The Alliance To End Firearm Ignorance (henceforth referred to as the ATEFI) is a usergroup founded by SaintofLosAngelesXD(m) with the assistance of Maj.Gage. The group consists of users on this wiki that cannot stand when people are stupid, misinformed, idiotic, and otherwise ignorant about firearms and firearm related subjects. We do not expect everyone to be as knowledgeable about firearms as we are, we simply expect that people have at least some basic knowledge, especially if one plays shooter video games. We have little problem with those who are aware of their lack of knowledge of firearms, though we will still correct them if they are wrong. Our biggest problem is with those who claim to be knowledgeable about firearms, but are in reality quite ignorant. If you are a member, please feel free to make additions to this page wherever you see fit!

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Examples of ignorance

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Misuse of terminology
  • Assuming every gun of a certain classification is a well-known example of that classification
    • ex. thinking every assault rifle is an AK-47, or "AK"
    • ex. thinking every submachine gun is an Uzi
    • ex. thinking every semi-automatic handgun is a Glock
  • Believing oneself to be knowledgeable about firearms only because one has played a shooter video game
  • Thinking that simply because a gun is short, it is a submachine gun
    • ex. the G36c
    • ex. the AKS-74u
  • Presuming that all guns of a certain classification share the same characteristics as all other guns of that classification
    • ex. thinking all shotguns make a "chk-chk" sound
  • General stupidity
    • ex. thinking the entire cartridge exits out the end of the barrel
    • ex. thinking an M134 minigun actually can fire infinitely as long as it doesn't overheat
    • ex. thinking all stealth missions have the soldiers using silenced MP5s
    • ex. thinking you can survive being shot in the body with a .50 caliber bullet
    • ex. thinking an M61 Vulcan can be used as a Squad Automatic Weapons
    • ex. thinking weapons are all the same
    • ex. thinking that the characteristics the guns have in game, are for real life

(We recognize that to create an enjoyable video game, it is sometimes necessary to skimp on details and accuracy, and therefore do not hold the developers in complete contempt for certain errors)


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Actions taken and tactics used against the ignorant

Retaliation against ignorance by the members of the ATEFI include, but are not limited to:

  • Quizzing on technical and historical aspects of firearms
    • ex caliber, magazine size, variants, years of service, countries used by etc.
  • Insulting
  • Refusing to speak to
  • Public humiliation
  • Minimal blocking (i.e. for an hour or two) for major infractions
  • Various other payback

(Please understand that some of these punishments are not acceptable for use on the Call of Duty wiki, per our user treatment policy)

Experiences with the ignorant

Members, feel free to place examples of personal experiences with those ignorant about firearms in this section.


  • My brothers Carter and Chandler were playing like soldiers and Chandler said "Alright carter, you can have the sniper rifle," and Carter said "Yes!!!" and started making deranged noise by flicking his tongue at impossibly fast rates. I was truly afraid that he was going crazy.
  • Also when I was looking on the trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops it showed a Spetsnaz troop with an AK-47 and in the comments some guy said look at 1:78 and is that gun an RPK-77.
  • When i was young and still playing Medal of Honor (Not the New One which is awesome) I always called the M1911 the Colt .45 :P
  • @ Griever0311 Most of the things that you posted about you seeing on the homepage of ATEFI are not true. I would know because I read through the ENTIRE page without even hearing mention of most of the comments you posted as wrong.
  • @ Dragstang Actually it is an AR because Heavy Barreled Automatic Rifle. Keyword RIFLE


  • I was talking a guy who saw an rifle (Beretta RX4 Storm) and called it an AK-47. I proceeded to quiz him on the AK-47. When I asked him what "AK-47" stood for, he said "Awesome Karbine 47-bullet clip". When I asked him what caliber it was, and he said .50 BMG, which he referred to as "the bullet the Deagle shoots", and he also thought "BMG" stood for "big massive gun". I subsequently ordered him out of my house.
  • I was at my friend's house, and his son (my godson) was playing war with his friends. One of them was running around with an Airsoft model of an M1014. Every time he "fired" it, he would make a "chk-chk" sound. I pulled him aside and said, "I'm terribly sorry, but the M1014 does not make a 'chk-chk' sound," much to the amusement of my godson.
  • I was at a cafe with my girlfriend, and a little kid was talking to his friends about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. He made an ignorant comment, and I proceeded to correct him. Here is a rough outline of the conversation that followed:
Kid: ...yeah, I just wished flashbangs existed in real life. Man, that would be friggin' sweet.
Me: Uh, kid? Flashbangs do exist.
Kid: *Kid stares blankly* No they don't.
Me: Yeah, they do. They're used pretty heavily by the S.A.S.
Kid: Dude, what are you talking about? The S.A.S. isn't real. Tryarch just made it up for Cod Mod 1.
Me: Uh, three things. First, the S.A.S. is definitely real. Second, Infinity Ward made CoD4, not Treyarch. Third, Cod Mod 1? Who the hell calls it that?
Kid: Oh, I guess now you're going to tell me that they actually make a full auto shottygun.
Me: Uh, yeah, they do. The AA-12 has been around since the '70's, actually.
Kid: Whatever man, you're fuckin' retarded.
Me: What are you, like eight years old? Don't swear at me. And I'm retarded? How about you try checking Wikipedia sometime?
Kid: Huh, I suppose Wikipedia told you that Predator missiles are real too.
My girlfriend: Okay, kid, you're obviously an idiot, so you can just shut up and have fun with the rest of your life. Let's go, Spencer. *We get up to leave*
Kid, to his friends as we're leaving: Holy shit, those guys were dumb. So, does anybody else think Ghost is Gaz? 'Cuz I've got a few theories... *I tense up in anger*
My girlfriend: Just let it go, sweety, just let it go.


  • My friend at school asked me "Did you strike the firing pin in the bullet?", and I replied "The firing pin is in the gun, not the bullet dumbass."


  • I was talking to my "cousin" (his real relation to me is a little more complicated), and he was playing with some airsoft pistols. He was only about 7 years old, so, needless to say, he called the magazine a clip. I tried politely convincing him that it's called a magazine, but he swore left and right that it was called a clip, because of the sound the magazine made going into the magazine well. I told him with that logic, toast should be called "Errch", an onomatopoeia of the sound you make when you eat it. But he's seven, so it was no use.
  • Another little kid thought that my airsoft gun was an "AK". I was using a pistol.


  • I'm pretty sure this is a ATEFI worthy story since it is a NO BRAINER: So there's this guy that goes to my school, his name is Zach, but for this purpose we will refer to him as Sack. So we were playin some CoD4 one day and he was getting pissed cause he was sucking really bad, which he does all the time. So he said (sorry for the caps lock) "I JUST FIRED A WHOLE ROUND INTO THAT GUY AND IT DIDN'T KILL HIM." He was using an SMG or an assault rifle. I said "Dude I hope didn't take one round to kill him, I think you mean a magazine instead of round." And he started getting pissed again.

Peter Griffen Boy

  • People who think that they may be able to use any type of ammuntion with any type of gun. People think using .45 ammuniton in a M1911 is stupid and that we should use the most power ammuntion we can find and use it instead, it does get rather annoying when people do this, as they're just to stupid to know what a round and a bullet is when compared.
  • People who think Marines are trained to use two one-hundred and twenty year old shotguns to rush the enemy and kill them quickly, and when they need to pull the lever, they spin it around their fingers. I mean for real, these shotguns are powerful in the game. But you get broken wrists from the recoil and broken fingers from the spinning of the guns. I'd rather have to face a room full of terrorists with AK-47's with a M9, instead of with two shotguns.

Rasmus Nicholson

  • I was in school class, the last class (yay!) well I was talking with my friend about the tommy gun then in recess we continued talking about it, untill 2 kids talking about UMP started saying: did you know that the 45 of the UMP is not of the caliber but is the year it was designed? then the other kid said: you´re dumb are you right? the 45 is for the clip size! Oh shit you can imagine the rest.
  • I was hanging out with friends on starbucks, just when I see a bunch of kids talking about MW2, then in a few seconds a kid says: you know what would be cool? that EOTech really have the reticule! Well I just calmly said: dude, EOTech technology uses the reticule. kid: of course not! its like saying that heartbeat exist´s! me: well, my dad serves service at Colombian army and he mounted an EOTech on his M4, even I have one in my home and it works perfectly. After that the kid maked silence, I just go back to my home.

Ghost Leader

  • (Random YouTube comment I read once)
"No, no, you got it all wrong! The M16A2 fires 3 round bursts and full auto, the M16A3 is a 7.62mm belt-fed version of the A2 designed as a heavy machine gun, there's no such thing as an M16A4, the M4 fires 2 round burst, 3 round burst, and full auto, and the M4A1 only fires full auto and has a quick-change barrel. Trust me, I'm a staff sergeant in the US Coast Guard!"
Needless to say, I laughed for days at this comment. XD

CoD addict

Typical shit said by my friends:

  • The Ranger is a real shotgun.
  • The FAL shoots .50 BMG.
  • Shotguns can only shoot for 20 yards in real life.
  • All lever action shotguns (sometimes even rifles) are "Models." FUCK!
  • It is rightfully so that the M9 and the USP .45 do the same damage.
  • It is possible to reload two weapons in each hand faster than with one in both hands.
  • Silencers shouldn't reduce range, because the ammo definitely doesn't need to be subsonic to actually be quiet and not fuck up the silencer.
  • In the military, dropping your rifle to pick up a shit terrorist gun won't get you in trouble.
  • You can really kill someone with a knife that is lobbed from 75 feet away.
  • The Desert Eagle is the ultimate tactical combat pistol.
  • You can see infrared lasers from a Claymore.
  • Riot Shields really can block bullets from a high powered rifle.
  • You get to "pick" which weapon you use before combat.
  • U-M-P is pronounced "Ump," likewise, the F-A-L is the "Faal" and the A-U-G is the "Ogg."
  • The M4 and M4A1 are the same.

On this wiki, I once saw an edit that said "It seems, when you reload an M4 in game, you press and indvisible button on the side of the gun". An impersonal "you," a spelling error, two punctuation errors, and ONE BIG FAT CASE OF FIREARM IGNORANCE!


