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The Call of Duty Wiki Chat is a real-time chat utilizing the chat program known as Discord, in which users are able to chat and talk in a friendly and open environment. Formerly the Wikia Labs onsite chat and the IRC were used for real-time chatting and general socialising.


To access the Discord server, please click the "Connect" button on the sidebar or by clicking this link.


In order to maintain an enjoyable atmosphere, there are some rules which must be abided by.

  • No spamming. Something will be considered spam if it is repeated several times. Also, if a user is entering random and meaningless stuff, that is also considered spam.
  • No impersonation of other users - this creates confusion, and is also fraud.
  • No user shall post or discuss pornographic, sexual or "shock" links of any kind, except in specified channels.
  • No abusive actions - bullying or abusive actions will not be tolerated on the Chat.
  • No personal information about others without their direct consent.
  • It is recommended you do not post personal information about yourself. As soon as you do, you are liable for the damage you will potentially cause yourself.
  • Users blocked from the wiki are also blocked from using Discord server until their block is over, users that are in violation of this may have their accounts temporarily banned on the server until the ban is over.
  • Evading a ban on chat with another account is not allowed. It's not the account that is banned, it is the person.
  • Keep swearing to a minimum, not everyone agrees with this kind of language. Please do not swear excessively.
  • Spoilers should be kept to their respective channels, as not everyone wishes to be spoiled on some key facts. If it's something rather old, err on the side of caution and ask if it's fine. Please also use Discord's built-in spoiler tag.
  • As the Discord is that of the English community of the Call of Duty Wiki, English is both the preferred and most common language spoken there. Please don't take offence if you are asked to speak in English, as this allows more people to not only understand but to interact and/or answer questions.
  • Advertising of any sort is not allowed. Whether it be attempting to recruit editors to a new Wiki, linking a social media platform to garner followers or even recruiting for a clan. This is a community of people from all walks of life, most don't appreciate being forced to read your advertising.
  • "Joke" bans are not allowed under any circumstances.
  • It is not a Roleplaying chat, and as such users will be asked to stop if it gets out of hand.
  • The "@everyone" ping is disabled for anyone whom is not on the moderator team. This is a rather large server, pinging everyone because you want people to see what you want is extremely rude.
    • Likewise, please consider the impact of who you ping or private message. Unnecessary pings, messages and friend requests to admins wastes time and will be considered as disruptive.

Breaking these rules can result in a ban from chat, and in severe cases a ban on the wiki and chat will be issued.


All administrators have access to moderator status, and trusted users can be given moderator status if need be. Both Bureaucrats and Administrators share the name colour they do on Wikia while Discord Moderators are have the their names in red.

Active Discord moderators

Semi-active Discord moderators

Inactive Discord moderators

Please note that requests to become a Discord mod are on the whole ignored. Suitable candidates will be approached and asked if they would like to be a chat moderator, and this will only happen if another chat moderator is necessary.

Pointers for moderators, both non-admin and admin

  • Be nice. Don't be a dick to someone you're about to ban.
  • Always issue an initial warning before you kickban. (does not apply to someone spamming/posting a porn link/shock link/personal info without consent)
  • Always notify someone who has been banned telling them why they have been banned using Template:Banned if they have a confirmed Wikia account.
  • If you wish to file any complaint about chat, please take it up with any admin or Discord moderator. This does not cover chat policies, and should be done in the War Room.
  • Don't be scared to ask for help with a situation. We're all here to help each other.
  • Work with other chat moderators. If you disagree with something another chat moderator does, tell them respectfully and do not make an argument about it.
  • If for whatever reason you are uncomfortable with a situation and do not wish to deal with it, please notify another chat moderator who will sort it out.
  • If assistance is required, please give a moderator a ping. But do not overuse this, most rather not be hounded to do something.

When a ban has been issued, please notify the user via their talk page, if they have a confirmed account.


Alternate chat[]

A.K.A. IRC. All rules still apply, but IRC specific rules can be seen here. Like Chat, everyone is free to use IRC at any time, and if Chat is offline, then please feel free to join in the IRC chat below.


See Project:Chat/FAQ