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BARLs (Bolt-Action Rifle Lovers) is a recreational group made for people that love bolt-action rifles.

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  35. EEA
  36. Era of Anarchy
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  39. Ghost Leader
  40. gic1998
  41. HeatedPete
  42. Helix Armada
  43. II Superlative
  44. Infected32
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  46. JCEHunter
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  48. Lieutenant Mikey
  49. Lucas88bam
  50. Maj.Gage
  51. Matt of the wastes
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  53. Munchable901
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  55. Peter Griffen Boy
  56. PFC.Stockholm
  57. Quiggles943
  58. SaintofLosAngelesXD(m)
  59. Seijana
  60. Sgt. M
  61. Sgt.Safe-Sex
  62. Sgt.Sandwich
  63. Shepherd's ghost
  64. Smuff
  65. Squelchy
  67. TBE xGHOSTx
  68. Thomp .45
  69. Toilet Bowl Soldier
  70. ToShootToKill
  71. Ukimies
  72. W567123daniel
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  77. TheManUtdFan
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  80. Sgt. Collins
  81. Acceptable overkill
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  84. Cpl.KIA
  85. DarkLocustSlayer
  86. Destroyerofmw2
  87. evertonpat
  88. FAL expert
  89. Fall 50 cal.
  90. Fizzle123
  91. Griffon26
  92. Hell Tr00ps
  93. Herbalise
  94. Hihibob
  95. Hooligan1
  96. I lov AA-12
  97. ILoveGravy
  98. jimquixy
  99. JoeRamirez
  100. LITE992
  101. LJ_the_second
  102. LTC Baik
  103. marcus129
  104. Mrpwn187
  105. Mw2BEAST1o1
  106. My Wunderwaffle iz missin
  107. N00bAssassin
  108. Nardei99
  109. Nlmgr
  110. noahg11
  111. Oddgame
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  113. owner975
  114. Rambo362
  115. Rampantlion513
  116. Rays131
  117. Reznov115
  118. roach456
  119. Salman474
  120. Squelliot
  121. TheAngryWhopper
  122. VeRiCaR
  123. warpanda13
  124. wontbackdown
  125. xDEATHMAN4aP90x
  126. Zuhair1234
  127. Žirovski
  128. Aays
  129. Goerge4639
  130. MahooMushi
  131. JJP!
  132. mw2pwnblackops
  133. GILLARDMAN313
  134. Bogging4
  135. CDaLITE
  136. jitters3
  137. PkedU2Fast
  138. ModernWarHead610
  139. RC95
  140. butthead4
  141. AK47 lover
  142. FireBird- 18:11, September 24, 2011 (UTC)
  143. Mirage 17:14, September 23, 2011 (GMT+8)
  144. N0ScOpZ
  145. Soapy MacPrice
  146. EnemyHunter
  147. Delije Sever 1989

Favorite Bolt-Action Rifle

Please be orderly and follow the previous examples of other users.

