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See also: COD:NOTABLE.

You can only add an article on a character if they meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Has the same name every play through (examples: Twohill, Dawkins and Parker (Able))
  • Is mentioned in a non-Battlechat line (example: Jack)

The random cannon-fodder that you see running around levels do not deserve their own articles, as they do not meet either of the criteria above. If there is a character that does something important, but does not have a consistent name, then do not add him.

Article Names

When making an article, make sure that the article's name does not have any titles, such as "Doctor", "Lt" or "Sgt".

If there are, say, multiple Bobs throughout the Call of Duty series and you want to write an article on one, then you should either have what game or military unit the character is in to the right of the character's name in parentheses. Example: Say there are two Bobs in the CoD games; one in CoD3 and one in Modern Warfare 2. If you want to write an article about the one in Modern Warfare 2, you can name his article either "Bob (Modern Warfare 2)" or "Bob (3rd Army Division)".


First, start the page with a brief overview of the character, like what army he is a member of and what he did in the games he is in. Make sure to add Template:Infobox Soldier somewhere in this section.

Then, add a brief biography. This section should ONLY include what the character did in the games he's in. If there is confirmable background information about the character (such as him saying something like "Damn, and I thought that I'd never need to use what I'd learned in Survival School!" while in a level), then add it before talking about what he did in the games.

After that, add the trivia section. This section should only include odd or unusual, yet interesting things that the character does in the games, such as how Gaz says that he keeps a Shotgun for close encounters on Crew Expendable, but is never seen using one again after that level.

Finally, add the "quotes" section if the character says multiple quotable things when he appears. If there are very few or no quotes to add, then do not add it.

Feel free to sprinkle images of the character doing certain things throughout the article. Pictures always make an article look better.

Article Tense

When describing a character who is alive, refer to them in the present tense. When describing a character who is dead, refer to them in the past tense.

Customisable Characters Genders

When a major character, such as the Player Character from Black Ops III, is customisable to the degree that their gender is one of the options, refer to them utilising Non-binary pronouns such as they and them until a canonal gender is given by one of the developers. This is simply to prevent confusion and be more clear about the customisable aspect of the character.


Fanon is stuff about characters that is not in the games, like how Polonsky likes to swim in pools or how Soap once jumped on a live missile and rode it like a horse while it was falling to the ground. Fanon also includes custom maps or CoD games you've made in your head. Put all of that stuff on the Call of Duty Fanon Wiki.

Do not's

Do not add facts about how a character looks like someone in real life. Unless a developer confirms that the in-game character was based on someone in real life, then do not add it.

If you hear a rumor from somebody at school and/or work, then do not add it unless you can confirm if yourself.