  • After I bought my M14S, my dad refinished the stocks. When my sister saw it she said "OH MY GOD, is there a gun in that?"
NO! Its a stock idiot!
  • I was looking at pictures of guns on a school computer (after school) and a guy said "Why do you like guns?" I said "Why do you like Xbox 360?" He said "Cause it doesn't kill people." So this guy plays 360 for the specific reason that it WON'T kill anyone.
  • My friend was talking to a friend of his about MW2 the day after it came out, and I happened to overhear. He said "Dude, have you seen the new Call of Duty? There's a new M16 in the game, it's called the FAMOUS!". Obviously he thought that the FAMAS was an M16 because of the three-round burst.
  • My teacher on an M1 Garand "Is that a bolt action?"
  • I generally just get a lot of BS from my friends in German class about any gun in any CoD.
-The Steyr AUG is NOT an assault rifle they say. It clearly says LMG.
-The TAR-21 means Top Assault Rifle.
-The TAR-21 has actual tar to lubricate it as oil, hence the name.
-The whole M1 Garand ping sound and mid-clip reloading argument. Come on, don't argue with me, I own one.
-Them thinking that the Desert Eagle is general issue.
-All M16s are full auto.
-Clip/mag and cartridge/bullet arguments.
-"When they put the AK74U in CoD4, they spelled it wrong. It's supposed to be AK47U".
-Gewehr is pronounced as GOO-ER.


  • I hate when people say they love the Model 1887s and how the army must still use them everywhere because of how powerful they are in the game.


OK, I have heard people call the listed guns the listed WRONG names.

FAMAS isn't a famous

FAL isn't a fall, fail

Gewehr isn't a goo-er

Thompson isn't a tommy gun, thompson (without silent H)

UMP isn't a ump, hump

SCAR isn't a scar (I usually don't care if SCAR is said this way as long as people know that it's a SCAR, not a scar.)

Desert Eagle isn't a deagle

Cheytac 200 isn't a Intervention (The Cheytac Intervention is actually a weapons system ,not a weapon for those not in ATEFI.


I saw a cellphone picture of one of my co-workers firing what looked like some kind of LMG, mainly due to the magazine of the weapon (hard to make out, it was very blurry) so I said. "Huh, don't know what you're firing there, but it's some kind of light machine gun/support weapon." to which he replied. "No dude, it's a MAG!" Bah, seriously?

Also, a friend of mine at work claimed that the intervention was the best sniper rifle EVAR!!! Of course, I proceeded to ask him questions. I asked him, "what cartridge does it fire?" -- "what?"-- "....wat kind of bullet does it shoot?" -- "Oh, the same as the Barret" -- "....No" "Of course it does, you noob! If they had interventions in the army when they invaded Iraq, they would have been easily able to shoot all of the taliban right now cause the gun is super accurate and powerful" -- "And where on earth was the US army planning on getting all of their marksman Interventions? Not to mention that they would have to get a lot of specialized ammo." -- "No dude, of course not, they use that bullet from the barret. they put that in machine guns all the time, I'm sure they have lots of it" "But it doesn't use that ammo" "Yes it does" "..don't you think they would be better off with... I dunno, M21's? to put it in COD terms?" "You mean the M21 EBR" "Yeah... that doesn't exist in real life, but still" "it does!" "Let's discuss that some other time" "But why do you want to use that pussy sniper instead of like.. the barret?" "Well, .50 BMG is pretty heavy. it's handier to carry around 7.62*51. Besides, there sure as hell won't be an ammo deficiency. "...what? 7.61? what?" "The bullet the M21 fires" "The M21 EBR?" "...for the sake of argument, yes." "So..." "what?" "That means that it fires a bullet about 14 times bigger than the barret?" "What? No. What gave you that impression." "Well, you said that that other bullet was .50 and that other one was 7.62. and .50 is definately a lower number."

"Please. stop. talking. to. me."

II Superlative

Things that people have believed:

That the Barrett 50cal is actually called that, not the M82A1.

That the FAMAS is only capable of burst fire.

That you can actually fire a Barrett M82A1 or Cheytac Intervention accurately from the shoulder or hip.

That the recoil involved in dual wielding two heavy 120 year old lever action shotguns is actually controllable and that it wouldn't break your fingers when you try to spin-cock them. 


Cpl. Wilding

My friend's dad was listening to us talk about WWII bolt-action rifles, like the Springfield and Kar98k. He commented to us that we were wrong and that you could just keep pulling the trigger then pull the bolt back and reload. I told him that my grandfather has a Korean bolt-action rifle, and that he told me that to use it you need to rotate the bolt every time you fire. He kept insisting he was right. I told him that he doesn't understand the concept of "bolt-action" and to please locate and research the term on Wikipedia. He hasn't talked to me directly since.

Mr. Pie

  • A friend and I were online when we met some little kid (I can't remember his tag, but it had "jew" somewhere in it) who claimed to own an AK-47. Immediately, we called BS and proceeded to ask him what caliber "his gun" used. Right after we asked him, though, we heard him put his microphone down and, shortly after, the game started to lag, enough for us to claim that he was looking on Wikipedia for the answer when he came back. His response: "Why are you talking about something that has nothing to do with the game?" which was ironic because the game we were playing was Gears of War, making what we said as irrelevant to the game as irrelevant as anything he said. After a few more minutes of verbal abuse from us and the couple on our team (they sent us friend requests afterwards), the little snot quit.
  • The reason I don't read my local newspaper anymore: "They were seen firing rounds of cartridges." It's one thing not knowing terminology, but a very different thing to spam jargon you don't understand.
  • In history class, we were watching a movie on the Civil War, and our teacher paused to explain bayonets and their use. My friends and I nearly fell out of our seats laughing after a student asked, "So, you put the bayonet on and you can shoot a knife from the gun?"
  • Team Deathmatch on Crossfire:

Ignoramus: What's everyone using?

Me: M14.

Ignoramus: M14 sucks dude, use an M16, it's the best gun.

Me: Shut your face. The M14 would have kept Ivan out of Korea and your little .223 BB-gun lost 3 wars.

Ignoramus: (shuts up for the rest of the game)

  • An employee of a local airsoft shop keeps an airsoft gun he uses on people who call machine pistols such as the MAC-10 "Uzis." I've seen it happen. Respect.
  • Zombie discussion with my friends in English class. A kid was talking about how the M1A1 Carbine, or "the gun on the cover of the Zombie Survival Guide" would be the best gun to have. I told him that one, not having a folding stock, the weapon is not an M1A1 but an M1, two, there is no all-around best weapon in a zombie invasion or otherwise, and, three, that the M1 Carbine is far from the best choice for rifles because .30 Carbine is quite rare (he thought it shot .30-'06). His reply: "Well, you'll still want me on your side because I get a lot of headshots in Combat Arms." Haven't taken him seriously since.
  • Couple of potheads in my drafting class, I know I shouldn't take them too seriously, but one day, they were fairly convinced that the AK-47 was a .50 caliber weapon.


  • A big issue, is listening to anyone say "Well the 1994 U.S. Assault Weapons Ban prevents dangerous Machine guns from being made available to the public and criminals". This annoys me to no end for several reasons. 1. the AWB did NONE of that. Fully Automatic weapons have been banned/restricted from Civilian ownership since before World War II. It banned weapons by features or looks such as pistol grips, detachable magazines (any kind, even 5 or 10 shot rifle/pistol magazines) . One of the most ardent supporters wanted to ban barrel shrouds (for those that don't know, a barrel shroud is a vented metal or plastic device that surrounds the barrel to allow better aim/safer control of the gun, and to prevent burning you're hand on the hot barrel after prolonged firing, YES even Single shot, or semi auto guns can have their barrels heat up. I've seen someone burn their hand by touching a break action single shot 20 gauge shot gun after a good number of shots were fired from it). When asked what a Barrel shroud was, she replied "I actually don't know what a barrel shroud is... I believe it is a shoulder thing that goes up.". 2. Just because a weapon may be based on an assault rifle, does not make it an assault rifle. there are Civilian legal semi auto fire arms, like those based on the AR-15, popular for target shooting and hunters.
  • People who call  Assault rifle or Semi Automatic rifle based on an Assault rifle, "Machine Guns". Semi Automatic Trigger, + 10-15 round magazines does not constitute "machine gun"
  • I'll admit.. I was one of those guys who used to go "DUDE How come the XM8 isn't in games more often" ... Up until I learnt about some of the issues with the gun...Now I'm the one giving glares to those who say that XD.
  • Any time I hear some one go "Guns kill people!". I cringe everytime I hear that before having to gently remind them, its an inanimate object. It doesn't wake up in the morning and go "You know what, I hate my life and everyone today... I'm going to go on a shooting spree followed with a case of suicide by cop". It's amazing how no one shouts "Knives kill people!" everytime they butter their breakfast muffins or dinner rolls.


Just PM me for examples but I have too many examples! here's one there is no such thing as the best gun, every firearm has it's own specialty and is used for different reasons and full auto or lightning linked or high caliber doesn't make it "strong" i am also sick of people talking like rofl, lol, ppl, brb and other shit, learn to spell!


  • Something in school. Last year, talking about World at War. I said to my mate that the PPSH-41 was a submachine-gun but he said it was a machine-gun. I was like "What?" and he kept saying it. My other mates kept saying it was a submachine-gun. Eventually he gave up and told me I was a bastard.
  • Before COD4 came out, I was talking about the Barrett .50 Cal with my dad. He said the B stood for bolt-action!!!!!


  • My Brother: What's a firearm?
  • My Brother: What's Firearm Ignorance?
  • My Brother: You could easily flip Akimbo Model 1887's!


So me, my friend Michael, my neighbor Cody, and Codys friend Jamie were all firing my airsoft guns. Jamie was saying he would want to be a SWAT Team officer when he grows up. Here is the word for word:

Jamie: Yeah man, I would throw a Flash Grenade and then shoot my AK-47 'till all 100 bullets are gone.

(Me & Michael, already rolling on the floor laughing, say:)

Me: Oh yeah man? What is your side-arm?

Jamie: Akimbo Desert Eagles like I do in Call of Duty!

I statred crying, srsly.