  1. Peter Griffen Boy In Call of Duty: M40A3 Real Life: Barrett M95.
  2. Cpl. Dunn: In Call of Duty: Intervention Real Life: C14 Timberwolf
  3. II Superlative: In Call of Duty: Intervention Real Life: Barrett M98B
  4. General Cain:In Call of Duty: Intervention In real life Barrett M95.
  5. DevilWarrior112: In Call of Duty: Intervention Real Life: Barrett M95.
  6. VeRiCaR: In Call of Duty: Intervention In Real Life: M40A3
  7. NICHOLAS8942 In COD: Intervention, In Real Life:Barrett M95 Compact .50Cal
  8. W567123daniel: In Call of Duty: Intervention, in Real Life: None
  9. SSDGFCTCT9: In Call of Duty: Arisaka in Real life: Karibiner 98 Kurz
  10. TheAngryWhopper: In Call of Duty : Intervention, in Real Life : L96 Accuracy International
  11. CodExpert: In CoD: M40A3 Real Life: Lee-Enfield
  12. Sgt. Me: In Call of Duty: Intervention Real Life: Non
  13. HeatedPete In Call of Duty: R700 In Real Life: L96 Accuracy International
  14. Rambo362: In Call of Duty: Intervention In Real Life: Springfield
  15. Cpl. Wilding: In Call of Duty: Kar-98 In Real Life: M24
  16. Smuff: In Call of Duty: Arisaka. In Real Life: Intervention
  17. Badmandan: In Call of Duty: Kar98k. In Real Life: Intervention
  18. Sgt.Safe-Sex: In Call of Duty: Arisaka. In Real Life: SV-98
  19. WHISKEY35: In Call of Duty: Intervention. In real life: Remington Model700 SPS Tactical
  20. Destroerofmw2: In Call of Duty: . In real life: none
  21. FAL expert: In Call of Duty: Interventio. In real life: Parker Hale M85
  22. Hell Tr00ps: In Call of Duty: mosin nagant. In Real Life: SV-98
  23. Maj.Gage: In Call of Duty: MAS 36. In real life: Sako TRG 42
  24. Beastly20: In Call of Duty: Intervention. In real life: CheyTac M200 (Intervention)
  25. Blinzy45: In Call of Duty: M40A3. In Real Life: L115 Accuracy International
  26. Toilet Bowl Soldier: In Call of Duty: M40A3 Rifle. In Real Life:M91/30 Rifle
  27. Matt of the wastes: In Call of Duty: Intervention. In Real Life: Barret M95.
  28. ConzoMc: In Call of Duty: M40A3. In Real Life Barret M99.
  29. Infected32: In CoD: Intervention. Reality: Springfield
  30. Salman44: In Call of Duty: Mosin Nagant. In Real Life: Mosin Nagant
  31. TBE xGHOSTx: In Call of Duty: M40A3 w/ ACOG. In real life: Lee Enfield .303
  32. Shotrocket6: In Call of Duty: Mosin Nagant. In Real Life: Barrett M99
  33. CoD addict: In Call of Duty: Arisaka. In Real Life: Remington 700P
  34. Braden 0.0: In Call of Duty: Kar98k. In Real Life: L118A
  35. Fall 50 cal. in call of duty: intervention. in real life: M40A3
  36. EEA: CoD: Intervention. Reality: Intervention (really called CheyTac M200; Intervention is the name of the computerized target-acquisition and aiming assistance system built into the rifle).
  37. DJRosetta: In Call of Duty: Mosin-Nagant. In Real Life: M1903 Springfield
  38. Era of Anarchy: COD: Intervention. In reality: Chey Tac M200 AKA Intervention in MW2.
  39. Mw2BEAST1o1:COD4:M40A3.In reality:M40A3
  40. Oddgame: in Call of Duty: R700. In real life: Intervention
  41. Rampantlion513: in Call of Duty: Intervention. In real life: Springfield
  42. ToShootToKill: in Call of Duty: Mosin-Nagant. In real life: Lee Enfield.
  43. My Wunderwaffle iz missin: In Call of Duty: Cheytac Intervention. In real life: L96A1 Arctic Wolf
  44. Acceptable overkill: in Call of Duty: Lee Enfield. In Real life: C15 McMillan Tac-50
  45. Nel Angelo97: In Call of Duty: Barret M82A1. In Real Life: H&K PSG1
  46. Pillsbury810:In Call of Duty: Intervention. In Real Life: M40A3
  47. Chubbaking:In Call of Duty:M40A3. In real life : L115A3
