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"Conquer the galaxy in Call of Duty®: Siege, the real-time strategy & collectible card game set in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare universe! From the team behind the hit strategy game, Call of Duty: Heroes, comes a new way to wage war. Command your warship, the “Retribution,” to form offensive strike teams and reclaim planets from enemy factions that have seized power from the United Nations Space Alliance. To strengthen your position, you’ll need to build up strong defenses to maintain your grasp on hard won territories. The universe is under siege, and you’re its last hope – are you up for the challenge?"
— Call of Duty: Siege Game Description

Call of Duty: Siege is a free-to-play mobile strategy card game developed by Faceroll Games and published by Activision. It launched on October 14th, 2016 and is available exclusively in Australia. It is set in the same universe as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and features many of the same characters from the game.


Siege features many characters from Infinite Warfare as well as others from the Call of Duty Universe. Notable members are:


Siege features many planets and locations set in the Call of Duty universe. Notable locations are:


Siege features many of the same factions from Infinite Warfare. Those are:


Many vehicles are featured in Siege and those are:

Star Map

The Star Map is a feature in Siege that allows the player to choose a planet to scout out. After choosing a planet, the player can choose to attack an enemy base if it is there to receive rewards.

Base Editor

Base Editor is a feature in Siege that allows the player to edit their base with defenses to prevent attack from enemy players. The player can earn defensive cards from Supply Drops.

Supply Ship

The Supply Ship is a vehicle that allows for the transportation of platinum to the home base of the player. Supplies are gathered from captured regions of planets and moons and must be obtained from the base.

Supply Drops

Supply Drops are featured in Siege where they can be used to unlock the characters from Infinite Warfare as well as resources to increase the strength. Cards and Supply Drops come in different rarities that change the cards' stats.

Supply Drops can be unlocked by completing daily missions and destroying enemy SDF bases. They can also be unlocked via CODPoints from the Quartermaster.

List of Cards

Cards come in Defensive and Offensive used for different means.

PvP Battles

PvP (or Player vs Player) Battles is a feature in Siege allowing for Ranked play. If a player wins a match of PvP Battles, they will receive league points and reach a higher leaderboard ranking. They can also earn Supply Drops and cards by reaching higher rankings.

If the player loses a match, they will lose League score and their leaderboard ranking will go down.


Alliances are a feature in Siege. The player is able to join or create their own alliance to help out allies by donating cards and resources.