Once I went over to my friend's house and started playing the spec ops mission, Sniper Fi. He keeps saying to use my beretta, I'm like there's no M9's in this mission. I realize he means the Barrett .50 cal, I tell him it was a Barrett .50 cal. Then he tells me again to pick up my Beretta, I told him it was a Barret but he's like, no it says Beretta. I don't know if he either can't read, or he doesn't know what gun that is. My friend doesn't know what a cutts compensator is, he thinks it's the cocking handle for the Thomspon. -_- My friends think the SCAR-H is an assault rifle. The biggest problem is that the G18 isn't a G18, but a G17 with a modification(in the game). My friend thinks that the AA-12 doesn't exist. He thinks that the AK-47 is the most accurate gun in the world. My friends can't see the difference between the AKM and the AK-47. My friend think that the riot shield can block 5000 rounds from a minigun. My friend thinks that the M1 Garand is a bolt action rifle. -_- I have more stories than this, I just have to crack my head for it. Anyways, it's 12:15 here in SoCal and I gots to sleep. My friend thinks the AA-12 stands for Auto Assault Shotgun. They think the AUG is a LMG because it says so in the game.

Once, my friend has fake wooden springfield.

him: I'm gonna take my M1 Garand for my history report presentation. (holds up his fake springfield)

me: Dude, that's a springfield.

him: It's a garand

me: no it's a springfield, look at the bolt

him: ya it's a garand

me: that's a bolt action rifle!

him: ya garand was bolt action you idiot!

me: no the garand is semiautomatic

him: ya! look at the bolt! you cock that one time, then after the next shot you cock it again!

me: Oh ya. Then what does a bolt action do?

him: It fires as long as you pull the trigger after the next shot you dumbass! Don't you know anything about guns?

me: that's a bolt action springfield!

him: it's a semiautomatic garand!

me: sigh.

Sharky boi

(Me and my mate are playing the favela mission on MW2 when he walks past a Model 1887)

Me: Hey look, jeez they're goin back a bit with that gun.

My mate: What that shotgun?

Me: Yeah.

My mate: Its not real.

Me: Yes it is.

My mate: No its not, they did'nt have shotguns back in the 1800's, just pistol's.

(i give him a blank look, he pauses the game.)

My mate: What?

Me: Your an absolute idiot, the had muskets, pistols, stationary Machine guns and the Brit's the Lee Einfeld in the 1890's.

My mate: its FAKE! I'll prove it to you. I've done this mission, i've used this gun before.

(He unpauses the game and picks up the model 1887.)

My mate: look at the lever on the handle, all shotguns have them on the barrel and look, it has blue bullets, all bullets are red.

Me: Theyre meant to be blue SHELLS, not all shotguns are pump-action and ITS REAL!

My mate: No its not.

(i sit back in the chair and give him a blank look.)

My mate: i told you.

Me: (muttering) ohhhh for gods sake.

My brother actually thought that the AK-47 was a chinese assault rifle. grrrr.

7th Body

My friend Collin comes over to play Nazi Zombies. He goes to the Random Box. He says:

"I'm gonna get the Desert Eagle!"

Me: "This is World War 2"

Collin: Yeah. Your point is?"

Me: Desert Eagle is modern idiot."

Collin: Is it really?"

Army guy 277

When pepole think the AUG HBAR is a Assualt rifle and the normal AUG is a light machine gun no the hbar stands for heavy barled atomatic rifle.witch makes it a LMG

Another big thing is pepole Call the Stg-44 the MP-44 there was no such thingfirst it was the Mp-43 but when hitlier got to see the wepon he renamed it the storm wepon 44 or the STG-44

and the by far biggest thing is pepole who think that the PTRS-41 is a Fucking sniper rifle


In class, our history teacher was showing us political cartoons about gun control. There was one that had a hand in the shape of a gun pointing at a hand carrying what was clearly a machine pistol (Looked to be a Mini Uzi from where I was because of the shape and ironsights, but I'm nearsighted and sit kind of far from the board). She said "I think that's a semi-automatic pistol." I took a closer look and saw the extended mag. "No, that's a machine pistol, look at the extended mag." I realize that people can/do extend the mags of semi-autos, but this was a political cartoon, so it was probably meant to be a machine pistol.


Here's some examples of kids (or other people) and what they think.

  • Shotguns can only shoot as far as they can in CoD.
  • No-scoping makes the bullet go anywhere but straight.
  • The Model 1887 has the perfect range for a shotgun.
  • The Model 1887 was the first shogun ever made.
  • All sniper teams use M21s.
  • Pistols need to be held Tactical Knife-style.
  • It's not the CheyTac M200. It clearly says Intervention.
  • The M4A1 SOPMOD consists of a Red Dot Sight, Silencer, and Grenade Launcher. Nothing else.
  • If you get shot by the Barrett .50cal, you would be missing an arm.



I laughed when I heard that Washington State's government was proposing a ban on all guns with clips bigger than 10 rounds. It truly made me laugh. It's like, USP .45 has just been outlawed, but AA-12 and M82 haven't. It's just so ridiculously apparent that whoever wrote the bill has never seen, touched, or studied guns.


  • I laughed when read post where someone said that his grandpa hunting rifle is better than AA-12.
  • I laugh every time, when someone place TAR-21's MARS sight like that.


I understand this isn't directly corresponding to an ignorance story, but it makes me laugh after reading daoneandonlyharry's post, it reminded me about the firearm laws in america.

I find it very wierd that:

  • You CANNOT buy a full-auto handgun (even a .22lr), a suppressor, or put a front grip/retractable stock on a handgun (google the GSG5-PK for what I mean) without paying lots of tax, or registering it through BATFE
  • You CAN, however, walk into a gun shop and walk out with a .50 BMG rifle and a very nice scope (except california).


(Sorry for the spelling errors)

I know there are so many stories like this but i must share it. I was at a cousins house for the holidays and my Grandparents haveing no idea what they got me(it was an airsoft M16) I opened it and my cousin screamed how come [insert my name here] gets a terriorist gun and i get a lego. Upon which my grandpa goes why did i get you an AK-47 are you trying to join a terrorist group. Me and my dad (who plays and sucks at COD) were hysterical

One day for comunity service me and my friend were helping at a book fair. We were helping read to 1st graders, these three kids come up to me and my friend and go, read this page to us (its a picture). Then the kids take it back and start saying oh look at the U.S marines shooting their tommy guns. It was a pitcure of some terrorists with AK-47's you can imagine my expression.

On XBL- Kid: Yes I got a Pavelow (but he said Paavlowe) So i go dude it's pavelow then he goes no its Paavlowe it was made by the french i would know cause my dad is part of the french army

Lieutenant Mikey

I was in school and i was in drama class. We were doing a game where we each would start writing a story and then pass it on for others to finish. I got passed this story where someones touter was coming over. I really disliked this girl so i made that she took out a pistol and shot her touter. When she got the story back she went over to me and asked me what a Magazine was. Knowing how dumb she is i told her. She didn't know what a magazine in a gun was. "Exasperated sound."

This other time we were watching a Documentary about hurricane katrina and this civilian they were Interviewing said that the U.S. military came with there "Ak-47"'s. Anyone with any intelligence knows the U.S. government does not use Ak-47's. And the sad part was that only my friends and i (one of whom was Gen. Cain) knew how stupid he was.


Ok, I was at school about 2 years ago, talking to this dude who's dad owns a gun shop.

Heres a little outline

Dude: *shows a pitcure of a "grease gun"* Take a look my dad just got me a MP-40

Me: Really? Thats not a MP-40 yo.

Dude: Bullshit

Me: For real, it's amarican made.

Dude: NO IT ISNT!!

Me: Ok look see that stock? That thing has TWICE the stock of most MP-40's, then look at the end of the barrel.

Dude: You're full of shit man, and there is no such thing as a grease gun.

I break out my psp, get to the pitcure of a MP-40

Me:Ok look at that.

Pitcure of a grease gun.

Dude:......... there the same thing.


Alright, you know how people think the AUG HBAR is a LMG and CANNOT be anything else? Well I have a AUG A3 showed it to a friend of mine, he said "I didn't know you had a machine gun!!!" enough said.

"Gangstas" -_-


Bruce Willis calling an M4 a fully automatic UZI while on letterman.


  • A conversation with me, and three friends about MW2.

Ledj: Which would you guys prefer? SCAR-H or M16?

Cris: I would get the SCAR because it can get one shot kills above the neck.

Me: You know that's only in-game right?

Cris: No, it can do that, even when shot on the foot!

Me: *facepalm*

Cris: I'll show you! I can use it to get that tactical bomb thingy.

Me: *blank stare with mouth slightly open*

  • My sister calling the MP5k an MPk5. Epic fail.


  • Me and my friend live right next door to each other so we're hoppin the fence with my toy Uzi and this conversation appears.

My friend: dude, let's go get your Uzi out of your closet and play with it.

Me: Uh, I'm holdin' my Uzi

Friend: No your other one is a Uzi.

Me: You mean my Micro-Uzi?

Friend: No that's an Uzi, there is no Micro Uzi.

Me: Yeah there is, there's the Uzi, (shows him toy Uzi) Uzi Carbine, Mini Uzi, and Micro Uzi.

Friend: No! theres only the Uzi!

Me: Then whats this (shows him Uzi).

Friend: (Blank stare)

Friend: (10 Seconds later) I don't know, I just know it's not an Uzi!

Me: come with me

(I brought him to my house and show him the IMFDB page for Uzis)

Me: There.

Friend: (Reads) That's the Internet It's just fake.

Me: Whatever.

  • At school theres this kid who disagrees with evrything I say, to give you an example he still thinks Cod 7 Is gonna be MW3, and one time

we got into a big blowout if the Single atcion army is called the peacekeeper or the peacemaker. I kept telling him it's the latter but he wouldn't give. 3 weeks later I showed him the IMFDB page for the SAA and he finally gave in.


