List of accoladesEdit

# Image Name Description
1 Skull Award emblem MW2 Unstoppable Longest killstreak
2 Skull Award emblem MW2 Sharpshooter Most headshots
3 Skull Award emblem MW2 Wingman Most assists
4 Skull Award emblem MW2 Devastation Highest multikill
5 Skull Award emblem MW2 Clutch Player Match Winning Kill
6 Skull Award emblem MW2 The Feared Most kills
7 Skull Award emblem MW2 MVP Most kills/Fewest deaths
8 Skull Award emblem MW2 Overkill Most kills/Most headshots
9 Skull Award emblem MW2 Steamroller Most kills/Longest killstreak
10 Skull Award emblem MW2 The Show 10 kills/No deaths
11 Skull Award emblem MW2 Supernatural Kill/Death ratio over 10
12 Skull Award emblem MW2 Decimator Killed entire enemy team without dying
13 Skull Award emblem MW2 Immortal Highest kill/death ratio
14 Accolade-fist Juggernaut Fewest deaths
15 Accolade-fist Pathfinder Most UAVs
16 Accolade-fist Top Gun Most airstrikes
17 Accolade-fist Air Ops Most helicopters
18 Accolade-fist Flanker Most kills from behind
19 Accolade-fist Blindfire Most bullet penetration kills
20 Accolade-fist Vengeful Most paybacks.
21 Accolade-fist Avenger Most avenger kills
22 Accolade-fist Rescuer Most rescues
23 Accolade-fist Marksman Most longshots
24 Accolade-fist Upriser Most kills of higher rank
25 Accolade-fist Revenge Most last stand kills
26 Accolade-fist Executioner Most execution kills
27 Accolade-fist Genocidal Most multikills
28 Accolade-fist Rally Most comebacks
29 Accolade-fist Lifer Longest life
30 Accolade-fist Statuesque Most stationary kills
31 Accolade-fist Lights Out Most tactical insertions prevented
32 Accolade-fist Shell Shocked Most explosions survived
33 Accolade-fist Unbreakable Most bullets deflected
34 Accolade-fist Blinder Most flashbang hits
35 Accolade-fist Stunner Most stun grenade kills
36 Accolade-fist Hot Potato Most grenades thrown back
37 Accolade-fist None Spared Killed entire enemy team
38 Accolade-fist 6th Sense No deaths from behind
39 Accolade-2guns Switchblade Most knife kills
40 Accolade-2guns Hard Boiled Most pistol kills
41 Accolade-2guns Grenadier Most grenade kills
42 Accolade-2guns Fragger Most frag grenade kills
43 Accolade-2guns C4 Killer Most C4 kills
44 Accolade-2guns Semtex Pro Most Semtex kills
45 Accolade-2guns Ambusher Most Claymore kills
46 Accolade-2guns Butcher Most Throwing Knife kills
47 Accolade-2guns CQB Most SMG kills
48 Accolade-2guns AR Specialist Most assault rifle kills
49 Accolade-2guns Explosivo Most rocket kills
50 Accolade-2guns Buckshot Most shotgun kills
51 Accolade-2guns 7.62MM Most LMG kills
52 Accolade-2guns Sniper Most sniper kills
53 Accolade-2guns Smoking Gun Most pistol headshots
54 Accolade-2guns SMG Expert Most SMG headshots
55 Accolade-2guns AR Expert Most assault rifle headshots
56 Accolade-2guns Boomstick Most shotgun headshots
57 Accolade-2guns LMG Expert Most LMG headshots
58 Accolade-2guns Dead Aim Most sniper headshots
59 Accolade-2guns Survivalist Most equipment kills
60 Accolade-2guns Magnifier Most scoped kills
61 Accolade-2guns White Hot Most thermal kills
62 Accolade-2guns Exterminator Most thumper kills
63 Accolade-2guns Crowd Control Most Riot Shield kills
64 Accolade-weapon Hairtrigger Most ADS kills (Aiming Down Sights)
65 Accolade-weapon Sprayer Most hipfire kills
66 Accolade-weapon Alpha Male Most kills of lower rank
67 Accolade-weapon Loaner Most kills with enemy weapons
68 Accolade-weapon Nomad Longest distance traveled
69 Accolade-weapon Runner Most time spent sprinting
70 Accolade-weapon Sneaker Most time spent crouched
71 Accolade-weapon Grassy Knoll Most time spent prone
72 Accolade-weapon Spy Game Most time watching killcams
73 Accolade-weapon Lock & Load Most reloads
74 Accolade-weapon Weapon Rack Most weapon swaps
75 Accolade-weapon Trigger Happy Most shots fired
76 Accolade-3stars Lockdown Most time spent in one place
77 Accolade-3stars High Command Highest average altitude
78 Accolade-3stars Low Profile Lowest average altitude
79 Accolade-3stars Nearsighted Most friendlies shot
80 Accolade-3stars Grudge Match Most kills of same player
81 Accolade-3stars Arsenal Most weapons used
82 Accolade-3stars Undercover Most time near enemies
83 Accolade-3stars Evolver Most classes changed
84 Accolade-MrYuk Starter Most killcams skipped
85 Accolade-MrYuk Participant No kills/At least 1 death
86 Accolade-MrYuk Accident prone Most suicides
87 Accolade-MrYuk Blindsided Most deaths from behind
88 Accolade-MrYuk Clay Pigeon Most deaths by shotgun
89 Accolade-MrYuk Terminal Shortest life
90 Accolade-MrYuk Deathrow Longest deathstreak
91 Accolade-MrYuk Hijacker Most stolen kills
92 Accolade-MrYuk AFK No kills/No deaths
93 Accolade-MrYuk Protester Most deaths by riot shield
94 Accolade-MrYuk Warming Up Just getting started
95 The Bomb emblem MW2 Bomb Expert Most bombs planted
96 The Bomb emblem MW2 Defuser Most bombs defused
97 The Bomb emblem MW2 Destroyer Most targets destroyed
98 The Bomb emblem MW2 Bomb Blocker Most bomb carrier kills
99 The Bomb emblem MW2 Bomb Threat Most kills as a bomb carrier
100 The Bomb emblem MW2 Bomb Runner Most bombs carried
101 The Bomb emblem MW2 Dominator Most points captured
102 The Bomb emblem MW2 HQ Capturer Most HQ's captured
103 The Bomb emblem MW2 HQ Destroyer Most HQ's destroyed
104 The Bomb emblem MW2 Flag Capturer Most flags captured
105 The Bomb emblem MW2 Flag Returner Most flags returned
106 The Bomb emblem MW2 Flag Runner Most flags carried
107 The Bomb emblem MW2 Flag Blocker Most flag carrier kills
108 The Bomb emblem MW2 Double Threat Most kills as flag carrier