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Speedy deletion should be used when the page is not a proper article and cannot become one through improvement.

Many pages on the wiki can be deleted without going through Articles for Deletion. Pages such as these are considered to be up for speedy deletion by adding {{sdelete}} to the top of the article. In order for a page to be speedy deleted, it must meet certain criteria, as listed below.

Good cases

  • Vanity pages and articles which contain information that have very little chances of becoming real pages. For example, a page with just "wow i love teh desert eagle so much dont you? lol" contributes nothing to the wiki and isn't helping anyone. Pages like this will be deleted.
  • Pages containing original research or a large bias. For example, "According to a poll I conducted among my friends, Dogs are extremely overpowered in Call of Duty: World at War." This doesn't help at all and it's personal opinion. These pages will be deleted.
  • Articles irrelevant to Call of Duty or that can be covered more extensively on other wikis. An example would be George S. Patton, as, while he is mentioned in Call of Duty 3, is not notable to the series and could be covered much better at Wikipedia.
  • Articles that do not currently have enough information or have not been confirmed. For example, weapons that one thought they saw in a teaser trailer for an upcoming Call of Duty game do not necessarily require an article at that time, especially when it is speculation.
  • User pages that have been created by an I.P., or possess content that blatantly violates one of Call of Duty Wiki's policies (i.e. offensive language, leaked information). Older user pages can be deleted only if the user requests it. It is impossible to delete an account, though the user page can be deleted.
  • Advertising and spam. Posting random websites or things like "Google is awful; try Brand X Search Engine free for 10 days!" aren't contributing anything to the wiki.
  • Pages that are filled with nonsense. For example, pages with titles such as "dahoshagohfoug" or content like "dafjkl;afjlstupiddkaf;jdsk" have no point in being on this wiki.
  • Pages that are riddled with copyright violations. Taking images, lines of text, or entire pages from a website without proper attribution is not permitted. This criterion may or may not apply to certain websites, such as,, or, depending on the circumstances.
  • Useless redirects. For example, one like #REDIRECT: [[That one guy in modren warefare 2]] isn't helping anyone.
  • Redirects left behind when moving a page between different namespaces.
  • Useless or duplicated categories, like a "poop" category.
  • Useless or duplicated templates, like a "poop" template.
  • Pages in another language. This is an English wiki, and as such, articles should be only in English.
  • Useless, unused, duplicate or policy violating images, like "File:Lulz.jpg".

Bad cases

  • Stubs, no matter how small, could one day become very long articles.
  • Fragments of a topic that can be combined. For example, if someone created a page with "captain price has a m1911," the page may be deleted, but the information can be added to M1911 and that Captain Price's M1911 killed two of the three main antagonists in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
  • A page that requires a cleanup. These pages are just in need of attention, they do not need to be deleted.
  • Vandalism. Blanking pages, adding unneeded images, and inserting random words, while not helping the wiki, can all be reverted. The exception to this case is if a new page was created solely for the purpose of vandalism.
  • A page that has existed for a long period of time but is not notable. This should instead be nominated for deletion by adding {{deletion}} to the page and bringing it up at Articles for Deletion.
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