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Many titles are unlocked through singleplayer awards, though some of them can also be unlocked in multiplayer and Zombies mode. There are 62 titles in total in Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS). Here is a list of the titles in Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS):

Names How to Unlock Title Number
The Recruit Beat the game on Recruit Difficulty 0/1. 1
The Commander Beat the game on Regular Difficulty 0/1. 2
The Elite Beat the game on Hardened Difficulty 0/1. 3
The Swift Beat the record time in the kill house 0/1. 4
The Postman Killed an enemy in singleplayer by returning a thrown grenade 0/1. 5
The Blood-Soaked Die 10 Times in Singleplayer. 6
The Dreadful Die 50 times in singleplayer. 7
The Trainee Complete 10 quick play levels. 8
The Battle Tested Complete 50 quick play levels. 9
The Impaler Complete singleplayer mission using only knife. 10
The Lucky Complete a Singleplayer mission by firing only from the hip. 11
The Detonator Blow up an enemy grenade by another thrown grenade. 12
The Crackshot Shoot a Grenade out of the air. 13
The Cat Nine near-death experiences. 14
The Challenge Master Complete all Challenge Missions. 15
The Merciless Kill 250 enemies in SP while they are in Last Stand. 16
The Boomerang Kill 25 enemies by returning a thrown grenade. 17
The Bomber 100 player kills from grenades. 18
The Blade Kill 100 enemies by using a knife. 19
The Sniper Kill 100 enemies by using a sniper. 20
The Head-Hunter Headshot an enemy 250 times. 21
The Gunslinger 250 Pistol kills. 22
The Cleaner 1500 singleplayer kills. 23
The Collector Find all Collectables. 24
The Sole Survivor 500 zombie kills. 25
The Enchanted Collect all Zombies mode Power-ups. 26
The Medic Revive 50 players in Co-op Zombies mode. 27
The Teamplayer 500 kills in Co-op Zombies mode. 28
The Stalker Win an MP Match using only a knife (min. 10 times). 29
The Wild one Win a MP Match without aiming down the sights. 30
The Dominator Win a MP match with a K/D of better than 3.00 (min. 10 kills). 31
The Innocent End a MP match with a K/D of 0.10 or worse. 32
The Invicible Win a MP match without dying (min. 10 times). 33
The Scavenger Get a winning kill in a team game using an enemy weapon. 34
The Streaker Achieve a 15 killstreak. 35
The Martyr Kill 5 players in a match while holding a grenade. 36
The Avenger Kill 25 enemies after you have died. 37
The Camper Kill 25 enemies in MP within 3 seconds of them spawning. 38
The Vengeful Kill 25 player while in Last Stand. 39
The Knife Fighter Stab an enemy player that is wielding a knife. 40
The Cutting Man Kill more than one person with a single knife swipe in a MP match. 41
The Unseen Get 250 kills while camouflaged. 42
The Lone Wolf Win a team MP match with 5 enemies. 43
The Reaper 10,000 Multiplayer kills. 44
The Grenade Master Take out 5 enemies with 1 grenade. 45
The Carpenter Repair 100 barricades in zombies mode. 46
The Mad Shopper Buy all weapons and use the mystery box during one game. 47
The Banisher Survive to round 15 in zombies mode. 48
The Miser Amass more than 100,000 points in your score pool in either Zombie mode. 49
The Master 100% completion. 50
The Adept Use each perk to win a MP match. 51
The Armed Unlock all MP weapons. 52
The Rookie Achieve rank 3 in Multiplayer. 53
The Rat Achieve rank 4 in Multiplayer. 54
The Snake Achieve rank 5 in Multiplayer. 55
The Ghost Achieve rank 10 in Multiplayer. 56
The Wanted Achieve rank 15 in Multiplayer. 57
The Renegade Achieve rank 17 in Multiplayer. 58
The Fox Achieve rank 21 in Multiplayer. 59
The Shadow Achieve rank 25 in Multiplayer. 60
The Snowman Achieve rank 26 in Multiplayer. 61
The General Achieve rank 28 in Multiplayer. 62
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