  • I was watching the news, needless to say I was quite angry when some general (who had retired before the M16 had become the standard issue rifle) stated that the 5.56x45NATO round or .223 calibre as he called it (which is technically incorrect as they are SLIGHTLY different, see: 5.56x45 NATO vs .223 Remington) was an inferior round compared to the 7.62x39mm round fired by the AK-47 simply because it was smaller and "packs less of a punch". He had obviously never heard of hydro-static shock (tumbling) and obviously had no idea what the fuck he was talking about. Sure he was a general, but it is the general consensus that the 5.56 NATO is a superior round (Why the hell have we been using it for half a century, and why the hell is it an official NATO round if it isn't?) and that the AK-47, while a competent rifle, isn't QUITE the best.
  • Before I got MW2, this kid alex (no I won't capitalize that shithead's name) told me about it. He had determined that every weapon in-game was real. Except the SCAR. When I told him it was completely real he called me stupid. I'd also like to add (although it has little to do with firearms, but shows how stupidity can spread beyond firearms knowledge) that he thought that all Germans that joined the Wehrmacht (which he didn't know how to spell) the Luftwaffe (which he also didn't know how to spell) or the Kriegsmarine (which he didn't even know existed) was a Nazi, because they didn't fight the overwhelming Nazi forces. ALSO when I looked up MW2 weaponry, I found the Vector and the ACR, which are not very well known, so how the hell did he think they were real and not the SCAR which I've been dreaming about for a decade? (Yes since I was 6)
  • Who in the army decided the Beretta M9 really was superior to the M1911? Do we trade clip/magazine size for stopping power? Why don't we leave that up to individual troops?
  • Before I was educated, they had me convinced that the M16 used the 7.62x51, and that the Ak-47 did too. They also had me convinced (until I was about 10) that the M4 was the M16 with M203 attached.
  • History teacher says that the major inventions of the Great War (WWI) were:
    • Submarines (they weren't used as widely as battleships until WWII, but he thought the Germans were U-Boat crazy even then)
    • Barbed wire (not an invention, just innovatively utilized with trenches)
    • Airplanes (he thought that forward mounted guns would just shoot the props off like a buzz saw)
  • I've seen so many people call the FAL a medium assault rifle. It uses the 7.62x51 NATO which makes it a battle rifle. I've heard the same about the M4A1 which is a carbine (short-barreled assault-rifle in layman's terms).
  • In the MW series why do the M4A1, M16A4, ACR, FAMAS, L86, M249, TAR21 and F2000 not share ammunition? They are all STANAG standard or compatible. Major issues with this I have.
  • I've heard so many dumbasses in school talk about guns, saying the M9 is better than the M4 because it's smaller, but is just as accurate (not at range loser). That same alex kid thinks that the FAL is the best because you can get one-shot kills and head-shots with it. (Head's up mother fuckers you can do that with ANY weapon.)
  • Mythbusters think that all cartridges are equal. They pay no heed to muzzle velocity, stopping power, or the differences between the .30-06 and the 7.62x51. They also completely ignore the fact that a skilled shooter will stiffen his arm to aim with the entire arm, and aim with their wrists. They used an MP5 to try to replicate the results of the Underworld scene (I've never seen it) where (I don't know, the girl) uses a pair of modified M92's (well undefined weapons, likely fully automatic M93 modified) to shoot through a floor. They used wood instead of tile in the replica set, which affects results, they also paid no heed to the fact that the MP5 has a longer barrel and muzzle velocity than an actual pistol. When they tried shooting locks off they did not take into account that you fire at the bolt itself, at a forty-five degree angle, and instead fired at a thirty degree angle straight into the keyhole.
  • My mother and one of my best friends think that guns are evil -.-
    • Guns don't kill people. I kill people ~ some random t-shirt

I hear guys talking about CoD constantly at school. So many of these guys are like "dood get the uzi its better than any other weapon dood." those same guys do pot. Many of them also think that the intervention sucks monkey balls just because it's awesome XD (but really some guy didn't like it because of its sway). I knew a guy that thought the Kar98K was a full, long-barrelled rifle.

  • Many people at school think that every weapon is just like it is in CoD. They think you can just shoot down helicopters with rifles. (Considering a chopper can kill you fast and move fast, it's pretty hard.)
  • I know this guy who seriously thought that Makarov couldn't have killed Allen because he used an M9. (Shooting a person in the face will generally make them bleed out or do some damage to the brain region smartypants.)
  • Mythbusters, while awesome, just called an M14 an assault rifle.
  • User on here thinks in MW Deagle was .44 and in MW2 was .357.


  • History's "America: The Story of US" said "M1 Carbine" and showed an "M1 Garand"
  • I read this page... the lack of any true intelligence made me fear for the future of humanity...


a guy i know keeps calling a magazine a round,

i heard a couple of people saying that a barratt is a sniper rifle that is very easy to manouver with. i told em it was an anti material rifle and it was a bugger to move around expecaly with a suppresser and carrying a load of ammo, they looked at me like i had sprouted wings and was dive bombing them with shit.

Cpl. Dunn

  • My friend calls the Barrett .50 cal the Berretta .50 cal.
  • Same friend says that the ONLY pistol the Canadian Army uses is a, as he would call it: "Deagle".
  • Same friend says that the Canadian Army is equipped with AK-47s.
  • Same friend says that a magazine is something you read and a clip is something you put into a gun.

I always tell him: "No dude, you are wrong. It is the Barrett .50 cal."

Him: "Whatever. They are made by the same company."

Me: "Go on your computer tonight and look up Barrett then look up Berretta. They are two seperate companies."

Him: "I know more about the army than you!"

Me: "Go away." I walk away.

I have so many more stories about this one friend but it would take me hours to write them all. (Seriously, he must be retarded.)


Ok so me and my dad on the way home from the mall and me and him start this converation

Me : hey you ever heard of the G18 its an awesome its a glock full auto machine pistol

My dad: No cause it dosent exist

Me:yes it does

My dad: stop talking idoit it dosent exist

My thoughts: god little mother of course it does

Pvt. Reddenbawker

I have some real bullshit stories.

So me and my friend were walking back to class when the following conversation pops up:

Friend: Hey y'know the M1A1 Carbine is still in service?

Me: No. It's not.

Friend: Well, they still have it on boats so it's still in service.

Also, you know those eyewitness books? I read one today about WW2 and it was full of fails. For one and most important fail, it showed a picture of an "American" jeep. It had no American star, and most important, had a Lewis machine gun in the gunner seat! It also showed (this is my last one because I don't remeber any more) an American flamethrower with something that looked like a cylinder jack in the box. AND NO, IT WASN'T THE M2 FLAMETHROWER! Well, that's it, for now.


Someone at school thinks that its possible to fire a 30 caliber from the hip very accurately with one hand because Arnold did it in Terminator.

People at school think you can fire two high powered weapons (Desert Eagle, 1887) in each hand at the same time, or being accurate with two MP5ks or two Glocks.

Mythbusters calling a M1 Garand a M14. (no offense)

News Channels not knowing anything about firearms.

SaintofLosAngelesXD(m) calling an AKS74-U and AKS47-U (Probably a typo don't punish me)

Toilet Bowl Soldier

My idiot friend says that the Double Barreled Shotgun is made by Nazi Germany and even if I gave him proof, he is still in denial. He claimed that it was on the Call of Duty World at War Guidebook and it was *facepalm*

The same idiot friend saw a Colt 1911 with a flashlight on it and said it was a USP.45 just because it looks like the AN/PEQ 6 LAM on it. He also saidthat ALL USP's have it.

Same idiot said that all M16's fire in burst. He also said that after MW2 came out, the MP5k replaced the normal MP5 which I find ridiculous.

This is the most ignorant one out of all the stupid facts.

Me: This is the Benelli M4

Friend: No... thats the M1014.

Me: the Benelli M4 IS the M1014.

Friend: you are stupid, the Benelli M4 is Italian, the M1014 is American.

Me: You need to do some research and get your facts right...

There is a WWII museum in my country and they called the Luger a Nambu.

Dark Frager

My friend (who claims to know everything about guns) said this:

Him: Man I wish I could own a 9mm.

Me: Bullet or Gun?

Him: A gun... DUH!

Me: No not really "DUH!" because there's a bullet called a 9mm and guns that fire 9mm bullets.

Him: Guns? There's only one 9mm gun!

Me: *facepalm*

  • I come to his house again and he shows me his Airsoft MP5*

Him: This gun looks like an SAS gun...

Me: Its an MP5

Him: Yeah it's an MP5

I could hear the lack of knowledge in his voice!



This is what my friend asked me:

Him: Hey, do you know what gun Soap killed Zakhaev with?

Me: It was a M1911 Colt .45

Him: OK, what caliber does it fire (His exact words)

Me: *Facepalm*


Okay, i have a few.

First, one of my "friends" appraoches me, and starts talking about a film. Before finishing he mentions "she slides the cartridges into the gun in mid-air". I stop him mid-sentence with a slap to the face. And respond "Whoa, whoa, cartridges? Dude, magazine, NOT cartridge." He pulls a queer face and responds "Same 'hing". I slap him on the face, and respond "No, they aren't". He tries to slap back, poorly, and i move out of the way, before responding "Poor show, lemme educate chu". I slow to a normal walk. "First off, a cartidge is what HOLDS the BULLET. A magazine is what HOLDS the ROUNDS for the GUN." He smirks "Oh yeah, then WTF is a round?" I punch him in the shoulder, "Round? Round refers to the combination of the Bullet & The cartridge." He smirks again "Whitever". I punch him again, tell him to get out of my sight, and then walk away.

'Nother jackass thought that the UMP isn't even real.

Helix Armada

I hate it when I go onto videos about guns and see a bunch of people who think they know all about guns because they play Modern Warfare 2. Seriously? Your actually think that a sniper can quickscope and noscope in real life? Accurately?

1.) My brother saw me looking at pictures of the CheyTac M200 and its associated equipment, and he asked, "Is that a shotgun?".

Me: *Facepalm*

2.) In my history class, a person defined a rifle as "a gun with a knife".

3.) I saw a Youtube video of "Top 10 assualt rifles" (these were the uploader's opinnion). Out of 10 choices, 2 were the M1 Garand (intelligently pronounced "garland") and the Lee Enfield.

I wanted to post a comment correcting this ignorance, except comments were disabled. =(

4.) Title of a Youtube video: "AK-47 Shotgun"


5. Youtube comments will be the death of me. I'm going to devote this particular section just for them.

"no, you are idiot, AUG HBAR is heavy muchine gun but STEYR AUG is assault rifle you idiot"

"If RPGs have scopes why not put scopes on hand grenades to?"

"wow do u have to reload after like 2 or 3 shots?? thats a waste of ammo"

"i dont think minguns has recoil"

This particular comment dosen't deal with firearms, but it's pretty fail all the same.

(Exact words)

SAS=SOCOM U.S.M.C= US Marine Core

"the tavor 21 was made in isreal want was a gun that could conquer there other honeland gun the galil which made up for the he aviness of the fn fal so the tavor 21 would shoot 5,62 caliber bullets it could also be used as a sniper rifle that was bull pup"


In reply to several comments I posted about sniper rifles on a video about the Styer AUG:

"A mile and a half??? When I was in the US Army I hit targets with my M-198 over ten miles away"

The M198 is a howizter. Of course a M198 would be able to hit a target that far off. Your statement is irrelevant to the conversation. We're talking about sniper rifles here...