  48. Shepherd's ghost: In Call of Duty: WaW Mosin-Nagant. In real life: Remington 700
  49. Nlmgr: in Call of Duty: Intervention. In Real Life M40A3
  50. I lov AA-12: In Call of Duty: Intervention. In Real life: Kar98k
  51. JoeRamirez: In Call of Duty: Intervention. In Real life: M24
  52. LTC Baik: In Call of Duty and Real Life: Springfield M1903.
  53. Zuhair1234: In Call of Duty: M40A3 Real Life: L96A1.
  54. Fizzle123: In Call of Duty: M21. Real Life: M1903
  55. Ghost Leader: In Call of Duty: M40A3. Real Life: M24 SWS & Blaser R93
  56. xDEATHMAN4aP90x: In Call of Duty: M40A3. In Real Life: Mosin-Nagant
  57. Thomp .45: In Call of Duty: Intervention. In Real LIfe: (Do I have to have used it? If not) Accuracy International L96.
  58. BravoAlphaSix: In Call of Duty: R700. In Real life: Remington 700
  59. Griffon26: In Call of Duty: Intervention.,In Real life: Chey Tac M2000
  60. 1992mango: In Call of Duty: M1891 Mosin Nagant. In real life M1903A3 Springfield
  61. marcus129 : In Call Of Duty: Mosin-Nagant In real life: M28 Mosin-Nagant
  62. JPanzerj: In Call of Duty, the Mosin-Nagant. In Real Life, the Lee-Enfield.
  63. ILoveGravy: In Call of Duty: Mosin-Nagant. In real life: None
  64. Cpt. Riley: In Call of Duty: Intervention (weapon) In Real Life: CheyTac M200
  65. Seijana: In Call of Duty: M40A3. In reality: None
  66. Apotheosis CM: In Call of Duty: M40A3. In Real Life: Remmington 700
  67. Dempsy115: In Call of Duty: Kar98k. In real life: Kar98k
  68. wontbackdown in both real and cod the r700
  69. Happy Boy: In Call of Duty: M40A3 In Real Life: None
  70. JCEHunter: CoD; Mosin-Nagant= Real life; Mosin-Nagant '91 /30
  71. User: Sparky the psychic spartan In Call Of Duty: Intervention (weapon) in real life: CheyTac M200
  72. Sgt.Sandwich In Call of Duty: R700 Real Life: Type 38 rifle Arisaka.
  73. Sgt.Sickness In Call Of Duty: Intervention In Real Life: Intervention Cheytac
  74. Nuchiha101; Call of Duty: Intervention. Real Life: Remington 788
  75. LJ_the_second: Call of Duty: Intervention. In real life: M1903 Springfield
  76. roach456: CoD: Kar98k. Real life: M200
  77. Reznov115: Call of Duty: Kar98k Real life: Remigton 700
  78. LITE992: Call of Duty: Mosin-Nagant Real Life: M40
  79. Sgt.Robin: Call of Duty: Mosin-Nagant. Real Life:The Real life equivalent of the Barrett .50 cal
  80. SkillsNdeep: CoD:Arisaka Real Life:M25
  81. noahg11:in cod L96A1.IRL:ditto
  82. gic1998 In Call of Duty: Intervention IRL: Gewehr 98
  83. Hihibob- In CoD: M1903 Springfield w/ Bayonet In Real Life: M1903 Springfield w/ any attachment
  84. NOVA7: in call of duty:intervention in Real Life:Brügger & Thomet APR
  85. Jellomold 666: In CoD: Intervention In Real Life: None
  86. Aays: In Call of Duty: Intervention In Real Life: L96A1
  87. MahooMushi : In Call of Duty: M40A3
  88. Goerge4639: In Call of Duty:M40A3. In Real Life: Lee-Enfield SMLE
  89. JJP!: In Call of Duty: Intervention In Real Life: L96A1
  90. mw2pwnsblackops in cod : intervention 4 real : L96A1
  91. jittes3 in COD : Mosin Nagant Real : C14 Timberwolf
  92. PkedU2Fast: in CoD : M40A3, in real life: R700.
  93. ModernWarHead610: In CoD: Intervention, In real life: CheyTac Intervention
  94. CDaLITE: In CoD: L96A1, In Real Life: Ruger M77 Mark II
  95. RC95: In CoD: Mosin-Nagant, MSR. In real life: changes, but mostly the Chey Tac M200, and SV-98
  96. Mirage: In COD: Intervention, In real life: Barrett M95
  97. EnemyHunter: In Call of  Duty: MSR. Real life: L96A1.
  98. Delije Sever 1989: COD - R700 IRL - M24

