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The AK-47 is one of the most iconic and famous firearms in the world. It is featured as one of the "high-end" assault rifles in Modern Warfare 2. With the right blend of perks and attachments, it is a devastating weapon in the hands of any player.


Damage - 40-30 (56-42 with stopping power)
Recoil - Medium
Rate of Fire - ~700RPM
Magazine Size - 30 rounds (45with ex. mags)
Wall Penetration - Moderately High


  • High Power
  • Manageable Recoil
  • High ROF
  • Clear Iron Sights
  • Large Magazines


  • Most attachments add idle sway
  • Rarely will find ammunition without Scavenger
  • Iron Sights can be confusing for some players


The AK-47 can accept the same attachments as all other Assault Rifles in MW2. However, using any attachment besides the ACOG Sight idle sway is added to the weapon. This is the only assault rifle in the game featuring idle sway, apart from those using Thermal Scopes. Using no attachments whatsoever or using the ACOG will make the weapon have zero sway.

  • Grenade Launcher (5/10) - A moderately useful attachment - it is useful in a way that any Grenade Launcher is. However, if seeking a Grenade Launcher Assault rifle class, a different rifle is a better choice, because of the addition of idle sway. If sway does not bother the user, this attachment can be very useful.

One positive aspect of using the Grenade Launcher on the AK is that it takes less time to switch to than other Rifles switching to their GL's are. This can be helpful in finishing off a target quickly if reloading is needed.

  • Red Dot Sight (5/10) - It's down to personal preference over the iron sights; some players may find them confusing, but using an RDS does not remove the front sight, somewhat negating its effect, and also being more obstructive than most Red Dot Sights. Some players do prefer it as it helps acquiring targets faster.
  • Silencer (8/10) - Unlike in CoD4, the AK does not receive a damage decrease while using a silencer. This makes it a very useful stealth assault rifle, as it still retains its high power. However, the TAR-21 is probably a better alternative for this role due to its higher ROF.
  • ACOG Scope (8/10) - The ACOG sight is the only attachment which doesn't add sway. This makes the AK-47 an alternative to a sniper rifle in Hardcore, due to its high power. It is also useful in this aspect as it is useful for close quarters as well. In Core, however it is not as useful as it makes the recoil slightly higher.
  • FMJ (9/10) - The AK-47's moderate accuracy and already high wall penetration boost the effectiveness of FMJ. The rifle also has a large magazine, so it is unlikely that users will run out if going for penetration kills.
  • Shotgun (3/10) - The AK-47 is useful in CQB as well as at long range, so adding sway with a weak shotgun is not a wise choice.
  • Holographic Sight (5/10) - Same as the RDS. Personal preference over the regular sights.
  • Heartbeat Sensor (6/10) - Similar in effect to the Shotgun, adding sway with an attachment which can be made useless by players using Ninja, and also as it cannot be viewed while ADS. Could be useful for attaining FMJ kills however, by locating enemies through walls.
  • Thermal Scope (5.5/10) - Can be useful in hardcore where the AK-47 can make one-shot kills at any range granted the target does not have painkiller, last/final stand, or is behind a surface. Less useful in core, where the recoil becomes a lot more noticeable.
  • Extended Mags (6/10) - Moderately useful. The magazine is already large, and the weapon is powerful, so prolonged firing is not usually necessary. It may serve some use in Ground War games of Domination or TDM where large groups of enemies are frequent.


In order to make the AK-47 as effective as possible, perks are very important.

Tier 1Edit

  • Scavenger - Useful for games where deaths are infrequent and where repleneshing equipment or GP-25 Grenades is useful.
  • Sleight of Hand - Useful for games of Demolition where small waves of enemies are frequent, meaning reloading will also be needed often.
  • One Man Army - Great for rapid tactic-changing. For example having three classes with OMA and the AK-47 can provide versatility for different situations throughout a game. This is also useful with the AK especially as it is one of few weapons which have little need for a sidearm.

Tier 2Edit

  • Stopping Power - Not especially a necessity with the rifle, as it has large magazines, high power and a high ROF. Useful if Scavenger is not used.
  • Hardline - Extra damage is usually not needed, so this perk helps with obtaining killstreaks.
  • Cold Blooded - This combined with a silencer makes a good stealth class.

Tier 3Edit

  • Steady Aim - The AK-47 is already useful in CQB as it has a High ROF, but steady aim can be used as a last resort for desperate encounters.
  • SitRep - Useful as the AK has high penetration which can help in destroying equipment through walls, and surprising enemies.


The AK-47 is an extremely versatile weapon which can fill a variety of roles.

Objective DefenceEdit

  • AK-47 attachment - Grenade Launcher
  • Perk 1 - Scavenger
  • Perk 2 - Hardline or Danger Close
  • Perk 3 - SitRep


  • AK-47 attachment - FMJ
  • Perk 1 - Sleight of Hand
  • Perk 2 - Stopping Power
  • Perk 3 - Steady Aim

Behind Enemy LinesEdit

  • AK-47 attachment - Suppressor
  • Perk 1 - Marathon
  • Perk 2 - Cold-Blooded
  • Perk 3 - Ninja


  • AK-47 attachment - Grenade Launcher and RDS
  • Perk 1 - Bling
  • Perk 2 - Stopping Power
  • Perk 3 - Ninja
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