Some random guy on wikianswers-

"Does the Silencer reduce the amount of damage done on the Baretta?"

My classmates are idiots when it comes to weapons,

My Friend- Last night on call of duty i was using Barretta 50 cal and i was getting that plane thing so much in my stupid care packegese. ( Reffering to UAV and i don't know why he told me that. )

Me- Ok listen, first off it is called the barrett not barretta. Second barrett and barretta are two different companies. Third the barrett is accutally called the M82A1.

My friend- Where did you get that wikipedia?

Me- Well the last one yes but i knew that for 3 years now.

My friend- Ok smartie, so i guess that the intervintion is a not its real name.

Me- * Facepalm *

Oh and the comments on youtube are even worse.

" I hate the f2000 becuase i cant get any kills with it it is the worse gun ever. "

" I wish that that acrs were real, we would have won the iraq war real early. "

" UAV online " ( Like 2,000 of those. ) ( Not a firearm thing but still very annoying. )

" this gun sux in MW2, so why so great in real life combat? "

" dat gun sux!!!! n mw2 cant even kill a guy in 1 hit kills!!!!! "

Some random guy on MW2- Man dude if i had like one more round in my clip i would have killed him.

Me- * Facepalm* I left after that.

Also people who think ALL guns use magazines.


One of my PSN friends calls the Model 1887 the "Moodel 1878878 (or some random number)" and the MP5k the "M5k' or "Mk5". And a friend at school calls the M14 EBR the "M21 Ember". Hell, even Infinity Ward calls the MP5k "MP5K" with a capital "k". In a MW2 video on YouTube, someone said "I hate the F2000 it gots too much recoil and it's weak!" I ESPECIALLY HATE WHEN people think any Kalashnikov rifle is an AK-47, or when people say ANY automatic weapon is an AK-47. And now, my Lil' Brother is calling a magazine a cartridge. *Faceplam x7* CoD_BEAST 17:39, April 8, 2010 (UTC)


Over IM with my friend, discussing Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

Me: Dude! There's an M99 in this game!?

Him: is that the barret <--(only one t) 50cal

Me: One of them.

Him: dude there's only one barret 50cal the one in mw2

*facepalm x12*

Me: There's like five Barrett .50cal's, dude.

Him: no dude theres only one


Me: Your a dumbass...

Him: so if there's like 5 barrets then there has to be like 5 interventions

Me: Get oot.

Another time, in physics class, discussing with my pal Zac the .50 BMG I had bought at WWII weekend.

Zac: Wow, that's a really big bullet!

Me: Yeah.

Zac: So does that mean the Desert Eagles clip is like, this big? (Holds up hands 6 inches apart)



  • Mate of mine was adamantly arguing against me that the PTRS-41 fired a .50 caliber round, not .57; another thought it used .41 caliber (yeah, WTF))...
  • First guy up there ^ told me he was right because "I go shooting birds etc. so you know nothing about firearms" - that kinda attitude...
  • Mate of mine also thought that the PTRS was a sniper rifle
  • Friend hadn't a fucking clue what ironsights were

N'thro Notadee

  • My Friend thinks that the M4 carbine is the M16
  • Same friend thinks that the XM8 is used by first force recon as a long range tactical weapon (yeap,Does not make sense)


People say I killed u with a 9mm

and The FAMAS is only burst (Play GRAW 2 its not only burst) Youu can really spam Barrett ,50cal shots like in the game

False! ~Shotrocket6


I normally have to educate my little bro's friends on weapons. Here's some of the stupid things they thought one could do with firearms:

  • shoulder fireing a Barrett M82 while running,
  • one hand a sawed-off shotgun because he saw it in some movie,
  • that to fire a bolt-action rifle, he had to pull the bolt back, pull the casing out by hand, turn the bolt up, then down, and finally push the bolt back into place,
  • take a 7.62 shot to the shoulder and get up to fire a Browning M2 (because he saw it in Rambo,)
  • that if you're a normal soldier, you have the option to attach a sniper scope to your gun,
  • that Desert Eagles aren't very powerful,
  • that you can duel wield 2 Thompsons and not break your wrists,
  • and lastly, that the M1911 .45 was called the Colt .45.

When I heard these, I laughed my ass of for 2 days, but not before educating them.


  • Me and my dad were once having a conversation about firearms and my dad said to me that the British army used AK-47s. I told him to look up the AK-47 on Wikipedia. He apologized. Shortly afterwards, he told me that the AK-47 was the first ever assault rifle.
  • My friend will once said to me "Did you know that the M1 Garand could only be reloaded after it had fired all eight shots?" This was when I didn't know much about firearms so I believed him at the time.
  • I was talking to my cousin at school and I said something about a tommy gun in WaW. He said that there is a Thompson in the game but no Tommy Gun. I kept arguing that they were both exactly the same gun. I managed to prove to him that they were both the same gun eventually.
  • I was watching a YouTube video. A guy was using an AA-12 loaded with a 20 or 32 round drum magazine. I started to read through the comments and I found all sorts of crap. eg. "I fired this gun on MW2" and "This isn't an AA-12. I should know because it is on cod 6" etc.
  • I was telling my friend about weapons in MW2 and he said that he had heard about the AA-12 (or the "automatic shotgun") and said that it probably wasn't a real gun. I then said to him , "no, it's real" and he replied with "Ok, whatever." He obviously didn't believe me.
  • This doesn't have much to do with ATEFI but on a Star Wars Battlefront 3 messsage board a guy posted some ideas for the game. One of his ideas was "they should have ACOGs for guns."
  • I was watching a video analysis of the new CoD: Black Ops reveal trailer and on the bit where the character used an M202 FLASH he wrote that it was an AT-4.
  • My friend will seems to think that everything in video games is true. For example, on Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots, your character can carry around a rail gun. The rail gun is classified as a sniper rifle in the game and my friend once told me that rail guns are actually sniper rifles and that they are always used on submarines *facepalm* All because it says so on a video game.


In class one day my friend and I were reading and he was reading about the civil war and asked me "Is a musket the same as a Rifle" I replied "yes exept rifles hav.." just as the dumb ass who sits infront of me says "It's a pistol"

Common Thing People Say About General Things Involing the Military That Make Me Faceplam

  • The AA-12 dosen't have a Drum Magazine.
  • Harrier Jump-Jets really hover and kill soliders with their turrets
  • The Spetzsnaz (the Russian Special Forces) are a terrorist orginization.
  • The PTRS is German and it is a Sniper Rifle
  • The F2000, M82A1 and P90 don't exist and that Infinity Ward Stole the Ideas for the guns from Halo 3
  • Magnum Research Mark XIX Desert Eagle = Deagle

Youtube comment Flame about "Deagles" (This is the actual way he wrote)

Noob: Man I Love the Deagle

Me: I bet you can't tell me who makes what you call a Deagle

Noob: Magnum

Me: and?

Noob: and what

Me: OMG!! Magnum Reserch AND Israeli Weapons Industries make the XIX Desert Eagle .44!!!

Noob: Now your going to convice me that you can't flip a "moodle 1887" to put a bullet in the barrel

Me: Well you could but you would break halve your fingers and It's spelled Model, dumbass

Youtube comment where in vid guy fails to no-scope:

This is why mw2 is so stupid.... I mean in real life a sniper bullet goes relatively straight but in here it comes out of your gun and says " Hmm i feel like taking an immediate left and hitting the wall next to you"

Once a news reporter said that a AK-47 was an Afghan weapon.


  • People thinking that Magnums are only a type of pistol (From using the weapons in WaW with the .357 Magnum, and Modern Warfare 2 with the .44 Magnum.) They are cartridges. (I know that there are pistols that have the name Magnum.)
  • Above. Just a side note, Musket and rifle are not the same. Civil war era Rifles (And todays firearms) have a spiral barrel, making them more accurate. Muskets don't have a spiraled barrel, making them cheaper and mostly standard at the time.
  • People who think there is only a Mini-uzi. There is an Uzi, a Mini-uzi, and a Micro-Uzi
  • My friend thinks that the soldier on the cover on WaW is holding a trench gun.
  • Same friend looked at the weapon he got in a random box in zombies and asked, "is that an AK-47?"
  • Sharky boi, just thought I'd point out that there is a chinese copy of the AK-47, the Type 56
  • This is a conversation between two guys on a youtube video of someone firing an AA-12 with Frag-12 ammo. Names will not be mentioned.

Idiot: i hate the AA-12, but the Frag-12! That is pure awsomenes

Smart guy: HATE? Your comment doesnt make sense

Idiot: how? the AA-12 is stupid it ruins the name of the shotgun and its ugly. But the ammo is cool. What the **** don't you get

Smart guy: Errr its my fault for commenting. Obviously your like 12 yrs old and dont know **** about military technology. Even a dumbass could see the how such a radical weapon could be used to great effect on the battlefield. I know what you want and thats shoulder breaking recoil. Heavy recoil isnt a good thing mate.

Idiot: this piece of garbage isn't a shot gun its a poser a shotgun is pump action that or a double barell is a true shotgun!

Smart guy: Think of it as a multipurpose shotgun. The Benelli, Mossberg etc are your 'normal shotguns'

Idiot: this gun proves that american are to lazy to pump the gun and keep pulling the trigger

Smart guy: lol

In review, Idiot thinks that the AA-12 shouldn't be considered a shotgun because it is full auto, and that shotguns are only shotguns if they are pump action or double barreled. Oh, and apparently Americans are lazy. *Groan*


I brought my M16A2 keychain to class once and my friend said this:

Him: Can I see your AK-47?

Me: It's an M16A2 not an AK-47.

Him: It's just the same.

Me: *Facepalm*

Him: What's the difference? They're both machine guns.

Me: *Facepalm*(again)

Me: They're assault rifles and a lot of things are different.

And the M1 Garand DOES make a ping sound.


1)Conversation between me and a friend:

Me: I bet you don't know the difference between a smoothbore barrel and a rifled barrel

Friend: Reduced load time

Me: No, you ****head

Friend: Different places to load

Me: I give up

Conversation ends

Me and another friend

2)Friend: FA- MAS sucks its burst fire only.

Me: No. they have a selector for auto too.