Stories involving a Bolt-Action Rifle


One time I was using the Intervention on Estate, it was ground war, my team was three kills away from ending the game. So I think I see a guy so I headshot him, and BAM It was a triple collateral. The GWKC was sick, every one was like aww sick dude.


I was on Invasion and I shot the Intervention from down the street and my brother was running away on the opposite side of him (On the enemy team, too.) I fired from the hip... HEADSHOT!!! No steady aim or perk like that. IT WAS GAME WINNING KILL!


On Cod4 Overgrown at the start of the match i went to the fence across he map from the bridge. I got a lag double because of a guy on the other side looking through the fence and a guy crossing the bridge. It leveled me up and gave me red tiger M40. Only time I have ever said "Thank God for lag."

Cpl. Dunn

I was playing against my brother and my friend on Estate and I was using the Intervention. I was camping in one of the top windows of the house. I saw my brother so I shot him in the head. My friend then ran up and knifed me in the back. He picked up my sniper rifle. Luckily, but unluckily, I spawned very close to the house. He saw me and tried to shoot me. He is a very bad shot so he only hit my foot. I ran forward, jumped, spun around (Showed off), and no-scoped him. I got a headshot. The next kill was the game winning kill. I scoped in while prone, and shot him in the head.


Imagine you're playing an 8 on 8 team deathmatch on Wasteland with 1 life per person and you are using a silenced intervention and your whole team apart from you and someone else have been picked off and all of the enemies are alive. You hear gunfire and find yourself about 50 meters away from a very fat enemy firing at your friend you decide to pick him off and you find yourself getting the whole team in one shot collateral the GWK was sick.

CoD addict

I was playing on the map Makin in Call of Duty: World at War, using the Arisaka with a Bayonet. I was running around stabbing people, but when I realized that everyone and their mother was an MP40-wielding Juggernoob, I decided to play it safe. I hid in the bushes and picked off people one by one. Suddenly, after I had fired and given away my position, I was charged by a Juggernoob. I sighted in and quickly fired at him, assuming I was fucked. Luckily enough, in the half a second I took to aim, I got a headshot, instantly killing him. I reveled in the "ping" sound made by the bullet penetrating his helmet and subsequently exiting the back of his head. Juggernaut can't help ya now, buddy, can it?


I've got two of them. The first one, I was using the Intervention on Karachi, prone on the tin rooftop near the bus and the cafe. I see two opposing players running toward the rubble of the destroyed building in the center of the map, coming from the opposite side of the map, one behind the other. I scope in and line up a headshot on the first one, and at the exact moment I take the shot, the other player moved behind the first, and I got a double headshot with one bullet. The second one, I was playing on Afghan, again using the Intervention. I was behind the rocks that form a v-shape near the small crop behind the small pillbox. I had my sights on a player just outside of the entrance to the big pillbox that is covered from above by a net. I lined up a headshot, and again, at the exact moment I take the shot, an opposing player moved directly in front of my scope, so I got a collateral with one headshot. Intervention ftw.


I was playing Team Tactical(Demolition) on Scrapyard with an Intervention FMJ and I was in front of the big building were you can snipe from the windows and this guy comes up and kills me. I respawned in that building and ran a little bit and decided to noscope through the wall in a one time effort to kill him. Amazingly, I got that guy with a headshot and killed another guy who happened to be one of the plane fuselages. In short, I randomly got a noscope collateral through a wall and a plane fuselage. If only it was a game winning Killcam!


I was using the Intervention w/ACOG on Wasteland. I run up behind the small house next to B and see an enemy sniper looking towards A. I pull up my scope to shot him in the head and the instant I pull the trigger his teammate runs out of the small house directly in front of me. Double headshot.

Era of Anarchy

I was playing Domination on Skidrow. I was sniping down the long hallway in the building where flag B is. I was on the side closest to the laundry room alleyway. I got 3 collaterals in a row with the Intervention. I wound up calling in 3 Apaches that match.


