Ask A Veteran now has its own wiki! where we can set up AAV for many other games alongside COD.

Do NOT add yourself to the list, somebody who is a part of AAV will review your request and add you to the appropriate list with the appropriate information. Post your question on the talk page.
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Ask A Veteran is a part of the Call of Duty Wiki

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Ask A Veteran is a way for players new to a particular Call of Duty game, or simply have a question, to find their answers from an experienced gamer.


  • To help new or inexperienced players find a more veteran gamer to help answer a question or teach tactics
  • Work to write a series of weapons' guides for the Call of Duty series


  • Keep it polite, follow COD:UTP.
  • Don't ask stupid questions (i.e. "Why do grenade launchers do more damage than a pistol?") that are common sense. Questions about weapon damage values are fine (i.e. "Does the SCAR-H do more damage at long-range than the M16A4?") because they are sensible.
  • Don't answer if you do not know what you are talking about.
  • Take the question "Does the SCAR-H do more damage at long-range than the M16A4?", a good answer would be "No, the damage multipliers for both weapons are identical at all ranges." A bad answer would be "The SCAR uses a bigger bullet than the M16 so yeah." The purpose of Ask A Veteran is to provide intelligent, informed answers, based on in-game statistics.
  • Do not add yourself to either the Veteran or Experienced Players sections without proof that you have a moderate understanding of Call of Duty dynamics and tactics. Provide these on the talk page with a request
  • Do not add a guide without prior discussion, the purpose of this is to provide good answers from experience and knowledge, not a hastily-written or biased how-to guide. Propose and organize these on the talk page

Veteran Descriptions

In both the veteran and experienced sections, a player is listed first with specialty, then console(s), a link to that user's page, and a short description of that users Call of Duty accomplishments.


A user is denoted by a single specialty title.

  • Gameplay - this denotes a user that is skilled in games overall and can provide information on both the campaign and multiplayer of the games he or she has played.
  • Tactics - a user that is skilled in multiplayer tactics above all else
  • Mechanics - one who has a greater understanding of game mechanics but is not particularly skilled in gameplay
  • Overall - one who has extensive knowledge of gameplay and game mechanics and can provide aid in almost all subjects of Call of Duty.


A user can be denoted by none or all (both representing a broad knowledge) or any combination of the console titles.

  • Xbox - denotes a user that has knowledge of Call of Duty on the Xbox
  • PS - a user that has knowledge of the Play Station versions of Call of Duty, may be followed by "2", "3", or "P" depending on the Play Station models the user is familiar with.
  • NDS - owns and has knowledge of the Nintendo DS versions of Call of Duty
  • Wii or Gamecube - knowledge of Nintendo versions of the Call of Duty games
  • Phone - a user that is able to provide assistance with phone application versions of Call of Duty


This tells the community the user's accomplishments in Call of Duty, the following guidelines are used:

  • User's current level and Prestige (if applicable)
  • Completion of Call of Duty, and which game titles.
  • If the user has experience in the less-known Call of Duty games (phone, NDS, and the older games)
  • Pronouns should be avoided, make a linear list of their accomplishments.
  • Sentence structure does not have to be used.
  • User proper grammar and spelling, we are trying to look neat and professional here.

Please use these guidelines to describe a user when adding them to whichever list they fall under, for consistency in formatting and to display the information relevant to any who might have questions to ask of a Veteran, thank you.


These are the most veteran players who provide answers from plenty of experience and an understanding of the dynamics of Call of Duty, please do not add yourself unless you can show you're an extremely experienced and skilled player. If you are a veteran, please list what console(s) you are able to provide assistance with.

Overall - Imrlybord7 - 10th Prestige 55 on Call of Duty 4 with over 30 days of playtime. 3rd Prestige 65 on World at War. 5th Prestige 70 on Modern Warfare 2. Extremely proficient in Hardcore Search and Destroy, very proficient at other Hardcore gametypes, very proficient at regular Search and Destroy, fairly proficient at other gametypes. Specializes in rushing and stealth tactics as well as predicting enemy movements. Possesses intimate knowledge of the programming of Call of Duty 4, World at War, and Modern Warfare

Tactics - Nick42294 - About 3 weeks of playing time on Call of Duty 4: 10th prestige, level 55. Call of Duty WaW: 1st prestige level 65, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: More than 2 weeks playing time. Extremely proficient at core modes.

