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Call of Duty: Strike Team is a game that was developed by The Blast Furnace[1][2] and was released on iOS on September 5, 2013 and was released on Google Play Store on October 24, 2013.[3]


The year is 2020. Tensions run high amongst the world’s superpowers. In a surprise attack, the US finds themselves in a war with an unknown enemy. Your mission is to lead a Joint Special Operations Team in a global effort to hunt down those responsible.

Call of Duty: Strike Team delivers an all-new, first person and third-person Call of Duty experience built from the ground up for mobile and tablet devices. Fully customize your squad’s loadouts and abilities before leading them into combat in diverse gameplay environments. Call of Duty: Strike Team features the revolutionary ability to dynamically switch from run-and-gun first person view to reconnaissance and coordinated squad attacks in third-person view.


In the opening cutscene, a news channel describes House Speaker Marion Bosworth on her presidential campaign for the Oval Office, her popularity polls rising in vast numbers throughout the United States. She runs on the platform of "Bridge the Gap", her campaign to aggressively establish a cyber-defense system throughout the US and to repair international relations with China through open communication and intelligence sharing, in hopes of relieving tension after the 2018 cyber-attack on the stock market. Since then, China blames the United States and holds them accountable for the resulting global economic meltdown. Bosworth claims that the cyber-attack was an act of terrorism by the largest social-networking sociopolitical movement, Cordis Die. The movement is led by the mysterious and enigmatic Odysseus, who has been praised as both a champion by his followers and a terrorist by the US government.

Meanwhile, on October 22, 2020, somewhere in Alaska, Site Juliet-Two-Niner, a retrofitted Cold War-era ICBM silo, has been captured by unknown insurgents after a Russian nuclear icebreaker ran aground and threatens to meltdown. Several miles offshore, the SSN Utah deploys JSOC Operators Marshall and Reed to secure the missile silo and halt the insurgents. The team rides a Zodiac to an empty dock and silently make their approach to the outlying facility. Marshall and Reed eliminate the patrols surrounding the entrance and enter the facility. They blow their cover and take down squads of enemies with a mounted minigun. The team continues through the facility and eventually reaches the main research facility, where they eliminate the hostiles within and interrogate the weapons engineer. They are forced to kill him and they gain access to the server bay from his corpse. They decrypt the intel from the servers and plant C4 on the server banks. The team leaves the research facility, detonates the C4, and continues towards the missile silo. They rendezvous with the Spetsnaz technical squad outside the missile silo and Reed joins the Spetsnaz squad while Marshall sneaks into the silo by hopping on top of an infantry truck. He sneaks in and takes down the guards, unlocking the doors for the rest of his team. The JSOC and Spetsnaz forces go in guns blazing through the facility, and reach the control center. The Spetsnaz commandos work to disarm the missile while JSOC defends them from incoming enemies. Unable to disarm the missile, he instead re-targets it to land on top of the facility. The team escapes the facility via zipline just as the missile launches. JSOC sends in an AC-130 to clear the way to extract the JSOC and the Spetsnaz. When they reach the LZ, a VTOL arrives from the shore and JSOC Operator Chavez takes down squads of enemies and destroys an Mi-24 Hind with his mounted minigun. The VTOL picks up the team and they fly away from the Alaskan missile silo.

On October 24, 2020, the NSA discovers that the objective at Site Juliet-Two-Niner was not to launch a WMD on US soil, but to steal data concerning DARPA research projects. The data was then transferred to known arms dealer Felix Kaplan to be sold to the highest bidder on the black market. An Orbital VSAT located Kaplan and his large paramilitary force crossing the Pakistani border to meet with a local warlord. They are ordered to disrupt the transaction, capture Kaplan alive, and send the data to FOB Oscar Kilo Charlie for processing. To assist the JSOC team, the Afghan National Army's 5th Commando Kandak offers support on strictly an as-needed basis. The JSOC team is inserted into the Sar Hawza District in the Paktika Province in Afghanistan. Marshall and Reed are inserted on the battlefield and rappel down a VTOL. They fight amongst their Afghan allies and continue down the streets in intense firefights. The team eventually rendezvous with their contact, Alex Dubois, a regional training director for the Tacitus Corporation. Dubois leads them through the heat of the fighting and they locate the local warlord connected to Kaplan. The team breaches the room and they kill his two bodyguards. Marshall is forced to kill him and the JSOC team continues through the village. The team and Dubois regroup with the Afghan National Army, but are pinned down by snipers. The team eliminates them and they continue down to the streets, where friendly tanks are pinned down by I.E.Ds. The team splits and one operator takes up an elevated position while the other protects Dubois on the ground as he defuses the mines along the street, facing heavy enemy fire and minigun positions. Eventually, Dubois defuses all the mines and the JSOC team regroups just outside the enemy fortress. They receive word of a friendly squad pinned down near the fortress. The JSOC team takes down the enemy forces surrounding the squad and rescues them. To suppress the enemy as friendly tanks move in, JSOC sends in an AC-130 is sent to clear the way towards the fortress. The enemies retreats further into their fortress and Dubois operates a friendly tank while Marshall takes control of the mounted minigun. They shoot their way into the fortress, destroying an enemy tank and blowing the gates open with their main cannon. Marshall kills the enemies within the fortress and takes down an Mi-24 Hind until all enemies have been neutralized. Marshall finds Felix Kaplan hiding behind a broken wall and takes him into custody.