I was playing TDM at Skidrow. I was in the room with the turrent. Intervention out, ready to shoot. One enemy comes. BANG. Shot. Right as I shot some enemy came behind him. Before I know it, I have Collateral Damage.

My Wunderwaffle iz missin

On Terminal, when I was trying to get my thermal scope with the Intervention, (You get the thermal scope by getting kills with ACOG) I got several kills and heard a Tac Insertion go off. After a couple minutes of searching I found them and took both out with one shot. One guy respawned and tried to knife me and failed having another bullet in his head, even though I was 6 inches from him. Finally I got the Game winning kill on both boosters humiliating them and the last kill happened to be enough to unlock my thermal scope.


I know this isn't in Call of Duty, but it does involve a BOLT-ACTION RIFLE. I was on the map Isla Innocentes in Bad Company 2 and was attacking a port village with M-Com stations on. I was using the M24 (R700 in CoD4) and was scanning for targets near one of the M-Com stations. I spot a well emplaced Sniper, and lined the scope up with his head. I then adjust for distance (about 200 metres) and fired. However, as the my gun fires, a bullet from another sniper (on my team!!!!!) fires at myself, knocks my aim to the right and down and I miss. However, my shot arcs towards a C4 satchel, hits it, and blows up the M-Com station nearby, and detonates an ordanance box by a house, destroying the last remaining wall on it and causes it to collapse, killing 3 guys with D2.0. So, one shot to take out one sniper turned into 1 shot that took out an M-Com station, a house and three enemy shooters!


So I was snip'in with my M1903 in WaW, and I'm talking to my cousin about the M1903. He insists that its crap and how the SEMI AUTO M1 Garand Scoped is supireor (sorry for the spelling :P). He was watching me and said how bad I was doing, but right then I got a nice lil' collateral. BITCH.


This is my amazing story using a Bolt-Action. I was playing Port Valdez on Bad Company 2 with the GOL Super Magnum. We were losing and the guys were camping and taking out our guys. I went up to a part of a building and took aim. I saw a guy in my sights. Little did I know that his teamate would run past him and I wound up getting a Collateral.

Brody 8100

is was on highrise and you know at the begging of the match the snipers shoot across the map. Just to be fancy i did a 360 and BAM! tripple heatshot and a hit marker

Matt of the wastes

I was playing HC SD on mw2 at wasteland and had an Intervention. We were losing. My friend and I were last ones on team and others had full team. Friend took out half team with AUG HBAR when they were all camping at B so there was 3 people left. I quickscoped a sniper on rafters ontop of a little house. Then i was randomly spinning near C and I saw the last people left. One was a knifer and other sniper. Knifer running up to me and sniper lining me up so then I stopped spinning then spun again half zoomed in then fired. 360 Quickscope Double headshot baby!


I was playing team deathmatch in Estate with my Intervention Thermal FMJ w/ Urban. I was doing my best to get extended mags, so I saw a thermal signature on the top of the estate staircase. Just as I fired an enemy runs across my crosshair. BANG! I fire get a bullet penetration through the moving target and into the second target's head just to get Extended Mags for my Intervention.


