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Blog patrol is a usergroup given to trusted users which allows them to delete blog comments. This allows us to maintain blogs more efficiently and hopefully clean up more bad comments.




How to join[]

Leave a request here. A bureaucrat will tend to it.


To delete a comment, click the delete link on it, which will appear when a comment is hovered over. From there, leave a reason in the interface and then submit it. If deleting a comment from a dead blog, then the commenting should be disabled in order to prevent any further bumping.

Sactage has also made a speedy delete script for blog comments, which can be viewed here. To use it, just copy it into your Wikia.js file. A drop-down menu will appear next to the normal deletion link on the blog comments, just select a reason and hit "Delete (Speedy)".


This user is part of the Blog Patrol.

To use, simply put {{BP}}.