Gameplay - Doc.Richtofen - Proficient at the Single Player, Co-Op and Multiplayer for all Call of Duty games Call of Duty 3 onwards.

Overall, PS3 - Callofduty4 - Knowledge of game dynamics and how each individual weapon works. Accumulated 24 days of multiplayer playtime on Modern Warfare 2, 7 days on World at War, 10 on Modern Warfare and 2 on Black Ops.

Overall, Nintendo DS - Hax 217 - Owns every Nintendo DS Call of Duty game and has completed each to 100%. Able to provide hints and/or assistance in multiplayer and singleplayer.

Overall, Xbox - Poketape - extensive knowledge of all Call of Duty games on Xbox, owns all map packs.

Gameplay, Xbox - WHISKEY35 9th Prestige Lvl 70 about 40 days of game play and specializes in Sniping and Camping.

Gameplay - Scottie theNerd - played every numbered COD game and have written weapon guides for several games on GameFAQs. Coached two different teams in the Australian GameArena COD:UO ladder and finished in the top 3 in consecutive seasons, specialising in Capture the Flag. Recently, reached Prestige 1 within a week of release but have not played since.

Technical Advisor, Xbox and PS3 - Mau5killer - Tech Support, hardware wise and such

Tactics, PS3 - Knotdead Yett - Eighth Prestige in Modern Warfare 2, knowledge of unusual tactics.

Special Tactics - EightOhEight - 3rd Prestige Level 11 on Modern Warfare 2. Knowledge of pros and cons of every gun, knowledge of tactics on every map. Proficient at Hardcore modes.

Tactics - Xbox - Sp3ctr3 130 Ki11er - 6th Prestige 40+ MW2, 2nd Prestige 27 BO. Knowledge of ambush routes, camping locations, sniping locations, RC-XD specialty paths, etc. Proficient in larger game types such as Ground War.

Experienced Players

These are experienced players who have played a good amount of Call of Duty but don't have quite the experience or knowledge of a true veteran, please do not add yourself unless you can show you've got a good amount of experience

Tactics, PS3 - W567123daniel - about to reach 6th Prestige in Modern Warfare two, 3rd Prestige in World at War, extensive knowledge of Nazi Zombies, experienced in Multiplayer tactics, owns Call of Duty Classic and Call of Duty 2.

Gameplay, Xbox - Darthkenobi0 - 3rd Prestige, fair amount of tactical knowledge, enormous amount of single-player experience in all COD games on Xbox (except WaW), and in the original. Third prestige, forty-something level, consistently mastered SCAR-H to Digital and FMJ, same with UMP. Knowledge of Big Red One.

Gameplay, Xbox - Rambo362 - Extensive knowledge of Modern Warfare 2 and World at War. Knowledge of Big Red One.

Overall, Xbox, Wii, PS3 - Codfan - Knowledge of Call of Duty: 4, 5 and 6, weapon dynamics and game mechanics.

Gameplay, Xbox - Cpl. Dunn - extensive knowledge of single-player, multiplayer experience with splitscreen. Knowledge of Big Red One.

Gameplay - Foxtrot12 - extensive singleplayer and Spec Ops experience, knowledge of custom classes and unusual tactics.

Tactics, PS3 - SkullRod - extensive amount of playtime on Call of Duty 4.

Tactics - The-Dreamcaster - extensive amount of multiplayer experience, 10th Prestige for a large period of playtime.

Tactics - StB - extensive amount of multiplayer experience, 10th Prestige.


These guides will serve as easy how-to articles for those who need help with using a particular weapon. Guides are denoted by the Guide template. Before creating a guide please discuss it on the talk page.

Weapon Guides

Playstyle Guides

Other Guides

Thanks to StB, Imrlybord7, and Callofduty4 for writing our first official guides!