3)Me and my dad.

Me: I bet you can't do a double- tap

Dad: Thats when you shoot a grenade from the M203, right.

4)During a heated match in Crossfire

Me: Switch to the '203!

Friend: *switches to pistol*

Me: WTF are you doing?

Friend: Isn't the 203 a pistol?

My friend really believes an akimbo Glock 18 will kill an enemy at long range.

My friend thinks a 100 rnd mag is only for LMGs. He shut up about it when I showed him the Beta C mag on the Web


  • Me and my freinds(who are total shitheads) were talking about MW2, and heres just a couple of ignorant remarks they make=
  • calling the model 1887's "models"
  • saying that the intervention is the worlds best sniper rifle just becuase they suck with the m82(in game)
  • calling the desert eagle the "deagle"
  • thinking that the army still uses a pair of 120 year old shotguns that would break your wrists when fired and thinking that its possible to twirl it to reload it without breaking your fingers
  • thinking that akimbo would be affective
  • believing that quick-scoping is the way real snipers snipe
  • that a round will exit a gun as a whole, cartridge and all
  • that a round will exit a gun funny when you don't look down your sights
  • and my biggest pet peeve, is when they think that you can actually(in the army) pick what kind of gun, camouflagege and that perks exist. you cant go cold blooded idiots.
  • this is an exaggeration, but they think that you can call in a nuke to settle a beef.
  • calling something "beast"(i just don't like the term, its just a bit weird to me)
  • that the military should use acr's and interventions. the remington acr is in fact used, just not that much as its still settling in as a military weapon. and the cheytac m2000 intervention is to expensive, as it needs special ammo and does not carry compatible parts with another weapon, like the barrett m82
  • that you can get shot in the head and get back up and fight(they think this because in one match we were playing, i shot jake in the head with my f2000. it did not kill him. he believes thats how it works in real life aswell)
  • that guns kill people. seriusly? I KILL PEOPLE

i will blame infinity ward for this, but the TMP in MW2 is not a TMP. it is an MP9. get your facts straight.

also, whats with the fact you cant use a sniper rifles bipod. real snipers have to or they would break their arms(assuming that the user is shoulder firing an M82A1, or as a dumbass would say it: barretta 50cal.' man!)

USMC-E3 Griever0311 United States Marine Corps

Figured I'd finally contribute here: I hate seeing cases of firearms ignorance on the ATEFI userpage, such as people thinking:

  • an M107 would break the operator's arm if fired from the shoulder
  • that a shotgun would break the operator's wrist if fired with one hand
  • that Claymores actually have infrared laser-tripwire victim-actuated fuzes
  • that the M1 Garand doesn't make a "ping" sound when it pops a clip
  • that you can't mangle a helo with sustained gunfire
  • that you would break your wrists by firing an M1A1 Thompson in each hand
  • that you couldn't take 7.62x39mm round to the shoulder and keep fighting
  • that Harriers actually have a ventral/chin turret
  • that the XM8 is used in *ANY* capacity by our military
  • that think assault rifles are machine guns, because they use a "machine", lol, they're not
  • that think FMJ rounds were created so that pistols and other small weapons could hit targets through cover, lol

Just a few.

Win ^

Fall 50 cal

I have a very dumb friend at school who thinks that he knows all about guns because his grandpa was in the army 70 years ago and he plays MW2 24/7.

Some of his dumb things he says:

All modell 1887's have pistol grips

we still today use model 1887

akimbo desert eagles are easy to shoot akimbo

a solder can call in tactical nukes any time he wants

M16 are the best guns in the world because it has good damage in the game

that if you git hit by a 50 BMG. you will not get hurt

that there are real juggernauts in wars

that ac-130 are controlled by a laptop

you can survive 10 packs of c4 with a riot shield in real life

that a .22 rifle has a lot of recoil (I have shot one and has hardly any)

that you can easily kill someone when hip firing the Barrett 50 cal.

Slowrider7 (2)

I was just watching the news, and the reporter said:

"The victim was shot with a Semi-Automatic M16 machine gun."

No comment.


Ok, so this kid at my school says all M16s are fully automatic weapons because all he plays is COD 4 for DS, in which case the M16 is fully auto.

He also says:Crap my clip is out of cartiges.

Me: Dude,its a magizine,or,for dumb people like you,a mag

Him: Ok then my MAG is out of cartiges.

Me: There rounds dumbo

Him:What are rounds?

Me:well,to dumb it down it means ammo.

Him:But I thought rounds were things in fights

Me:they are

Him: then they can't be ammo clips.


Anywhy I better stop there....


Friend:chick chick

Me: is that the sound all shotguns make


Me:Um, no

Him:So. Hey have you heard about that new gun, the M16

Me:yea.Hey! is it an Mg or not



Him:Yea, the M16 shotgun


Also I was talking to this dumbo who though LMG stood for Large magizine Gun.Really?He got this from 100 rounds per Magizine.

Also we have probs with COD. On WaW the box magizine for the Type 100 is called an Extended CLIP.Really,Treyarch?

Also, this is from the Black Ops Archive 7 page:

Isn't it an LMG, not an AR? F Brushfire 15:09, May 20, 2010 (UTC)

He/She is talking about an AUG, which is an Asualt Rifle. HBAR means Heavy Barreled Asualt Rifle

Wolf merc

I get really tired of people thinking a light and medium machine gun is called that based on its weight, not on the caliber of the bullet. Example: Some dude asks; "If the RPD is a light machine gun, why do you move so slow with it?" Also, people still think C-4 explodes if you shoot at it. C-4 is molded plastic explosive, which can only be set off electronically, and is designed to be shock- proof.


1:I was playing solo campaign, when my friend was over.

She said

Hey that chopper shoots out a shotgun!

ME:No it shoots out missles and a minigun.

Friend:What's a minigun? is it a sniper rifle?


ME:NO! IT. IS. A. HEAVY. MACHINE. GUN1!1!!!!!1111!!!

Friend: GAs powered?


Friend:Okay, I guess youre right...


2:I was on XBox live playing a playing a search match so it was only me and one guy.

Guy:I'm gonna put a rifle grenade on my airsoft pistol!

Me:You cant do that.

Guy:Yes you can!

Me:No you cant, you should REALLY shut up right now

Guy:*Quits game*

Me: Thinking:Yeah, go ahead and run...

I'm starting to think he was crying, i joined his party and heard him in a sad voice.

He deserved that.

(Fun fact: Put tape on a pencil and then stick it on your airsoft kiddies, and have yourself a fake rifle grenade!)


Me and my friend were sitting on the bus and we were talking about Russians. And he said (in a horrible Russian accent) "I'll shoot you with my AK, no actually i'll shoot you with my Tommy Gun." To which I replied "You mean a Thompson?" "No, a Tommy." "Oh my God! It's called a Thompson. And Russia has never used one! You may be thinking of the PPsH-41 but it is definetly not a 'Tommy Gun'."

Cpt. Riley

People think that radar is a UAV (Infinity Wards fault), the UAV is the plane that sends out the signals.

That the M1897 is the real name, but the real name is Mossenburg Model 1897

That the R700 is the real name, but the real name is Remington 700.


Was at castle in Barcelona (school trip) when some idiot goes (looking at a vintage 1898 cannon)

Him: Are they Anti-Aircraft guns??

Me: Just Leave.Seriously.GO.

A book i read declared RPG stood for Rapid Propeller Grenade.

Seriouly,HOW the fuck did they get that wrong???the RPG is everywhere these days......


Nearly everyone that I know except for one guy is so stupid about weapons that I have to dumb down everything that I say tto get them to understand me.

Also, to dispell a few myths, you can fire any weapon in world one handed, on most the recoil would break your wrists or the backblast would cook you head, but you could. Another that I'd seen earlier was that Full Metal Jacket bullet is designed for pistols, it's acually standard issue on most firearms now.


I was at school and we were shown this short video of two weird characters killing each other, one of the characters shot the other with an UZI and when the video finished a person said,

"Oh I love how he shot him with an SMG" so out of interest I asked him what he thought it meant and he said,

"Ahhhh.... Silent Machine Gun."


Sgt. S.S.

  • I was watching a vid on YouTube showing a guy firing a Glock 18 (in real life), and some of the comments I saw:
  1. what a noob hes holding r1 like a spraying n00b!
  2. don't forget steady aim pro
  3. This gun sucks it has too much recoil im 10th prestige on MW2 so I should know.

But this one truly takes the biscuit:

4. If I fired that at someone would it kill them?

  • My dad thinks that the Desert Eagle is a revolver.
  • I was once talking to a guy at school:

Me: Don't you think the TMP is cool? (I'm talking about in MW2)

Him: Yeah, too bad it doesn't exist in real life.

Me: Uh, yes, actually, it does.

Him: Oh, I knew that, just testing you.

Me: Alright, smart guy. What does TMP stand for?

Him: Uhhh... Top Machine Pistol.

(I utter a loud, sarcastic laugh and walk away.)

  • And don't even get me started on the whole "magazine = clip" thing.
  • I was reading a book by Chris Ryan, and he kept calling the MP5 a machine gun. (!)

Actually, the worst case of all is PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT GUNS ARE THE EXACT SAME AS IN COD!!! Like this:

  • You could dual-wield two 120-year-old lever-action shotguns and still be accurate.
  • UMPs can shoot as far as in CoD.
  • Desert Eagles are standard issue in the U.S. military.
  • YouTube comments on that same Glock 18 vid mentioned above:

"dude i rape with that gun with akimbo" (D'oh...)

"Just slap on steady aim and a red dot and you can hit anything." (Right, and Steady Aim exists in reality, does it?)

"I hate when people that don't play Call of Duty, think they know a lot about guns because they actually use guns." (Exactly, THEY ACTUALLY USE GUNS. Therefore, they know a helluva lot more abot them than you would.)

"G18 NOOB!!!" (...)

And, finally, there's the worst of 'em all...

"wow dey stol dis frum mw2. dey aint evn doin it rite. u got 2 hold it with won hand and it only has 1 coler. itz suposd 2 b green nd black. itz prly a knockoff of da g18 nsted of an real 1. da rme needs 2 stp steelin things frum cod." (Seriously, just throw yourself off a bridge, give the rest of us a break.)

Mr Winner Guy

This happened when i was playin cod 4 at at my friends house.

Buds sister: is that a Shotgun?

Me: No it a Ak-47.


