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Tactical Sniping is a style of gameplay blending elements of the tactics effected by snipers with riflemen's tactics. Tactical sniping is often done with either assault or sniper rifles, but can be implemented using submachine guns (this is not recommended as SMGs are generally lower-damage).

How ToEdit

Tactical sniping is a blend of the stealth used when sniping, and the quick movements of a rifleman. Properly implementing this tactic relies on a player's ability to play shots on-target consistently (for practicing any manner of shots, the Museum can be very helpful).

Tactical sniping also depends on the ability of a player to vary movements and move into good sniping positions without having to focus too much on said movements, allowing the player to maintain watch for enemy players.

On wide, open maps such as Derail, tactical sniping is most effective when done from a concealed position, with an assault rifle to compensate for an enemy's ability to move more freely. On tighter maps like Terminal, a sniper rifle (such as the Intervention) can be more effective because of the choke points and limited flanking options and cover.

When using any weapon with a sniper scope, Thermal Scope, ACOG Scope or large magazine (an LMG), it is recommended that a pistol or machine pistol be used as the sidearm, as they provide quick swaps in the case that the player is quickly rushed, flanked, or runs out of ammunition during one such incident.

Assault RiflesEdit

Tactical sniping using assault rifles is the most common form of this tactic, and is generally done using the ACOG Scope attachment, but is easily done using any sight configuration granted the player knows how to properly position himself and target an enemy.

Using an AR for tactical sniping is generally preferred because of the higher magazine capacity and rate-of-fire.

Sniper RiflesEdit

Tactical sniping utilizing a sniper rifle is generally used for longer ranges than with assault rifles, due to lower rates-of-fire and magazine capacity.

Although sniper rifles are less effective at closer ranges, and have lower ammunition capacities, they have higher damage multipliers, meaning that less hits are required to get a kill.

Light Machine GunsEdit

When using a light machine gun to tactical snipe, it is essentially the same as using an assault rifle, with the exception of longer reload times and larger magazines. This is both an advantage and disadvantage. The longer reload time leaves a player vulnerable for precious seconds, however the large magazine allows players to continually place fire down-range. LMGs are recommended for those not looking for high killstreaks, or those situations during which a player can find effective cover behind which to reload.

Recommended WeaponsEdit

Some weapons simply aren't that good for marksmanship.


The FAL is a versatile weapon and can be used easily with any sight, for tactical sniping (though the iron-sights are not recommended when compared to the Thermal or Holographic Sight).

  • ACOG, Holographic (increases damage) or Thermal (for longer ranges on non-winter maps)
  • Stopping Power (three-hit kills, two with Holo - on Core modes)
  • FMJ or no second attachment
  • Cold-Blooded
  • Steady-Aim Pro or Ninja Pro

Hardcore recommended, so that ACOG and silencer can be used for one-hit kill


Much like the FAL, the SCAR-H is a versatile weapon and can be used in almost any configuration for marksmanship.

  • Any sight
  • Silencer or FMJ (both if no sight attached)
  • Steady Aim Pro
  • Stopping Power Pro

The SCAR-H is recommended to be used with quicker tactics, blending tactical sniping with rushing, for the most effective ability to weaken then take an enemy position; for this the FMJ-Silencer combo is recommended.

The SCAR-H when paired with a Thermal Scope becomes quite akin to a sniper rifle and can be use as such, its damage being the same as the M14 EBR.

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