Now the bolt action rifle I used was without a scope, equipped with a bayonet, had stopping power, no steady aim and was during night, so imagine how hard this was for me but i pulled through, enjoy! In Call of Duty: World at War, I was playing sabotage on Makin (Night), as soon as the game started I ran across the map to get to the "tree tower" to cover the center and southern flanks. I was using a M1891 Mosin Nagant rifle and I as soon as I climbed the two ladders to get to the tower I was immediately under automatic fire. With my rifle I took out 3 Americans while exposed through the main window. I used my Recon Plane to spot target positions and I got 3 kills from halfway across the map while again exposed to sniper fire. With that I called in Artilley Strikes in the center area of the maps. With that happening my Artillery actually gained no kills unbelievably and I got my 7th kill from some American trying to climb my ladder and I bayoneted him. I called in Dogs and I still didn't get a gain in kills!! So with 7-0, I stayed in the tower and with my bayonet I was prepared to lunge at anyone trying to overrun the tower. Dodging grenades, fire from below (let me remind you this tower was all thin grass/wood material), and Artillery Strikes. I gained about 10 more kills just with my rifle from many trying to sneak by in the ocean, and ladder area. With 17-0, I was low on ammo and was like fuck! But luckily some teammates came up to help but when they exposed themselves and were soon killed, I actually found Mosin Nagant ammo from them! I had 2 Mosin Nagant rifles with a total of 64 rounds to last me! After multiple kills from my rifle alone, I soon beat my previous best killstreak of 21 and was soon at 25! But by then near the end of the round with about 2 minutes to go, I swithed to my sidearm and tried to acquire enemy weapons on the ground. With myself exposed and running to find enemy ammunition I soon realized that the weapons I found were not as good as my rifle and I soon went back up into the tower and used the last of my ammo. With the score 31-0, I retreated back to my spawn point so I won't get killed, but as soon as I was about to sneak to the ocean under the cover of darkness, the game was ended by the host with Sudden Death just beginning! Damn I was so happy that I even changed all my Class Sets to just bolt action rifles!!!!!!!!!! And Damn a rifle that can get you all 31 kills without the help of killstreak rewards??? One hell of a weapon!


I was using the Arisaka Bayonet doing Banzai Charges on the Marine Raiders on Makin Day. I was in the main tower firing, then I heard the footsteps. I jumped out of my hiding spot to find an enemy running towards me, with another guy following him. I stabbed the first guy with my Bayonet and then shot the guy behind him. At that moment another enemy was running through the 'Cross-Roads' at the centre of the map. As I lined up my shot for the guy right in front of me, I killed the guy running through the middle of the map at the same time. I was in awe at what had just happened. my face was like this: =O. I then went on to win the game with a final score of 29- 3 - 5.


Three tales of triumph (plus one fail):

Once I was camping down the back of Crossfire's main road in the building with half then roof missing and the matresses. It was a hardcore team deathmatch and the Marines were being total idiots, they never seemed to seriously think about what to do about me. In the end I got a 19 killstreak with my M40A3, and blue tiger for it ino the bargain!

Another time I was using my scoped Arisaka on Roundhouse (not camping this time) and for some reason after a whole load of shit had just flown through the air, I was standing up aiming down my scope at a random German guy. Just as I fired at him some German sniper ran in behind him and gave me a double headshot!

I was especially happy about that because (here comes the fail) in the previous match on Seelow a German sniper had got a double headshot on me and another teammate...

On a ground war match on Estate, I had been camping on top of the greenhouse with my silenced Intervention (yes I was dumb enough to use it without hardcore or Stopping Power). Then I saw a couple of 141 guys down near the garage. I only had a bullet to lose, so I aimed and fired. Not only was it a headshot despite the silencer, but it was the game winning kill.


Once i was playing free for all on Hanger and i was sniping, using a scoped Springfield. I was camping on the catwalk. A noob thought he was invincible, and ran full speed ahead at me. He raised his PTRS-41, and started to attempt to do a 360 no-scope. Of couse, he was like a bat: Blind. EVERY single shot missed me. When he was starting to reload, another guy ran in, with a type 99. I raised my sprinbgfield and quickly pulled the trigger. The result? COLLATERAL! They must have got pretty annoyed, cause the next thing they both left.

Helix Armada

I was in Domination on Crossfire in Call of Duty 4, and I was OpFor with an M40A3. I had set up shop in one of the buildings near C flag and I noticed an enemy sniper in a window. I lined up the crosshairs and fired. Just as I squeezed the trigger, one of his teammates ran behind him. Collateral Damage challenge complete.


i was on demolition on overgrown with the intervention and i camped in the minigun house after i planted my claymore i turned and sniped three of them trying to plant the bomb i got all of my killstreaks

The Real Sniper

Domination on outskirts on WAW. Mosin-Nagant scoped. 46and2. 4:1 kill to heasdshot ratio. Triple headshot while jumping off the church tower NO KIDDING. Beat that. Legitimately of course. no steam crap or pc console.