  • I was with a friend of mine that said: I was playing MW2 and, then a Taliban (SO CALLED A RUSSIAN TALIBAN, OMG, THEY CAN'T EVEN SEE RACIAL DIFFERENCES BETWEEN ARABS AND RUSSIANS) shot a Bazooka at me and I dodged the bullet

Me: 1. It was Russian, 2. It shot a Rocket Propelled Grenade, 3. Bazooka was the name the M1-M20 rocket launchers were named, because they looked like the musical instrument 'bazooka'.

Naïve Arsekisser: No, bazookas are the ones that shoot grenades.

Me: OK, join the Military and ask your NCO if you can get a bazooka.

  • Naïve Arsekisser: ·chk-chk-pookh·, I kill you, haha

Me: With waterguns?

Arsekisser: No, with a 'pistol'

Me: OK, so then, why did you extend your hand to hold it?

Arsekisser: OK, now go to hell.

Here goes another story, but this one is the most stupid.

Well, as I, WhyToasties1337 enjoy drawing firearms, some guy comes and says

Why do you always draw weapons?_said this guy_This is actually a toast with Nutella, you know_I said_No, it's a hand grenade and a shotgun bullet_said the Naive.


I am making a Tactical M1887, it will have Holographic sight, extra shells, range of 5000 metres-poor idiot, the 1887s aren't produced since the 1920's

Another one

As my dad and I know about guns, he teached me some of the differences guns have (ex. Back on 2004, I thought all guns were the same, but in 2006, it all changed), so, I took some of these knowledge to school, when some guy said, you're not right, a sniper rifle 0NLY fires one round.

More of these bastards say

I have an airsoft MP5K, a friend said, Wow, your machine gun is pretty cool, so I asked him where was the machine gun.

Me: It's a submachine gun

Idiotic Moron: Well, Ok, you're right, but there is no real difference.

Me: Acually, there is, a Machine gun has 4 types: Light Machine Guns (M249, CETME AmeLi) , same specifications for service rifles, but with bigger magazines for suppressing fire, a Medium Machine Gun is a type of gun that is more powerful that a Light Machine Gun, but doesn't have the power of a Heavy Machine Gun (MG3, M60), Heavy Machine Guns are very powerful machine guns used as pintle-mounted guns on tanks, helicopters and airplanes (MG08, M2HB), Assault Rifles (G36, M16A4) are service rifles that are not as powerful as a Sniper Rifle, are fully automatic, and can only be carried by hand, they cannot be pintle-mounted. Submachine guns.....

Idiotic Moron: Yah, yah, but they're automatic, so they are MGs.

Me: ·Facepalm· (I hope you fall into a well).

These goddamn mother fuckers, dick-sucking fags say bullshit such as these shittin' 3!!

I was talking to a friend in a MOPG

Dude: I know the M16 is different from an M4A1, but, Why is the M16 fully-auto in CoD:4 campaign?

Me: I don't know, but the M4A1 is the carbine version of the M16, probably because it was only a variant and IW goofed.

Moron: Of course not, the M16 was made in 1961, years before the M4A1

Me: Do you want me to say that the M16 is the Grenadier version without a red-dot scope, whilst an M4A1 has that Red-dot scope?

Moron: It's ACOG scope, and can be fitted to many assault weapons.

Dude: Do you ignore the existance of the Tasco red dot scope, or AimPoint CompM2?

Me: ·Picks up a Desert Eagle from the game· Desert Eagle .50, the most powerful handgun in the world.

Moron: No, the .44 is more better on power.

Me: ·Shoots moron· It may be only a game, but the creator has firearm knowledge.

This isn't related to firearms, but with weaponry, it was a Mexican Marines parade (I'm Mexican, live in Mexico, and yes, we FUCKING have marines)

Some guy: Look at the tankettes.

Me: Actually, it's a BMP-1, a Soviet APC used by the Mexican Military.

Moron: Of course not, it has tracks on it, which makes it a tank, but it's small, so it's a tankette.

Me: If it were a tank, it wouldn't have some machine gun as primary weapon, it will have a 105mm or any other tank shell. If it were a tankette, it will use some rifle cartidge (7.92x57 IS/Mauser) in its chamber.

Moron: Suck my dick (Me la pelas)

Me: Get my dick through ya (Te la atasco cuando quieras)

It rhymes, so I had this argument won.



  • Any one ever notice how when news channels decribe weapons, they procede to name everything an assault rifle.
  • Converstion/ Friend: I made a hipshot with my airsoft gun and hit a bird that was flying 50 yards away. Me: Yeah, and I slept with Megan Fox.

Negative Axle

  • "Dude, I like fucking put 25 AK shots into him!" *sigh*

LTC Baik

I have to admit, I was very firearm ignorant a long time ago, but I'm not now. Here's one of my stupid moments.

Friend: Yeah, it's a SMG. You do know what an SMG is, right?

Me: Um... small machine gun?

Friend: *facepalm* It's a submachine gun!

Me: Oh, I forgot.

Friend: *facepalm*

But I got him back recently.

Me: Do you know what the fastest firing single-barreled weapon is?

Friend: The MG42.

Me: Right.

Friend: And it's also in Modern Warfare 2.

Me: WHAT?!?! No, it isn't!

Friend: Yeah, it is.

Me: *facepalm* No, it isn't.

Friend: You're wrong.

Me: Look it up on the Internet!

Friend: Fine then. *searches Modern Warfare 2 weapons* This is the official weapons page of Modern Warfare 2. See, there's the... oops. It's an MG4.

Me: *facepalm* I told you!

Friend: No one f***ing cares.

Me: I do.

Cpl. Ross.

MAGAZINE=CLIP!!!! (it doesn't)

Annoying friend who claims to know everything about guns

him: dude, I just unlocked the vector! (I had not played MW2 at the time)

me: the what?

him: the vector! That SMG?

me: If u r so smart, what's an smg?

him: SAS's machine gun

me: *laughs*

him: The vector is that SMG that is really small and fires insanely fast

me: You mean the KRISS super v?

him: no, its the vector, CoD does everything right!

I show him a military channel show (top ten CQB weapons)

him: Whatever, it's still the vector. But I still cant wait to unlock the AUG HBAR at 32.

me: u mean the Steyr AUG? That assault rifle is cool!

him: dude it is a LMG

me: what's an LMG?

him: large machine gun

me: *laughs* its an assault rifle!

him: it has lots of bullets and the clip (WTF) isnt in front of the trigger

me: that means it is bullpup

him: WTF

me: the MAGAZINE, not clip, is behind the trigger. That means it is bullpup

there was much more to this, I rarely talk to him now


Before I say anything more I would like to point out that the things I will list that my friends have said do NOT reflect them in general

  • I was once asked how much extra damage Stopping Power does. Having used this wiki, I was able to tell them. Having heard this, another friend asks me 'what about in real-life?'.
  • One of my friends once seriously suggested that Flamethrowers could be turned into long range precision weapons by making the barrel incredibly long and adding a high-magnification scope.


  • Knowing that a pistol does not come out of a barrel (The annoying girl in my class thinks that it does)
  • My friend thinks that a 45.ACP is stronger than a 5.56 NATO round because 45 is a larger number than 5.56 so when I correct him he flips out
  • You can't really noscope or do a 360 shot with a CheyTac Intervention, because its 17+ pounds.
  • My friends think Stopping Power is real while I keep saying its just a game perk.
  • FMJ does not really increase penetration.
  • My friends think OMA is real and that they can destroy the whole Taliban with one.


Not about fire-arm ignorance but its on a related matter.

Once I was watching Transformers 2 with one of my friends everytime a helicopter came on-screen he said "Oooh, Pavelow" everytime a plane came on-screen he whispered "AC-130U!" I just gave up trying to correct him.


My Friend (while playing with me on MW2): Your using the RPD now? I though you hated HMGs

Me: The RPD is an LMG

My Friend: But its so big! How is it a LMG.

Me: You know what an LMG is, right.

My Friend: Yeah, little machine gun, like an M16. And HMG stands for huge machine gun, like the RPD.

Me: *facepalm*


I personally cannot stand idiots who think that the Spetsnaz GRU are a terrorist organisation either, I would gladly be surrounded by the most unbelivable levels of gun ignorance if it meant people didn't persist in beliving this crap about the Russians.

Also, a lot of people here seem to think that a lot of duel-wielding of many firearms is physically impossible. I myself haven't actually fired a gun so I'm not saying anything, but what do you guys make of this?

EDIT: Oh yeah, you don't see the cartridges. I wonder how I missed that, meh.

PS: Sorry, whats a 50 BMG?


Seijana, That video is fake. You don't see the empty cartriges come out of the gun. And BMG means Browning Machine Gun. I heard from Griever you can dual wield 2 SMGs, but don't expect to hit shit. Examples of ingnorance:

I was having a discusion with my pal about miniguns, and we were discussing the Rate of Fire, then this girl happens to overhear us and says A Minigun? I would love to have one! then she makes a "Gun" with her index finger and thumb, puts the 'gun' to her eye, and says pew...pew..pew......pew my friend and I start laughing so hard we fall out of our chairs. I show her a picture of a minigun a few days later and tell her the rate of fire. then she takes six fingers and goes pewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpew. I spent the next hour Laughing. Most of my friends can't tell a AK-47 from a M16A4, but there are a few exceptions like the friend mentioned above, those who play CoD (suprised?) cause they don't believe the BS Infinity Ward or Treyarch puts in the game, and they know stuff, those who play FPS games, and a guy who likes WW2 and historic wars.


Today, July 23, 2010, I contemplated the future of this human race. This is not exactly in order, but you get the point. This occurred on Modern Warfare 2.

This is how the conversation went, all from about 1-2 games. The argument continued until I logged off

Person : I am a redneck, so I know everything about guns. You live in New York (I told him.) so you know nothin'. You can't even own a gun in New york.

Me : /facepalm... That is the single worst statement I have ever heard..

Person : I know so much about guns. I am 12, and I was born with a gun!

Me : O.K...

Person : I know so much more about guns than you.

Me : OK, how old were you when you first shot a gun?

Person : 3.
Me : Whereabouts do you live.

Person : Arkansas.

M : I now very little about guns laws in Arkansas, so ---

P : Arkansas is in New York, idiot.

M : Long silence.

M : If you think you know so much about Guns, why and when was the AK-47 made?

