This page in a nutshell:
Feel free to take initiative as long as you feel like it is helpful.

Be bold! Edit

"Go for it."
— Wikipedia on being bold

A wiki is a place where anyone can edit — and make decisions. While most of those decisions should be taken into the forums, other decisions that are obviously in good faith and will benefit the wiki do not require a forum, and can be put into effect immediately.

Being bold also comes into effect when editing articles. Instead of noticing a change and worrying about it, remember that we want you to be bold and edit the page yourself. You will not be reprimanded if you do something wrong, other editors must assume good faith and will undo your edit or edit it as required.

If there is a conflict between users, feel free to step in and resolve any issues between them. We always want users who help settle disputes and make the wiki a better, and more friendly, place.

...but be careful... Edit

While boldness in contributors like you is one of our best allies, it is strongly important that editors take care of the common good and not edit recklessly. Of course, any changes you make that don't turn good can and will be reverted. It is important not to be insulted or insult other users if your changes are reverted or enhanced. But there are some significant changes that can be long-lasting and that are harder to fix if need be. If you have questions about anything, just ask around for advice, we'll be glad to help.

It is easier most of the time to see that something is not right rather than to know exactly what would be right. We do not require that everyone has to be bold. After all, commenting that something in an article is incorrect can be the first step to getting it fixed or enhanced. It is true, however, that problems are more certain to be fixed, and will probably be fixed faster, if you are bold enough to do it yourself.

Also this policy is only an essay for users that are unsure about edits, it should not be used in the War Room as a response to an idea being put forward.

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