This article is a quick overview on categorizing pages.

What not to do

Do not add a base category to a page, such as adding Category:Call of Duty: Black Ops to a page about content in Call of Duty: Black Ops. There are already subcategories that cover specific parts of a game, such as perks, vehicles, and weapons. Place pages in those categories instead. Placing pages in the base category simply clutters it and defeats the point, which is to link to other categories related to the page.

Do not add game-related categories to blogs or userpages. These are here to categorize game-related pages, not blogs, and are sometimes difficult to remove. Normally userpages and blogs do not need any categories (other than Category:Blog posts which is given to every blog by default), so if you're not sure, do not add any.

Category hierarchy

This is how the categories should work, the following is an example for Call of Duty 4. Please note that until the indent has reached the end it is still a master category.

  • Games
    • Call of Duty 4
      • Single Player
        • Single Player levels
        • Cut Single Player levels
        • Transcripts
      • Multiplayer
        • Multiplayer Maps
        • Cut Multiplayer Maps
        • Multiplayer Ranks
        • Killstreak Rewards
        • Gametypes
        • Cut Gametypes
        • Multiplayer Challenges
        • Multiplayer DLC
      • Weapons
        • Primary Weapons
          • Assault Rifles
          • Submachine Guns
          • Light Machine Guns
          • Sniper Rifles
          • Shotguns
        • Secondary Weapons
          • Handguns
        • Single Player Weapons
        • Mounted Weapons
        • Attachments
          • Cut Attachments
        • Camouflage
          • Cut Camos
        • Cut Weapons
      • Equipment
        • Lethal Equipment
        • Tactical Equipment
        • Cut Equipment
      • Perks
        • Tier 1 perks
        • Tier 2 perks
        • Tier 3 perks
      • Characters
        • USMC Characters
        • SAS Characters
        • Spetsnaz Characters
        • OpFor Characters
        • Miscellaneous Characters
      • Vehicles
        • Tanks
        • Jeeps
        • Helicopters
        • Jets
      • Music
      • Images – (This will be linked to the image projects categorising efforts)
      • Achievements
      • Videos
        • Teaser Trailer Videos
        • Walkthrough Videos
          • War Pig Walkthrough Videos
        • Demonstration Videos
          • Desert Eagle Demonstration Videos
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