P : It was made cuz the Russians needed more firepower in the Cold War, and they stopped using MP5s (My Mind : No fighting was done. Idiot xD)

M : The MP5 is German, asshole.

P : It is Russian idiot.

M : /facepalms hard. Wow... So who made it?

P : The Russians cuz they needed more firepower and it was cheap.

M : IN-FUCKING-CORRECT! It was made, because shortly after the second world war, the Russians were slowly phasing out of the use of Submachine guns, and needed an Assault Rifle.

P : Yeah, cuz the americans had more firepower while they were training the Iraqis to fight the Russians. (My mind : O.o This kid is an idiot.)

M : No, the Iraqis had nothing to do with the Cold War.

P : Yuhhuh.

M : Your argument is invalid. (Game ended)

M : I hope you get smart about guns someday. Bye bye. (Left)

I was fucking pissed. He was claiming because I had never shot a gun, but I had shot a 50 caliber rifle, and a .22 over 100 rounds down that range. All in epic grouping. BUT WAIT, THERES MORE! For reading this far, you get a deleted scene he said showing his idiocy about Shotguns!

Me : ...Yeah the AA-12 is bullshit. In reality it can shoot real far.

P : No, if you get to far away, then the pellets bounce off.

M : /shakes head wildly while facepalming NOT TRUE NOT TRUE NOT TRUE! That is a bullshit story, that would never happen.

P : It did mah whole family seen it.

P : An old man did

M : Why would some asshole shoot an old man?!

P : The old man shot it.

M : That is untrue, the pellets wouldn't bounce.

P : Yeah he was target shooting.

M : That is why! A target shooting round contains much less gunpowder than an actual shell they would use in combat.

P : Nah, they were normal pellets bought at WalMart.

M : Discussion with story about WalMart greeter. (See below)

P : You can't buy a fucking shotgun at walmart idiot.

M : Yes you can, depending on where you live. Besides, they wouldn't have it open for children. DUH!

Discussion ova.


My instructor at the rifle range while at Boy Scout Camp told us about a WalMart greeter. The man in the sports section who was going to sell them the shotgun called in sick, and a walmart greeter was put there. When they walked in and asked for the shotgun, the walmart greeter then took it carefully out of the case and... pointed it at the buyers. Story over. xD



im playing MW2 the other day and some kid, obviously isnt old enough to actually buy the game, says, "The ACR, and AK47 are the best guns ever [in real life] because he has a bunch of titles.

In school, a few years ago (close to the time of CoD4's release) i drew a a Browning 50. Calibre Heavy MG and some kid came over to me and said

"Whats that?"

"A 50. cal MG"

"Thats not a 50. cal, the 50. cal is a sniper"

People who think the 'Barrett 50. Cal" is the real name for the gun. and all snipers are the M82 if they have the huge "Box-like" muzzel

The 'Deagle' term comes from CoD.

Russians WILL invade, because they are Bad

If you join the army, you get no training, but given a Barrett instantly and a ghillie suit and they let you hunt gown Osama Bin Laden

When people, in film, games and real life call magazines clips.


Me and a few friends were talking about which gun from Cod we would most like to own.

Friend A: Models, really powerfull shotgun.

Friend B: The Winchester repeating model 1887 lever action is a rifle, dumb fuck.

Me: Lol

Friend A: Maybe the Ump 45, as its really powerful over range

Me: No... the .45 ACP rounds fired by the UMP are not designed to be effective over 100 meters. The USP45 also fires this rounds.

Friend A: GTFO, the UMP and the USP are not as powerful as each other. I am right.

Friend B: The Kriss super V also fires this round.

Friend A: Kriss super what? Dont you mean the vector?

Me: Thats not what it is called.

Friend A: Yes it is.

At this point I got bored and went home.

Update! Even more stupidy revealed!!!

Me and my friend were watching future weapons

Friend: Is that a FAL?

Me: No, its a cheytech m200 sniper rifle (Facepalm)


I'm tired of seeing examples of ignorance on this page. Heres some examples:

People thinking that the Vector isn't called the vector. If thats the case then explain why its called the "KRISS Vector SMG" on the TDI products page? KRISS is the name of the system used in the SMG to reduce recoil.

Heres the product page:

Also, the Aug HBAR is in fact, a light support weapon. The steyr Aug is an assault rifle, but the Aug HBAR is a varient of the Aug. (Just like the M14EBR is a varrient of the M14) The HBAR mean heavy barreled automatic rifle which means its a longer heavier-barreled version for use as a light machine gun.

Shoulder firing the Barret M107 wouldn't break your arm, but it would be highly inaccurate, ive fired guns before, and even the lightest of guns would sway alittle bit without a stable platform to fire from. Seeing as the M107 weighs 28 pounds unloaded, it would be very hard to steady it enough for an accurate shot without a platform.


Saw someone in this group who thought the Desert Eagle was the most powerful handgun in the world. *tut tut tut*


Friend: I seen the Modern Warfare movie on Youtube and it made me think "Why doesn't the government use the Intervention more, after all they need another .50cal."

Me: What are you talking about! First the CheyTac M200 fires .408 or .375 rounds, not .50, and second, it weighs more than twenty pounds and requires specialised parts.

Friend: Shut up.


1: I was playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 with my friend on Xbox Live about a week ago. This is how it went.

Friend: Hey, can you kill yourself so I get your G-Deagle?

Me:G-Deagle? What the hell is that.

Friend: Golden Derset Eagle...

Me: It's not a "G-Deage" say it how you said the last time and no I won't down myself it'll ruin my K:D Ratio which is almost 1.00

At that time another friend joined and heard the whole thing.

Friend 2: What the hell you won't down yourself cause of you K:D ratio and then you get pissed at him for calling the Deagle by its short name.

Me: What both of it isn't right.

Friend 2: Now you're going to say I say the Gewher and UMP the wrong way...just like the Deagle.

Me: I wasn't going to but you call both of them wrong and screw both of you I'll go play Froza...

2-NOTE: This really isn't anthing bout guns but it still shows how stupid the guy who said The Desret Eagle is Deage and says the Gewher and UMP wrong is stupid lol that was confusing.

Me: So I think in Black Ops, a SOG or SOC whatever their called will replace the Marine in Nazi Zombies. The Spetnaz will replace the Russia Officer. The Vietcong will replace the Japenese officer. I don't know what will replace the German in the new Nazi Zombies.

Idiot- I think the British will replace the Russians cause they are the badguys.

Me: But the Germans and Japs were the badguys and they were in Nazi Zombies.

Idiot: Still your point is.

Me: The Russians will return and how the hell did you the the British.

Idiot: You said the Japs were bad guys because they followed the Nazis and looked up to Hilter and hated Japan so at the end of the war they turned good and that's why their in Nazi Zombies.

Me: Um no I never did. Notice how 1940s Germany was called NAZI Germany and Japan was called IMPERIAL Japan.

Idiot: You said so yourself. When Shi Nu Numa came out you said the Japs were Nazis.

Me: No most Japs gave their lives for Japan which was NAZI FREE. I said Japs will be in Nazi Zombies. It was your dumbass friend and yourself that said that. I'm suprised you're a straight A student you emo kid.

That ended it all right there.


As most people in the ATEFI have had, I have had friends who have been utterly stupid about firearms while being around me.

At school one morning while talking to my friend:

Idiot: Dude I know more about the B.A.R. than you do!

Me: Alright then, what does B.A.R. stand for? I'll give you a hint; the "B" stands for Browning!

Idiot: Browning... assault rifle?

Me: (Shakes head) No, it stands for Browning Automatic Rifle. Do you know what caliber it is chambered for?

Idiot: 5.56mm?

Me: No. .30-'06.

Idiot: No, because the B.A.R. is American, and all American guns are chambered for the 5.56mm.

Me: Fail. (walks away)

ANOTHER argument:

Me: Hey guys, wanna see my assault rifle designs?

Morons: Sure. Whatever.

Me: (pulls out my blueprints) Here they are. It's gas operated, like an AK-47 and the M16/M4.

Moron 1: Dude, you totally copied the FAMAS.

Me: What the heck are you talking about? The FAMAS is a bullpup assault rifle, this magazine is in FRONT of the trigger.

Moron 1: Yeah, but it has the same sight.

Me: You moron! WHY WOULD I COPY A FRENCH GAY GUN?!? (If you want to know why hate frenchies (they don't deserve to have their name capitalized), ask me on my talk page.)

Moron 1: It has the same magazine, too!

Moron 2: He (Retard 1) has a point.

Me: Get away from me.

I pulled out a pic of my .357:

Idiot: Dude, that's awesome! Do you have FMJ?

Me: Umm... no...

Idiot: Well you need FMJ!

Me: Dude. The bullet tip is flat. It will already blow a hole in you the size of a baseball.

Idiot: Well FMJ makes everything more powerful! Anyways, how many bullets does it hold in one clip?

Me: A couple things. One; they're rounds, not bullets. Two; CLIP?!? It's a revolver. It has a cylinder.

Idiot: It's summer, man, I don't want to learn math. (WTF?!?!)

Me: Go away.

I may type a few more incidents, but for now, just enjoy these retards.


Some stuff, said by people, claiming that they ARE the most-knowing about weapons on the planet:

  • The PRTS-41 was a Standard-Issue Sniper Rifle during WWII (it wasn't even a sniper-rifle... LOL)
  • The FAL is a modern gun from the 21st Century.
  • In reality, ALL SAS Operatives CAN throw a Knife at a special angle, so that it ricochets 1000 times and hits someone 1 kilometer away.
  • The SCAR is an American gun (nope, it's Belgian) and has replaced the M16 and M4A1.
  • All M16s are the same, but have different handguards (Duh!).
  • Real Soldiers with High Ranks would USE Blue and Red Tiger Camo.
  • All Real Snipers can run with the "Barreta (HaHa, that's a joke right?)" 50. Cal at VERY LONG distances.
  • Red Dot and Holographic Sights DON'T exist in real-life.
  • The Russian Army uses outdated technology, and that's why 2 men can take down an entire base.........
  • The SPAS-12 is a Russian Shotgun.
  • The W1200 is in use by the USMC.
  • The G3 is an older version of the FAL, and that's why it isn't in MW2.
  • In real life, ever if you're not Arnold, you can have a weapon in each of your hand, no matter what it is.
  • The Walther WA2000 is a Russian Rifle.
  • Police Riot Control units always have MP5Ks equipped.
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