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This is a list of obtainable achievements in the iOS variant of Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies. They are not available in the Android version.

Overall AchievementsEdit

Name Description Points
Gross Profit Kill 30 zombies while they're in the toilets in one game. 10 Points
Places Everyone! Restore power, then try to round up 10 zombies on stage. 10 Points
It wasn't me... Kill 25 zombies, with a crawler explosion. 10 Points
Whack-a-Zombie Kill x10 zombies with the Bowie Knife. 10 Points
Canine Caution Do not get hurt in 3 consecutive Hellhound rounds. 10 Points
Insert Coin Unlocked and played Dead Ops. 10 Points
Easy Rhino Use the Speed Boost to blast through 20 or more enemies at once. 10 Points
See My Vest Kill the Cosmic Silverback 10 Points
Mother Hen Collect 5 chickens at the same time. 10 Points
Fickle Fated Attain all 4 gifts from the Room of Fate. 10 Points
Whole Nine Yards Fire your weapon continuously for 2 minutes. 10 Points
False Idol Kill the golden cow during a stampede. 10 Points
Conshie Survive a round of co-op play without killing any enemies or dying. 10 Points
Lazy Boy Finish a round without moving from your starting position. 10 Points
I hate these guys Kill 5000 enemies 10 Points
Eagle Has Landers Escape on all 3 lunar landers. 10 Points
We Have A Problem Destroy the rocket after it's launched. 10 Points
Chimp On The Barbie Kill a space monkey with a fire trap. 10 Points
Damn Dirty Apes Beat a Space Monkey round without the perk machines taking a hit. 10 Points
Thrust master Kill a zombie using the thrust\engine from a Lunar Lander. 10 Points
Hanging Gardens Kill 10 hanging zombies (spawn out of cliff faces) before they hit the ground. 10 Points
Poseidons calling Send the Über Zombie back to the sea. 10 Points
Depth Charge Kill 3 zombies with an underwater grenade. 10 Points
Can it fly? Use the flinger to fling the Über Zombie. 10 Points
It's Oh so Quiet... Calm down the Über Zombie using the V-R11. 10 Points
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