The following is a list of the current updates/patches available for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Patch 1.4.647.0Edit

  • Fix to stop hangs and lags for PCs with Intel GMA 4500MHD Graphics Card.
  • Optimization for PCs with Intel GMA 4500MHD Graphics Card.
  • This update fixes problems with the Stimulus Package that some users have experienced.
    • When using One Man Army Perk, the One Man Army secondary replacement is no longer switchable.
    • In Hardcore Headquarters, when choosing Rangers, the Voice-over will not say Global Thermonuclear War.
      • This fix also made it possible to play as Rangers in ranked playlists.
      • In ranked match, the kick option is removed.
      • When matchmaking, there's more chance to find a match geographically closer to the player.
      • Pave Low now adds to the player's deathstreak.

Patch 1.08Edit

  • Sentry Gun, Emergency Airdrop, and Care Package marker sprint speed was reduced.
  • A glitch that resulted in infinite Care Packages was fixed.
  • Sentry Gun placement glitches in which one could be placed inside walls was fixed.
  • The Model 1887 used with Bling had the range reduced to that of the Akimbo Model 1887 without Bling.
  • A few 'elevator' glitches were fixed.
  • Various XP hacks were also fixed.
  • Wall hacks fixed.

Patch 1.07Edit

  • The Model 1887 Akimbo's (when not used with Bling) range was severely reduced; about to that of the Ranger, which have the least range.

Patch 1.06Edit

  • Care Package, Emergency Airdrop, and Sentry Gun marker grenades sprint speed normalized.
  • Fixes to prevent various XP hacks (including the prevention of negative XP).
  • The Javelin glitch is fixed.
  • A glitch which allowed players to have 3 guns was fixed.
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