On November 2, 2020, the US interrogates Felix Kaplan and finally reveals that the DARPA research data has been smuggled into Hong Kong. China's Ministry of State Security has confirmed a significant increase in internet traffic between anti-Communist revolutionary groups and Cordis Die, noting a joint operation concerning the stolen data. A UAV has located their warehouse on the rooftops in the Sham Shui Po District. To assist JSOC, the People's Liberation Army's Hong Kong First Recon Special Ops Company will provide armed overwatch and aerial support. JSOC is tasked to eliminate hostiles on-site, destroy their computer servers and exfil the rooftops before reinforcements can be sent. JSOC sends in JSOC Operators Marshall and Reed as well as Chavez and Dimarco. As they prepare to be inserted, a missile strikes the VTOL, separating the team and the VTOL crashes into a skyscraper. Marshall flies through the nighttime city with his Glider Wings and lands on a rooftop. Separated from his team, he makes his way through the rooftops, using ziplines to cross from roof to roof. He regroups with Reed and they fight through hordes of enemies and sentry guns. They run across a crane to another roof and reach a Chinese temple where the team plants C4 on the anti-air systems and blows it, allowing air support. The JSOC team continues through the rooftops and breaches a door where they take down the enemies within and rescue Chavez and Dimarco from imprisonment. When the team leaves the room, they are greeted by PLA Operator Xiao in a VTOL to provide overwatch and sniper support. The JSOC team continues on the ground and Xiao clears the way with an XPR-50 and takes down whole enemy teams with an QBB LSW for close quarters. Xiao continues to provide sniper support, sniping enemies from afar and destroying sentry guns until a stray missile destroys one of the VTOL's engines, throwing Xiao to the streets below and the VTOL crashes on the roof, leaving the JSOC team to continue on foot. They zipline to the next rooftop and reaches just outside the warehouse. They fight through squads of enemies and sentry guns and breaches the door into the warehouse. They kill the enemies within the facility and the team plants C4 on six computer servers and the team rushes out the door, just barely making out the door before the warehouse explodes and goes up in flames. The JSOC team continues through the rooftops to reach the LZ, fighting soldiers and snipers until they reach a heli-pad and await for exfiltration. Marshall fends off waves of enemies and destroys an enemy Mi-24 Hind on a mounted minigun. When the Hind returns, a Chinese VTOL arrives and shoots down the Hind before it crashes onto the heli-pad, injuring one of the JSOC soldiers. It loads the JSOC team onboard and it flies away from the burning rooftop. A Chinese associate of Cordis Die watches the VTOL fly away and is contacted by Raul Menendez regarding their mission. He notes that they believed the data was destroyed along with the warehouse. Menendez remarks that they have stoked the fire and soon they will feel the flames, referencing his plans to initiate the Second Cold War.

The epilogue shows that Bosworth has become the new President-Elect and works to repair international relations with China. Her "Bridge the Gap" campaign has become a success and has assured the public that new cyber-attack prevention policies have created a safer Internet, as well as opened the door on emerging technologies such as unmanned drones and artificial intelligences. However, Cordis Die has denounced her presidency, calling her actions "continued war-mongering" regarding their new developments in unmanned drone technology, urges to lift the ban on heavy internet censorship laws, and condemns recent world events to be twisted by the 1% for their own personal gain, creating a larger gap in economic wealth between the 99% and the 1% of the people. As a result of their cyberactivism, Cordis Die has become the largest social networking site in the world and the first to reach a billion hits on their site.

Strike Ops[]

There are multiple modes featured in Strike Ops within Call of Duty: Strike Team. Initially, there was only three Survival Mode maps according to the war theatres in the campaign. As of January 7, 2014, two free DLCs have been added to Call of Duty: Strike Team: A new Strike Op map set in Morocco and a new mode, Time Attack Mode, where every kill the player earn increases the time on the clock and the player earns more Tokens the longer they survive. Afterwards, a new Strike Op map set in the Pacific Ocean was included, Domination modes, and a new class of weaponry featuring Submachine Guns.

All maps featured in Strike Ops are playable in Survival Mode, Time Attack Mode, and Domination Mode.