This is the blogging policy.

Wishlist Blogs

There will be no making of wishlist blogs. All wishlist blogs made on or before August 21, 2011 will be kept.

News Blogs

Blogs relating to Call of Duty related news may only be created by the News team. Duplicate blogs will be deleted on sight. If a user creates a news blog before a News Team member, it may be moved to a News Team member's name with credit given to the original author.

Recruiting Blogs

Blogs made to recruit users to groups, clans, etc. are not allowed.

Opinion Blogs

All users can make opinion blogs (such as reviews or opinions about a certain topic in Call of Duty) which can then be categorized with Category:Opinion blogs by a News Team member if the blog is good enough (covers enough detail about the topic, preferably unbiased and well-written, etc.) to show up on the main page.

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