Sgt. Sickness

S&D on highrise very first round, like usual i decide to go to the window to snipe with my intervention with my friend i started to shoot and so did he but guess what the whole emmy team were snipers and were doing the same thing as me so i decide to noscope and to my surprise 1 noscope killed 6 players for round winning kill!!! To bad i wasn't recording.

JCEHunter 16:40, August 19, 2010 (UTC)


I have two from the old Nazi Zombies on Black Ops, both in Der Riese: I had a Kar98k quickscoping (after patch) and three zombies come from the spawn to the left of the mainframe, so I go for the head and BOOM they died. A few matches later, I get the L96 from the random box and get a bunch random noscopes(also done in Nacht der Untoten).


I was playing Ground War Domination on Invasion with my Intervention on the PC. I was defending the B flag from enemies approaching it from the C flag. I found a low wall to take cover behind, as I saw a large group of enemies headed my way. I scoped in, killed one, crouched, cycled the bolt, stood, fired, repeated numerous times, never unscoping. At one point I completed All Pro, and got an AC-130 in the process (without the help of other killstreaks). I was killed immediately after getting the AC-130. Many players were applauding my skill.


I was playing domination on Nuketown camping out behind the little fallout shelter and got a triple collaterall followed by a double across map no-scope.

Another time I was on Array in capture the flag and took out three enemies with my L96A1 before I got downed by someone using a Famas.


So there I was, alterIWNET, MW2, I was playing on an IF (Irish Fusiliers) iBolt Server, in Highrise I had an Intervention Silenced for stealth, So, the opponent, had a jetpack, and luckily I got a quickscoping headshot from an opponent MID-AIR, my ping was 380! SO look at that! My luckiest Quickscoping headshot ever, lol


I got in a match (not sure of the name but exactly like ground war in BO) in a private match with 17 other quickscopers and my intervention in MW2! it was so fun.i throw a flashbang in the middle of the map(not sure of the name but it was on a skyscraper rooftop) suddenly an enemy appeared. i forgot and went straight for him only to blind him and myself. i didn't know what to do. while i was blind, i fired from the hip and BAM! headshot while blind with no steady aim before that i used the barret .50 cal but hey! One shot,one kill... right? and you just feal like a hardcore player even when you just have it in your MUST be in mw3. i like quickscoping!


I'm at Airfield in WaW. My team is holed up in the big concrete bunker next to the tarmac with Japanese (we were USMC) coming in every direction. I'm next to a friend when he's shot in the head and killed. Oh no! Three enemies with sub-machine guns come around the corner. I raise my Springfield and kill each of them without taking a hit. 3 bullets, 3 kills. But then an enemy rushes down at me from the stairs and tries to knife me. I thrust my bayonet into his chest before he can pull out his knife. Springfield w/ bayonet FTW!!


i was playing black ops on and destroy.went to the telephone/electric thing and with my trusty L96A1 i poped 5 guys in one match.Man were they stupid to just keep coming.


Ok, I got 3.

1st one: I was on Team Deathmatch Scrapyard. As I'm walking past the plane wreckage opposite to the L-shaped wreckage, I saw an enemy and wondered "Would Steady Aim be able to get me an Epic no-scope from here?". So I decided to take a random shot, and the bullet went through his head for the game winning kill.

2nd one: I was at the sniper perch on Afghan when I saw a camper in the building opposite of the perch who quickscoped me before. So I decided to show them what real sniping is. I aimed down the scope for 5 whole seconds before I took the shot. But at that exact time another person went behind him. And that's how I got All Pro.

3rd one: On Sub Base, the score was my team- 7200 other team-7400 I saw 2 people right when I respawned. Cause our team was screwed anyways, I decided to try and noscope them and at the milisecond before I took the shot a teammate killed someone else and I got both of them in GWK.

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