1.9, 2.2 empty
Mobility High High
Extras More damage, larger magazine, more ammo, becomes fully automatic


For Attachment images, see CZ75/Attachments.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

The CZ75 appears in the iOS port, Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies. It is available only in the Mystery Box. Unlike Call of Duty: Black Ops, the Dual Wield CZ75s are unavailable.

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified

The CZ75 returns in Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified. It doesn't have a full-auto upgrade, unlike in Call of Duty: Black Ops.



  • After Hudson falls through the canopy at the end of "Numbers", the text for picking up the weapon lists it as CZ-75, with a hyphen.
  • The CZ75's Upgraded Iron Sights were originally misaligned, as pictured here.
  • CZ75 has "CT75" engraved on the frame. It is very easy to see on third person view of the pistol.
  • In "Redemption", "Numbers", and "WMD", the player might find a "CZ75 Full-Auto Dual Wield". Normally, weapons with two attachments read "Multiple Attachments" instead of being specific.
  • The name of the upgraded CZ75, "Calamity & Jane," is a reference to the Scout and Frontiers-woman, Calamity Jane.
  • As with the Python, the characters in Zombies give negative comments after they receive a single CZ75 from Mystery Box.
  • When firing the Dual Wield Full-Auto CZ75s in Campaign, the recoil creates an unusual effect where the CZ75s are seemingly pushed below the player's field of vision.
  • The Full-Auto CZ75 has another magazine under the barrel, instead of a grip. Also, the barrel is extended.
  • When looking at the rate of fire when Full Auto is attached, it just says "Fully Automatic".
  • When Dual Wielded, only the right gun has its slide back if out of ammo.
  • The Dual Wielded CZ75s do not sway or move unless the player is sprinting.
  • In Call of the Dead, if the player uses the Zipline while holding Calamity and Jane, the left gun will disappear but can still fire.
  • When moving while prone with Dual Wielded CZ75s, they do not disappear to the bottom of the sceen, as the rest of the guns do.
  • Using the give all console command during the level "Numbers" will give the player a unique dual CZ75. The left gun is not visible (but still able to fire), and the right one appears to be held by an invisible hand, similar to the Dirty Harry.