The Custodians is a Project Usergroup steered at helping out with image maintenance. It was started on the 18th January 2011.

What we do[edit source]

Users who are accepted into this group will have the power to move and delete* images and suppress redirects, which are usually only available to administrators. These tools are immensely helpful in image maintenance.

Also useful for users in this group is this. It will allow you to quickly license images.

Notice: There is currently a bug that allows Custodians to delete pages on other spaces. Please do not abuse this right by deleting pages that are out of filespace regardless of their content as doing so will merit an expulsion from the group.

Guide[edit source]

This is an important section. You MUST read this before you attempt to move or delete an image for the first time.

When you move an image, you must suppress the redirect. This can be done by unchecking the box which says "Leave a redirect behind".


If the image you have moved is used in an article, then you must update the article to use the image's new name. Don't be lazy and not do this.

When licensing images, you must know what each license is.

  • {{CM}} = Copyrighted Media, i.e. Game screenshots
  • {{FU}} = Fair use, i.e. copyrighted material which is not a game screenshot
  • {{PD}} = Public domain, i.e. images you have created yourself (PMGs are a notable member of this group)

There is usually a bot on the IRC channel by the name of Cynder which can move files extremely easily. To use it, contact Sactage, or another bot administrator. The command to move images is: .img old_filename.extension>new_filename.extension>optional reason. However, you may specify a summary for the move using .img old_filename.extension>new_filename.extension>summary goes here. You cannot use the File: prefix when specifying the image. Note that the bot will also update all references to the file.


Members and Requests[edit source]

Requests to join[edit source]

To join this usergroup, and be granted the rights to move files, you must fill in a request on this page, and an administrator/bureaucrat will accept or decline it.

If a custodian becomes inactive or is seen not to benefit from custodian rights, they are removed. In this case, the user may re-request them.

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